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Enough with “bonus points” already

I get tired of reading profiles of dating sites where people try to manipulate you with “bonus points.” Since when did online dating turn into a fucking game show? I have a much better idea. If you want to date me so much, then how about bonus points for not being a self-absorbed stuck up, appalling piece of shit?

My experience

Earlier this year a sophisticated younger lady from Canada Post came into the shop to try and sell us on using them as a courier. In the end she lost the battle to me but what got her gears turning was when I asked her what will we do when you go on strike again because we all know history will repeat itself soon. Well that got her blood boiling a bit. She was fired right up...and I just smiled, listened to her rant and let her go. She left the shop happy and a little ditzy haha she made my day

Catfish Ghosts

If someone ghosts you, don't blame yourself. Chances are they were just catfishing you from the start, and knew they were about to get caught.

Placid water scares me

It should not scare me, yes! People are so mean when I go to the lake (yes, we do have some lakes in the interior and by Belcarra), and I do not want to swim. Why? Je ne sais pas. I am scared of the lake water. But I will find relief in my Peloton bike. You should really see my eye-brows.

I am kind of missing family.

Sure close and my family is not a word that is in an on point manner. I'm really nervous about being alone with these people. I do not hate or mistrust it's about the awkward. I had a friend we were really close. I fucked not long ago and walked away from her in a baby like tantrum. Now she has either taken the pain of that to a self destructive position she feels she deserves. Or is so sad and unhappy with life, herself, me and all he things that should bring the best. I wish I could ask my friend to be my tag along, but really at this point it's unlikely I can ask her what time it is. Oh be my love or my heart I will never find or get this piece called love right. A curse I must carry by the mark of sadness it creates in me and others.

Figured it out

I think I know why some people in Vancouver are so Wacky. Its the Lead and the Arsenic in our drinking water. Dam I've only been here 3 years and it's already starting to affect me :) Stop sucking on the lead pipes.

This is why my friend can't find a man...

I have a friend. She is very pretty, but she can’t understand why despite her looks, she is unable to find a guy that treats her right. The answer to her riddle is painfully obvious to me, but impossible to figure out for her. It all lies in her inability to DEMONSTRATE her own self-worth to those around her. Notice how I use the word DEMONSTRATE instead of verbally communicate. The reason for this, is that ultimately, saying to people that they must treat you right, means nothing if your own behavior towards them suggests there is absolutely no need for them to do so. For example, she engages in sex with these men surprisingly soon after she meets them, and then pulls her hair out because she can’t figure out why they soon lose interest, and why they make no effort. She has some deluded perception that showing more of her body when she dresses somehow makes her sexier, when in reality, this behavior screams insecurities and low self-esteem. She constantly, and openly takes pictures of herself in reveling underwear and sexual positions, and then puts them up on social media for the world to see. I just wish that I could make her understand that there is NOTHING sexier than a clever mind, but I just don’t think she perceives herself as being able to offer to a potential partner more than just her body parts. Of course, looks are important, and I agree 100% with the fact that she should doll herself up and dress nicely, but there NEEDS to be more about her than just her boobs for her to find the type of man she expects. We are both around the same age (late 20’s), and I’m a guy, so I don’t think I’m the best person to tell her all of this. She is not particularly receptive to feedback, and this is definitely a touchy subject. I also don’t think it is even my place to do so, considering she has never invited my opinion on the matter. I care about her, but I guess for now I will continue to just watch her from the sidelines, and hope she wakes up one day and puts some actual clothes on!

Damn Straight

This thing has helped me get over a big hill o' pain. Now all that's left is to tumble into the valley of no return


My apartment after a long day. Rain outside and an open window. Something baking in the oven I made. A fresh salad you assembled. Two glasses, different drinks. Some podcast we manage to agree on. You taking sarcastic shots at someone of inferior politics/intelligence/taste on your feed. Me reading a book, making agreeable noises. Those looks across the couch. Dinner ready, meal eaten, drinks drunk, cat fed. We go to bed. Looks become breaths. Below us, an unquiet city. Between us, contentment.

Why can't I pull the trigger?

I confess... I'm thinking about buying an expensive sports car, but I can't pull the trigger. I'm now in my mid 50`s. I worked pretty hard at a physical job my whole life and over the years I've managed to pursue my passion, and have owned many nice sports cars. Currently I'm driving a high end Porsche convertible. And its awesome. But the other day, I drove a Ferrari convertible for the first time, and I fell in love. But the thing is, it would cost me around $80,000 to upgrade. I'm not sure why this is, but I feel kind of guilty, and kind of irresponsible about wanting to upgrade this time. I never had that feeling before, and I guess its because of the new unchartered price level. I have the cash on hand, and the house is paid (that's what happens when you decide not to have kids) and I'm still working full-time making good money. My wife has no problem with it. So how come I haven't pulled the trigger yet? Have I finally reached an age where I'm thinking I should be more responsible about retirement savings? But I'm still going to be working for quite a number of years yet making good money... Or have I just reached a certain price point where I feel it getting obscene? I'm not a flashy guy by any means. I wear very regular clothes. No designer labels or anything like that. But I'm a car nut, and Ferrari and Lamborghini posters adorned the wall of my childhood room Should I just tell myself, you only live once and go for it? What's holding me back? Maybe I feel the car is going to be too flashy for me? I wonder what my neighbours are going to think of me? Is it guilt? I find that writing my thoughts down helps me figure things out. And who knows, maybe an insightful comment or two will also help...


Beautiful young girl who works at the bc...

You came out from the back. Because they needed help I couldn’t help wonder if we had something...

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