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The skirts took over

In the municipal election. I had this happen in the workplace... guess what? They were just as cliquey and closed-minded than men. I guess Vancouver will have to learn how it's just another type of bad.

I didn't vote with my dick!

Confession or humblebrag, I saw the sex appeal of some candidates and held off supporting them on that basis. Ken Sim sure does have pecs and looks good to me but no vote -- I satisfied that urge by eating a delicious bagel. Brandon Yan looks way, way better in person and has that fullsome aura that is called charisma. Good looks like that plus charisma can be off-putting -- it's like somebody with everything asking for more. I needed no bagel. Tony Dong, on the other hand .. and him standing in a point of principle, especially over SOGI .. was totally hot. I bought a dozen bagels but still no vote. And if Tony Dong had claimed to be the "most qualified candidate" based on his own criteria, I would have publicly challenged that. And if Brandon Yan had claimed to be the "consensus" candidate of voters who for the most part had never heard his name and that someone else was splitting their completely theoretical base, I would have publicly challenged that. And if Ken Sim had claimed not to be an active member of the NPA since 2011, to have just happened to drop by at the AGM this year, to have made a donation this year and to have checked with the party if they were to run a candidate this year, I would have publicly challenged him that. That's what not voting with your dick looks like.


Why oh why did Translink get rid of their tax incentive if you bought a bus pass you would be able to write some of it off for your travels to work and they axed it. They said not enough people use it. Fuck off corporate greed. They got rid of the free transit on Sundays for people with bus passes it keeps going. They will keep taking perks away and we won't stand up for it. I don't even use the bus pass but my brother did and he is really irked by it. It was 10 bucks off a month you could write off your taxes and they took it away. What a bunch of heartless jerks. Talk about greed that did not even affect them. I can't fucking believe it. It pisses me off because last year I got a bus pass for a month in May and got to write it off. Never again.

Cyclists : get a f***in bell!

So this stupid old guy full of self-entitlement comes riding beside me on a narrow portion of the seawall bike bell to let me know and oblivious to the impending accident he could cause by riding so close to another bike. Anyways, no sooner does he pass that he suddenly slows down, as does a few others because a stupid kid is crossing. A crosswalk is nearby but does the even stupider parent watching sdo anything parental, like prevent them and control their child? No. Anyway, none of these numskulls on bikes bother to do the sensible thing like tell the kid to get off the damn path or warn the kid sound-wise. No. There gingerly slow down like it's a mindless goose and almost cause an accident behind them because the slowdown was sudden. The old guy then shouts "what am I supposed to do?" Use your fucking brains. If this was a roadway and you're driving,what would you do? You use your horn accordingly to warn off stupid people who jaywalk and to warn when passing. Bells cost nothing. They prevent accidents. Do here is my advice to you and every idiot who shows me that they know nothing about bike riding: INVEST IN A FUCKING BELL AND LEARN WHEN TO USE IT. Seriously. If you haven't got the sense to get one and know how to use it, stay home. But don't get bent out of shape when you show that you don't know what to do on the road or paths. Anyone got any other common sense things to tell stupid cyclists?


It’s a good thing I work outdoors because these high protein chocolate smoothies I’ve been drinking are giving me the worst gas!


The worst thing about PMS is having a fucking meltdown over something stupid and knowing how fucking ridiculous you're being but not being able to stop the tears from falling. FUCK.

I Tried

Went on a date with a guy I met off Tinder. He was cute so I said why not. He just kept on talking about all of his accomplishments and how much money he had and was going to make. Didn't even ask me a single question about myself. How about ask what I like to do for fun or what my interests are? Check came and he said we should split it. Not a big deal just should let me know if you want to take me to an expensive restaurant on a first date. I would have been happy to go to White Spot or a less expensive place. I told him I am not going to pay for the bottle of wine because I don't drink. He did not like that one bit. Then at the end of the night he wanted to go back to his place which is actually his parents place. He was completely clueless. We had 0% chemistry and I just took a cab home. Some guys are just clueless in dating and need to be listeners instead of talkers.

Hobo Sexual

Don’t pretend you can get over our issues and tell me you love me and want to start a life with me. The truth is, you resent me, you lie to me and control me. You only really need a place to crash when your friends’ couch becomes tiresome. Go find a new couch. I’m not to be used for your convenience. Just another thing you tell me I’m doing but you’re actually doing. I’m done.

Nothing is going to change

The people that voted for Kennedy Stewart thinking that he's going to make housing affordable for the masses is smoking too much legal cannabis. When Vision was first elected they made all kinds of big promises about solving this issue and that issue. They spent the next three terms in office selling the city lock, stock, and barrel to real estate developers and offshore money launderers. It was only in the last couple of years in office that Vision did anything about the homeless and housing situation. The newly elected council will be more of the same. Show them the money and they will roll over and let you scratch their belly. A bunch of liars that can be bought by anyone with enough money.

On Every Night

For 9 years, getting drunk and trying to materialize you, by sheer force of dreaming, naked, face down in my mattress. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.


I’m so relieved. I can now smoke weed at home without hiding it from my landlord. I can’t sleep most nights and weed helps to shut my brain off so I can sleep. Ending prohibition was the best choice! I don’t normally smoke it during the day but this weekend I couldn’t help but smoke 3x more than usual. I’m loving this!


Not mobs, please. University today is trying to solve problems through making more problems.


Why are there screaming and chanting Mexican kids at English Bay beach every night? Sounds like a cross between a drinking contest and karaoke.

Blithe Spirits

I wish people had to blow into a breathalyzer before posting here. Saturday night angry lover bitterness is incredibly tedious.

Not me anymore

A couple of years ago I joined a coed league to meet new people and play sports for fun. But I ended up getting injured pretty bad. I had a horrible concussion, broken nose, and sprained neck. I couldn't function from the concussion for a few weeks, all I could do was lay down in a quiet dark room. Since then it feels like a part died that day. I am no longer the person I use to be. I have trouble recalling memories or things that happened during the week / day. I wish I could get back to the happy person I use to be but I can't find myself. It's crazy looking back that I joined rec sports to meet new people and have fun but instead I lost me. Why do people have to be aggressive when playing rec sports, can't they just play for fun and not hurt people.


Cute boy walking on South Burrard

We walked past one another and smiled, I had a long black and silver skirt on, we then both...