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I have decided to pursue a career in music at the age of 35.

I confess that...

I wish my stalker was dead. Doesn't really matter how, but just dead. Even a long drawn out cancer will suffice at this point, but any way that can reach this goal will do. I read that confession about how they found out someone from their past died, and I have to admit, I really hope that it's them. Aw is that too mean for some of you? Truth is, if he was dead, it would be a safer place for women and girls. If he wants to be a gentleman, he would just do it himself...the only way he can redeem himself to society.

Still crossing my fingers

That democracy in Hong Kong wins. It seriously sucks to have pro-communists protesting in the streets of Vancouver against democracy. That's the last I want to see that. Yay Hong Kong democratic souls! I love you!

I'm perplexed by Quebec

banning the wearing of religious symbols by people working in the public sector. Isn't wearing a suit and tie a religious symbol of the Church of $$ ? ................................................. "Why can't we all just get along?"

Peace on earth

The people in the apartment above me are away for a few days. They are decent neighbours but obviously there is a fair bit of noise in terms of footsteps, cookings, talking, entertainment, etc. You know...normal neighbour noise. Since they have been gone I feel so calm and peaceful. I had no idea what that constant stream of overhead noise was doing to me. Now it's like I am at one with the universe. Is that really all it takes? can I afford to live somewhere without people above me? This is amazing!


Just because I'm an overweight, single, middle-aged woman with feminist/humanist ideals doesn't make me a lesbian. I don't understand why I get mislabelled so frequently. So, what - if I'm not attached to a man by a certain age, I must be gay? What if I'm divorced? Widowed? Is it my weight? I consider myself an LGBTTQ ally so it's less about the 'lesbian' aspect and more about the assumptions people make, with little or no thought or evidence, that annoys me.

Bad habits

I’ve been a little addicted to this confessions page. At times I’ve felt less alone by posting on here. I’ve also read some hilarious posts on here. I’m going to take a break to quell my bad online habits. Keep being awesome Vancouver!

Who needs sleep

Neighbour playing their stereo all night again. I'm sick of knocking. I'm sick of talking. I'm sick of going to the landlord. My neighbour fucking sucks.



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