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Feeling Blue

Blue is my favourite colour. I get all frisky thinking about blue. I can't seem to stop talking about blue... The sea, the sky, your eyes. I should have kissed you when I had the chance.

Really gone downhill

When an entire section of a free public forum titled "Confessions" has people talking about the merits of breakfast cereals or their favourite video games, it really underscores my belief that this city is hopeless, devoid of culture and intelligence, and has very little to contribute to anyone, anywhere.

I actually enjoy the Confessions here

You guys bitch about the littlest things & get so hot under the collar, you all loose your shit about stuff that annoys you, just move on lol

Sorry not sorry

Don't say "sorry" when you don't mean it. It's getting old.

No money in Vancouver

I moved to the arctic, 6 figures double my expected income in Vancouver working 11 months... took 4 months off in my first year, yea but Vancouver is so great. #1 In Americanisms

Take it from me

Ozzy Osbourne once said something in a song of his that resonates with how I feel about these SJWs. "I don't wanna change the world. I don't want the world to change me."

Stop The Madness!!

Living in Vancouver is like being in grade school forever. People here are so tribal, insular and doing their damnedest appear to be everything their not like insecure students overcompensating with the trends of the moment. Will Vancouver ever grow up?

One Day

One day I’ll find someone who loves me as much as I loved you. Who adores me and would do anything for me. I hope that day is soon, because I’m starting to lose faith. And when that day comes, I hope that I don’t think about you any more. You never deserved me, and I hope that the girl you chose over me hurts you, like you hurt me.

I get it

But cycling to work could either maim you or kill you.


Why are bike shop workers so friggen smug and full of attitude. I take my bike in to get serviced, then get belittled as he fires off words I don't know the meaning of. " Hmm, that might add up, that may need replacing." Then complains that he is super busy.. it's summer.. You work in a bike store, dude. Get off your high horse.

Puppet Government

Watching Trudeau read his prepared generic statements as answers to specific questions, to do with the laws and policies that protect our sovereignty, and electoral processes, just tells me that the guy is completely controlled like a puppet. I would just like to know who exactly it is giving him his marching orders. It sure isn't the Canadian people.

"Professional Educators" without degrees. Losers.

So many people seem to do workshops for children in schools, even if they have no credentials. What a sham. Keep those people away from my children. They sure do get paid a lot though... Everyone is ready to make a buck, eh?


Costco loading

five ton truck, you were loading flats of water bottles with an older white guy, I was unlocking...


Savage Love: How to be a good orgy host

Hosting a sex party doesn’t give someone the right to insert himself into someone else’s scene.