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So when the foreign far eastern leaders visit us do they change their clothing? Isn't it cultural appropriation for JT and family to wear their gear? I think it's a huge psychological mistake to kowtow to the East the way Western politicians do, it lets them know right away that we're prepared to ditch our own culture in favour of theirs. We should be very proud of the things our own culture has produced including our own style of dress.

Learn to Drive

I though some people back in Ontario didn't know how to use the passing lane but you guys out here take it to a whole new level. Are people in BC taught that the left lane is for passing because it's dangerous to pass on the right? Or are they taught use any lane ya feel like? Wake up! If the traffic on the right is going faster, you should move over!

I'm getting my wife

A mmf for her birthday, and before you say anything we are deeply in love.

What Dreams May Come

I blame you. I blame me. We both behaved impulsively and out of turn. But only because we wanted each other so F-ing much. I believe I can forgive you for that, since if you have ever loved someone, that's just what you do no matter how long it takes. And who knows, perhaps someday, by a twist and turn of fate, I'll be given the opportunity to trust you once again without it being misplaced. Of course I won't wait for something so elusive as someday to arrive, but if it comes, it comes. In the meantime, fare thee well my old unforgotten love.

Just hollow now

That feeling when you know your just a rent cheque, fair weather friends are useless in a blizzard of sad.

Fleshlight life

There is something very unfulfilling about ejaculating into a rubber and plastic vagina replica. It's just not the same. When you finish, there is no human being there with you.

Vegan: Impossible

Life without cheese? Not a CHANCE. That was my attitude a few years ago. But now I know how possible (and rewarding!) veganism actually is.


Looked in the mirror today, old, fat and ugly.


All these people with a hate-on for Trudeau must have amnesia after being raped for years by the Harper and Campbell governments. Sure, it's like having a black president but better than having an orange one.

Top 100 Employers of BC... versus ordinary jobs. Ordinary wins.

You get all the over-achievers who work unpaid overtime at the top-100 jobs. That is my experience working at various large companies on the top-100 list. All the best jobs that I have had are for random unknown companies. They paid almost the same, but I had a way better quality of life. Is the top 100 employers of BC thing a government-led propaganda initiative? Is it just something that comes about when people in suits shake hands and make marketing deals?

It all makes sense!

The NDP are trying to destroy the Alberta economy so BC'ers don't move there en masse like the last time the NDP was in power! It's genius!


It kind of grosses me out that he married someone who looks identical to his mother.

I just picked up the phone

I'm not sure why but I let a great friendship lapse for 25 years, then one day picked up the phone and dialed my old friend. "It's sad", we agreed for having neglected each other so, but we just picked up like no time had passed at all.


Gorgeous Blonde at the bar of The Pint Feb...

Gorgeous blonde, you were seated at the bar with a Gf. You left alone at about 11:20 PM and what...