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Block Busted

I'd survive if I never saw another superhero movie again.

OK So Maybe I'm Not A Team Player

... because I don't want to be obligated into spending $45 on lunch, tips and drinks every other Friday. There's other people I'd rather do that with outside of work.

What really defines a “BBW”

I recently started dating a BBW assuming it meant ‘big breasted woman’ but after a while I realize that this definition maybe incorrect. Perhaps it means ‘big boned woman’ or ‘big body woman’ as yes, the woman I’m dating has bigger breasts along with bigger butt etc but I’m not sure I’d be so egotistical about the BBW term as I don’t think it’s an endearing compliment after all. In the beginning, she kept emphasizing how special her ‘girls’ are but after a month I’m thinking she's fooling herself that being out of shape with above average breasts makes her extra special as she identifies with other BBWs. Maybe I secretly wished I was blessed with big breasts but instead live vicariously through her knowing my breasts combined together wouldn’t come close to size of one of hers. She’s really into going down on me and I like to reciprocate but I’m getting tired of hearing her boast about how wonderful and sexy it is being a BBW whereas I’m just a pear. Maybe it would different if I was a peach?


If anyone has some personal words of wisdom, your own words, about how to deal in a healthy way with ghosting, I'm here to listen. Mid-30s shy gay guy here. Life in this city is hard enough in terms of trying to make solid, lasting and platonic friends. Harder still when those that you pour over two years of your life into up and vanish. Sigh.


Been watching a LOT of this classic, old-school show of late. I'm of the age that it was going off of the air as I was heading into my teens, but I remember what a hit it was then. Dated? In some ways, yes, but some stellar writing, some hilarious comedy, over two hundred episodes, and a true slice of life that has not been seen on TV since. I wish we still lived in such a straightforward world, where you knew where you stood, hard work mattered, and you could curl up in an afghan (or some acid-wash denim and flannel) at day's end against the idiots of the world. This show was a classic, and it's still as relevant and timely as ever. Am I the only one in love with this gem?

Not Love

My best friend is dating an absolute jerk. He told her he would break up with her if she didn't cut her hair the way he likes. He won't go out with her unless her clothes meet his approval. He is really rude to her and constantly puts her down. She's in tears every night because of this jerk. He's just breaking her down everyday and she won't listen to anyone because she thinks this is love but its not because she deserves so much better.

Fat shame at the gym

There two women who look like the ig model type, were making humiliating remakes about my weight. I know I am fat and I am doing something about it which is why I am in the gym and change my diet. I let their behaviour slide as karma can bite them in the butt. Either way, once life circumstance gets to them or their health deteriorates and they have to be on medications that makes them gain a lot of weight, I hope they can remember everyone who they fat shamed.

I wish Vancouver (and the world) would ban all restaurants from using

Styrofoam and plastic containers/cutlery already. Seriously, talk about needing to implement carbon taxes!! Restaurants who continue to use them should be charged a carbon tax. And restaurants who use compostable containers should get a tax rebate. Styrofoam doesn't disintegrate for 500 years. Did you just read that? Did you absorb that? 500 years. So maybe 20 people on my little block alone are ordering take-out on any given night, let alone the whole city, province, country, world...add it up people.

V-ailin-tines day

Following NY resolutions, decided to try a new workout studio. Two days ago discovered their workout equipment left me with ringworm (fungal infection) around my ribs and waist. Am now spending Valentine’s Day washing my clothes in bleach and slathering on antifungal cream. So for anyone who’s sad to be single today, please be grateful at least you’re not a walking mushroom factory.


The True North dark hair dashing smiles

I just got on the #2 bus at balsam and you came on a bit before burrard wearing a black true...

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