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Stay home if you are sick

I'm really getting tired of these heroes who come to work when they are sick. I don't see the point in that. You aren't going to win an award, no one likes you for doing it and they think you are disgusting and rude. Walking around blowing their noses and sneezing everywhere thinking they are doing the company a favour? Or why is it that they do that? Clearly they don't care about their health or anyone elses. And companies need to start supporting workers and encourage them to not show up so they can heal guilt free. 1 person came in sick to my work and 2 people ended up sick after. So ya. Backfire. Jerks.

Afraid to have children

I grew up poor and from a divorced family. I think I’ve grown a lot despite the family I’ve come from. Gone to school, have a decent career. As I get closer to 30 think I’d like to have kids. But then I look around me and see all the women I know who are no longer with the fathers of their children and struggling. Some make co-parenting work but it truly comes at a cost. My main concern about having kids is that the dad would just up and leave me one day. To me, the reality seems so possible. So many women I know started off with seemingly great guys but down the line break ups happen. I know of some dads who pay child support. But then I hear about stories where it’s months and years and backed up child support. Then it’s a lot of baby daddy drama on Facebook. My biggest fear is getting serious with someone, being abandoned and being left to raise kids on my own.

Love you

I love my brother so much, now I realize it after he suffered an accident, I wanted to tell him but I just don't know how.

Verbal bullies

Just because you shout something doesn’t make what you say “the truth”. Just because you basically hold me hostage while you continuously rant at the top of your lungs doesn’t mean that I agree with you or that you’re right and I’m wrong. If you’re wondering why I just get up and leave, that’s why! It’s completely abusive behaviour and you’ve been doing it every single time I see you. I’m not sure why grown adults cannot learn to communicate in a respectful way, where both people get to express their opinions and both people’s opinions are recognized as having validity. Your combative and aggressive attitude is extremely rude, and does nothing to actually solve problems or move anything forward in any kind of relationship.

Never again

I shouldn’t have eaten that fish sandwich with mayo after midnight because it gave me a really bogus nightmare. I don’t remember what happened but all I can say is that I woke up feeling unpleasant.

Public Transit

I would really like to know how Translink can justify increases in fares if they can't even get drivers who know the difference between a bus that is actually full or a bus full of selfish jerks who wont move back. I catch the bus at a crossroad. BOTH buses go past 'full' at least 3 times a week, yet when u look inside them as they blast past you... the back is always empty! Always. Do I have to start filiming this before Translink will believe me? Cause I have tried to complain and I am really tired of telling my boss I'm gonna be late because of the buses. And yes I do catch an early one, but so does everyone else in an effort to get to work and school on time.


I was mentioned in a reply to confession about something I wrote in an I SAW YOU AD. I was interested in dating an Asian woman with blonde hair and I was labelled a douche bag because of what I was wearing. A fedora. A fucking fedora. A hat and I am instantly a douche bag. Not complaining it is kinda funny for that behavior for what I am attracted to. It was a surreal and funny moment. That is my confession.

Problem Is All Through Time.

All the people complaining about dating in Vancouver. You know what? It is a problem ALL over the world. It is a problem that has been since we started having men and women on the planet and it will be a problem in the far far future. You know what it boils down to: Men Have To Ask The Women Out. And then......Women are the ones who Choose. And as Chris Rock wrote in his book Women only date 10 per cent of the guys and then say "Why are all there no good men?" So we have women too shy to ask guys out and we have lots of guys that get rejected. It is not rocket science folks. of coarse all of this changes once you get older and put all the bullshit aside and love people for who they are versus their looks. So I guess the advice is Date when Older or Date people who live on Commercial Drive (those folks are not too concerned with money or status). And of coarse there are exceptions to the rule: I have been asked out by women before. I think 4 in my lifetime. But after 45 No's a guy can get down on himself. Women dress up to feel pretty guys have a lot of affairs with women to feel pretty. Anyway it ain't going away folks. There is a line from a movie about a guy who travels from 1920 to 1980 and he says to one guy "What is wrong with him?" The other guys says "Him? Oh he had his heart broken by a woman." The first guy says "They have not fixed that yet?" Pop songs about love, it will never end or go away.

Cell Phone Use at Disneyland

Nothing makes you hate the human race more than when you wait 1-2 hours in line for a ride, and then the douchebag in front of you films the entire thing on their camera. What is the point of waiting that long to watch the damn thing through your screen? What are you doing with that footage? Are you actually going to rewatch that grainy-ass video you shot in the dark that picks nothing up? No, no you aren’t, you’re just going to piss everyone off behind you. I feel like you should get a refund when you sit behind a douche who films. Why isn’t Disney banning filming on rides? Before anyone jumps in to say they do, they only limit it to flash photography. Provided you don’t turn the flash on (meanwhile your screen is as bright as the sun), you are free to ruin the rides for everyone. I hate filmers. Disneyland is the most frustrating place on earth, not the happiest. BTW all you people who want to film - every single ride is already uploaded to YouTube. Watch it there. Quit ruining it for everyone. Ugh. Get some manners!

Why I don't date

I removed myself from the dating pool as it seems people are more concerned to date multiple people and hook up instead of getting to know the one person they like and be serious to get to know them. I can't bear dating someone while they are dating others at the same time and hooking up posing a STD risk for me if we enter into a relationship.

Parking Law #1

Parking Law #1 states that you can sit in your car at a parking meter for hours and you will never see a Meter Maid, but if you step away for 10 seconds without putting money in the meter you’ll get a ticket !


I weighed myself this morning and I was amazed to find the scale to read 345 pounds. I am 5'2" and I realized I am a little chubby but not this much. I am just so ashamed. No man will date me. The men I meet online only want to have sex with me as a fetish because I am so fat. They treat me like garbage but I accept it because I have no other options. I just imagine if I was 100 pounds I would have a good boyfriend and my life would be on track. All of my friends are married and its just so depressing because I see myself dying alone. I have decided that I will lose 245 pounds starting now and nobody will stop me.

Reefer Madness

Why does legalization feel like illegalization? It's like a bunch of government and corporate predators came along, killed 40 or 50 years of Mom and Pop small businesses, shut down good shops that should have been licenced on time, stirred up fear (some concerns, but way out of proportion), encouraged the police to implement road tests that *do not work*, threatened to fine us/lock us up for ludicrous infractions, like having 5 plants instead of 4 in a garden and on and on. Product - many people switched to using oil vape pens with cartridges years ago. Now under legalization, gone. So if a consumer prefers this type of product and tries to find a new cartridge, that person is still a deemed criminal deserving of punishment. Dear gawd. As for the brochure, it would have been so nice to find a friendly, welcoming one that noted where to purchase, what product lines will be available, where it's OK to imbibe etc. It reads more like a safety warning about a flood of narcotics about to hit the street. Decriminalization might have been more appealing than this side show. Worst of all, the people running the Circus have apparently never done it before. E.G., the endless talk about getting ready for impaired drivers like it's something new! So naive, it's laughable. People have been toking and driving for 50 years and TPTB are just figuring this out now? (Never mind all else, Ativan, drowsy anti-histamines, dizzy making blood pressure pills...) Cannabis culture is very old and well established. What's new? Fingers in the pie. Loss of product variety. More rules than ever. More government interference and control over our personal lives. I hope things change along this road.

My Name

It's Yaxi. I tell people "it's like taxi, but with a 'Y'".


Nicest Guy In The Lime Green Helmet

I was lifting my bike onto an EVO near Main & Terminal after bending my wheel frame. You rode...