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Yellowstone Erupted

Few nights ago as I slept I watched Yellowstone blow up right in front of me with the force of a comet impact. There were people hiding in tunnels. There was radiation. There was also slimy rains that came that looked almost like stringy pieces of jello. Not something you would want to drink.

I’m actually judging the shit out of you.

If you are a parent and you give your kid some made up shit name that sounds like a character from a teen vampire novel (something like Draven, Twyla, or Reign) I probably won’t take you seriously in any sort of capacity whatsoever. I hope your kid rebels against you and becomes something extremely vanilla like an accountant or insurance adjuster.

Times change

I confess I used to be embarrassed about getting all the free stuff retailers offer on your birthday. I thought it was kind of humiliating and needy. Fast forward to today, where I pay through the nose for EVERYTHING ( food, liquor taxes, rent, cable, cell, insurance, clothing, shoes, mass etc. ) that I am CASHING IN on every free birthday freebie there is in this town! I spent thousands of dollars every month to stay housed, fed, warm, with clothes on my back, so give me all the free breakfasts, cake, gift cards, discounts that I can get on my day. I am owed this!!!!!

I love seeing..

the people that wronged me, or anyone I care about, FAIL. Be it shitty bosses, fake "friends", or cheating partners. There are too many assholes in this world taking advantage of decent humans. Life is hard enough. Stop being dicks.


The moment I read something is Insta-worthy, I immediately know I will not go there.


From my experience, married men seem to be one of the loneliest groups of people.

I really hate

The fashion of wearing flood pants with blundstone's. You really think your ankles are all that?

Not ready yet

I’m lonely. It’s been many months since my ex and I broke up. Lots of people have strongly suggested that I “get out there” and start dating again. But I’m just not ready. As much as he hurt me, I’m not over him. I’m not sure that I ever will be. I don’t think it’s fair to anyone else to start dating when my heart isn’t in it because I’m still in love with someone else. So for now, I’m just going to focus on other things in my life, and hope that my heart will eventually mend enough to be ready to try again.

Slipping away

It's way past the expiration date. Get the hint, I'm told; stop holding onto ghosts who ghosted. Nobody hears anything. No matter what's said, it's shot down. The black hole swallows my heart along with every solution. It doesn't want to see what winning could be, for it does not see the beauty, strength and power seen in it. So it repels and denies to justify it's cold solitude. With no more strength left, there is nothing more to do than to agree, to give up and fade.


Every guy I go out with only wants to either talk about himself, sports, or how rich they are. How about asking me a question? I am a human being with interests and passions that are just as important as yours are. Then when I bring something up you interrupt with something completely out of context about yourself and how successful you are. I hate being interrupted mid sentence and then talked over loudly. Dating is 50/50 and it just hurts me when guys think they can just dominate a conversation and interrupt me again and again.


Kind-faced man on the bus tonight

We got on and off the bus at the same stops. You were wearing dark blue suede shoes, and I a red...

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