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I quit smoking 5 years ago, and happy about it. But I’m in an industry where everyone goes on smoke breaks. The closeness and the comaraderie was always fun. I miss it.

Cars n Crosswalks

Sick and tired of the aggressive drivers who needle their car forward when I'm still in the crosswalk. You're in a car. You'll get to where you're going. Chill and let me cross safely.

Family Ties

When it comes time that he wants his inheritance, he will have to hunt down his father - the guy who stole the family's money.

i hate water proof phones..

phones at the pool? in the pool? in the locker room? really? if you're an adult piss off, leave that shit at home/in your backpack or find a different hobby you pathetic screen enslaved loser. when i see kids at the pool with phones it fuckin enrages me! i just wanna smack the shit out of the supervising adult. your spoiled little shit brained kid doesn't need minecraft in the hot tub, pool or locker room.


I'm reading Dan Brown's Inferno right now and it's about how a guy basically believes that we need a plague to wipe out vast numbers of the population in order to save the earth. Then it made me think of those pictures that people have created to show what the earth would look like in 50 years if humans were extinguished. And now, I honestly believe that the Earth is taking care of itself, be it floods or earthquakes or wildfires, the Earth is trying to preserve itself by attempting to get rid of the plagues that are harming it. I know that sounds crazy but it is a crazy world we've created.

I was wrong

I thought 2018 was the toughest year on record for myself. I went through so much hurt, pain, falling down/getting up, that I thought it left me broken and jaded. But as I enter the Christmas holidays happy, healthy and financially stable, I realize that 2018 was the first year I truly faced all my problems head on. as I enter 2019... I missing something from my soul... all the baggage I've been carrying for years!

Please not again!

Call me paranoid, but my phone rang today with a number from a pay phone, and it literally made me feel sick. As soon as I answered, the caller hung up. I immediately flashed back to a time many years ago when I was stalked by a guy who became obsessed with me. He literally ruined my life at the time, and I actually had to sell my house and move, as well as leave the career that I’d worked so hard for. My life has never been the same since. He used to call me all the time from pay phones so that the calls couldn’t be traced. If it’s him again, and if by chance he’s reading this, all I have to say is that I meant what I said then, and I will fight to the death before I’ll ever let you near me again.


I had sex with a woman that thinks the earth is flat and that global warming is a hoax. She had a nice body though. I was just lonely and ashamed of myself and I guess the ends justify the means.

Holiday drama

So much drama this time of year. Be it at the company Christmas party, family politics, and the social scene. No, thanks. I’ve checked out and chosen not to participate.


I'm looking for a gorgeous social...

We sat next to each other on the expo heading from King George to Waterfront on Friday early...

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