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I'm getting so resentful of paying substantial amounts of good hard-earned money and receiving crap quality and service nearly everywhere here.

The Boss

Why do employers bother to recruit top tier talent only to squander their skills and fail on promises to build and develop their careers? You can't complain that it's "due to fit" that no one good ever stays at your company, when the real issue is never promoting within,offering incentives or new challenges.

My Condo is my retirement.

So I get really annoyed at politicians with huge salaries and gold plated pensions wanting to destroy the only retirement plan I have.

Fast Food Menus These Days

No, I don't want to "combo that". I'd like to see the price, please, and not an ad or list of the calories.

Advice on a sticky situation

I've been seeing a married person for about a year. I know, asshole move but they said they'd be ending the marriage and so I kept going. and I fell in love. But, I don't want to be the "other" and I don't think the marriage will ever end the way it should (with respect)as long as I am part of the equation. I also feel like I need to get control back over my life and not just sit around waiting for what might never come. So I said all of that, said I'd be there when there was an opportunity to actually be in a relationship and I stepped away. Now they say that if I date anyone there's no chance for us in future. Again, I know it's an asshole move to do what I've been doing, but I don't know what to do from here.

I was wrong

I thought being the “secondary” to someone in an open relationship was the perfect scenario for someone as independent as me. Turns out being secondary to someone else sucks. I can’t do it anymore-even tho it’s all very respectful, I still end up feeling sad. Back to the drawing board I guess.

I think

I'm falling in love with you. The smell of you on my clothes drives me fuckin bonkers

Women's Bodybuilding and Education

Okay, this is a bit meandering but bear with me. I watched a documentary the other night on bodybuilding and they were interviewing Iris Kyle (f), the most successful bodybuilder (of both genders). Women's bodybuilding is fascinating to me because these women worked as hard as the men but because excessive muscle is deemed masculine, they have been essentially penalized. People love women's swimsuit models, but female bodybuilder's are 'gross.' Ms. Olympia was cancelled after 2014. The interviewer was asking Iris if she would be willing to have less muscle to fit into lower categories for competition (again, the 'gross') and she was saying it wouldn't be respectful to herself to limit her progress. She is being punished for working as hard as the guys and is being advised to step back a bit. So anyway, I had this thought that women in academia basically go through the same troubling problem. By committing themselves 100% to a subject, often there is neglect of family, personal connections, with their male partners insecure in their relationship with smart, beautiful, successful, driven women - eventually all the women seem to end up single. It boggles the mind, but I see case after case of beautiful, brilliant female profs who could probably have what society deems happy lives (married with kids) if they backpedaled their research a bit, but why should they have to?

If I could change the world...

I would make it so that every country would have a national currency controlled be their own government and not by private fat cats. National currencies would be based on merit, rather than just nothing or gold which drives people crazy. When I say merit, I mean something in the real world was accomplished by someone's legitimate work. Then I would have an international currency that is based on gold. You can exchange your merits for gold, but only to be spent as a foreigner in another country. People would also be paid their merits for every effort they do that would help benefit society. Tier 1 wage: 60 merits per day (Preschool to high school) Tier 2 wage: 100 merits per day (unskilled, uneducated, assigned, or continuing education labor) Tier 3 wage: 150 merits per day (Skilled labor) Tier 4 wage: 210 merits per day (Educated labor) Tier 5 wage: 280 merits per day (Critical/Administrative labor) All excess profits and resources would go into Zero point energy and space development (such as particle acceleration propulsion), resulting in the creation of maybe a few or so Death Stars capable of housing all the civilized and inhabitants of the earth along with a huge zoo. I think this would save us all from being stuck on this world that's inclined to get smite down by passing comets, asteroids, rogue planets, solar flares, pole shifts, climate changes, natural disasters, and possibly other worldly invaders. So everyone can be sure to fit in our massive Death Stars some population control measure would have to be put into place limiting procreation to only be carried out only between the ages of 21-28, with an amount no more exceeding 3 children. Having children before the appointed ages, would result in a person only getting that one child and then they're immediately sterilized as penalty. Everyone gets sterilized at 27. However such rules wouldn't be come into effect without 10 years prior notice.

Sounds about right

The ex's new love interest is a trashy lowlife. So I think they're perfect together!

Writing Your Name on a Dot

I've written little love notes here since Confessions began. I'm usually told to get over the person. Move on. Stalker! Creep! But they mean something to me, even if I don't to them. That's honesty, truth, fidelity, commitment. Whatever you want to call it. And you know I did leave them alone. When they cut me out of their life I respected that. I moved on as best I could. In fact, it was too painful so I literally moved away. But I can't help but write about it. If not here, somewhere else. There will be some other little point in space I'll find and do the same. You can't stop me. It's you and me forever in my reality.

I pushed a woman aside

at a Skytrain gate. She was standing square in front of an exit gate, rummaging in her purse for her Compass card and blocking others from using that gate. If you do not have your Compass card at the ready, step aside and allow us that do to continue with our day. It's called common courtesy.

Can he hear me?

Sometimes I think I am crazy, other times I think I am dreaming. The man I love is gone away for at least a year and a bit, I won't go to see him...I'm not allowed. Our relationship is...special, he's the one I think about when I first wake up, the one I think about when I go to sleep - it sounds like obsession but it's not. This is the only place that I can write this where he "might" not see it. There are two other women in his life, three children, only two of which are his, he's a good man, he made some mistakes but at his core he's a really good man. By rights I should walk away, live my life and never think about him again, but the love I feel has wrapped itself around my throat and refuses to let go. I've tried. I'll be with him forever, I'll love him forever, but that doesnt mean I have to, or that I am willing to put my life on hold. I know the time will come when we get our chance, but it's the mean time that hurts, it's the waiting, not knowing and fear of the unsure-ness of it all. I am overly insecure, because I know he loves me, I know that we're on this really messy path, but it still hurts and I miss him. It's like...missing a leg, or an eye, it's noticable, they said that love isn't supposed to hurt but that's clearly a lie. Love hurts so bad that death would be a sweet escape...but that's not an option because I promised. This hurts. Any suggestions? Please try and make them funny...I could use some laughs.

Does anyone say excuse me anymore?

It's a minor gripe I admit. But when I'm riding transit folks just push their way past never taking a moment to be polite and say "Excuse me." I guess I'm old school but I think manners are important.


Wooden Horsemen - CBC Musical Nooners

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