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Mayor race is super sketchy

Vancouver wannabe mayors! Don’t bother throwing your name in the hat if you have assault and battery charges, issues with driving and putting on makeup, legal issues etc. But please DO apply if you think you can do a better job than the last mayor AND find ways to lessen affordable housing crisis. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to end homelessness! Ain’t gonna happen.

I love shopping at Winners

But it kinda feels like it’s a dumpster dive just to find a few items on sale. Wish it was easier, or maybe get staff to put stuff back in their right sections. First world problem I know. Also, what is up? They’re now selling “pre-owned” LV, Gucci, and other designer handbags like they’re a consignment store. Only in Vancouver folks! lol

American Dream

I think my grandparents probably thought it was pretty cool living on "Hollywood Avenue" when they got here and finally bought a house.

Sad Song

Hearing that song reminds me of working at that cafe. A nice retired couple lost their life savings from some poor business and partner decisions trying to start a cafe. It's always sort of heartbreaking when I see a small business close down because I know what's at stake.

Reporting bus drivers

Has anyone dealt with bad bus drivers and reported them to Translink Customer Relations? If yes, has it worked? Do bad bus drivers even get fired? Or most probably they only get slapped on the hand all because these union goons got their back.

I knew it!

My ex made me feel so badly because I was gaining weight and having all these other symptoms that were making my life hell. He showed no empathy at all and just made little remarks and digs that let me know that he just thought I was a slacker or something, and always found a way to make me feel fat and unattractive. He has a huge gut himself, and very typical signs of aging just like anyone else, but I loved him and to me he was still beautiful, and I never said anything to try to hurt him because of it. So after a couple of years of feeling worse and worse, I was finally recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and I am going on medication that will help me get back to my old self! One of his favourite things to do is to never fail to say “I told you so!”, so I would SO love to be able to say that to him for a change!

On "Trust Fund Kids"

I work full-time but am constantly being shamed about the fact that someone very close to me dying made it possible to live a modest life here.


I must confess that, as a male, it’s getting more difficult to navigate dating in the new reality. I am scared to go from “first base” to “second” and “third”! In no way am I disrespectful to metoo women and their difficulties, but as an ackward early 20s guy trialing to navigate dating, I am scared that one unintended misstep puts on me on trial on the Internet.

Yearly Confessions

Every spring some guy will get all explicit about women's summer wear. I like the boots in the fall, myself.

Crazy Poor Locals

I would never take my North American money and live in a country where we ruin their culture. Not even on vacation.

Kinda get it now

I am the furthest thing from a right-wing conservative who bleats about liberal elites like a Chatty Cathy doll with a broken string. That said it really chaps my hide to read about the Governor General chafing at making close to $300 000.00 a year plus a place to live, plus expenses, plus pension not being thrilled about having to attend parties for a living. WTF?

recently rejected

by someone my age (50s) in the same physical condition as me, similar interests, we find humour in the same things, easy to talk with and have a good time..but he stated he only dates (bangs) 20-somethings. So I say to all those "hot" 20-somethings who are banging older guys---you can keep 'em because we don't want them. No, I'm not bitter just disappointed. I guess I'd hoped that if you make it to 50+ you'd realize that superficiality is the psychic disease of our lifetime. Fortunately, I believe there are plenty of good people in the sea and will continue to fish.


I work with people who start "early" to leave before the end of work, only to spend that time on their phones.

breaking point

Never been this lonely in a relationship, not even in the worst one! "I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone,it's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone." Robin Williams r.i.p.


For aknowleging my loss and for once not telling me to get over it



I couldn't sleep so I went online for a few hands. I wasn't expecting you... We talked...