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The Prettiest Girl in the World

A long time ago in a land far far away (from where I am now) I met the prettiest girl in the world. It took me by surprise because I had already known her for some time. But at some point something changed and I saw the real her for the first time. And I wasn't in the position to ask her out or express how I felt so I kept those thoughts hidden away, until one day they leaked out anyway as contained feelings tend to do, and it turned out the prettiest girl in the world didn't see me the same. And I didn't live happily ever after. But I hope she did.

I've Missed The Rain

Sometimes I feel I could just spend hours in and out of the woods far away from the city just breathing in that cool, rain-fresh air.

OK, I'm standing in line

at my workplace cafeteria waiting for my favorite cashier to ring me up. She and I have been flirting for years, harmless stuff. I tell her that her eyes look different today, different style of makeup. Just then the lady behind me says, "Don't listen to him, you look great!" First off, I told my friend her eye makeup looked different, not bad. Secondly, mind your own fucking business!

I realize

the "friends" i never hear from often come back into my life because they need something...a job referrel, a contact or letter of be another random body at a birthday party. I reiterate though...mostly favors. Otherwise these people are rather dismissive...until they need something. Well you can now "fukkk off" friends. =)


When I was a kid, there was a brand of potato chips called O'Ryans produced here in Canada. I loved them. There was a little leprechaun mascot on the bag and a shamrock in place of the apostrophe. They came in two flavors: sour cream'n onion alone or with bacon. They were thick cut with ridges to hold all that delicious savoury flavor. After NAFTA, the company that made them got bought up by an American conglomerate and discontinued. Thanks, Mulroney :( I'm almost 40 years old now and I still think about them. I've tried so many other brands over the years and nothing even comes close to being as good. If I had a time machine, I would go back and find a way to stop NAFTA just so I could have my chips back. I'd also be willing to pledge my soul for eternity to anyone who still has the recipe for O'Ryans and would start making them again. Yes, I love chips.

linger on your pale blue eyes

one night, a while ago, I hooked up with my friend, who is also a good friend's ex. We are pretending it never happened, for various reasons...but now he's infiltrated my dreams. I can't do anything about this, for the various reasons mentioned. I just have to confess to someone how weird it is to have known someone for so many years and then all of a sudden to realize how blue their eyes are. How did I never notice? Why can't I stop thinking about them? I fear I am smitten.

True blonde not always good

Jealous of black and ivory skin. I feel like a pasty pale wash out. I feel like tanning and dying my hair black or brunette. And I hate my blonde eyebrows and lashes too. Going to dye those also. Stupid, I know.

I'll finally confess

I blew it ! If I had that morning back I would not be a coward, hurtful and self-centred piece of shit. I never thought of how much courage it must of took for you to start that conversation and how hurt and angry you must have been when I cut you off and denied you. I swear to God when I finally figured it out I balled my eyes out. I know exactly how awful it feels to step up and that person so easily denies your feelings. I'm an empath so for me to miss what I did was so wrong and really showed where my head was at. I was wrong, my God the regret I feel is killing me slowly but surely. Today is my birthday the one person I wish I could enjoy this day with, is with someone else. Someone so wrong and disgusting I cry knowing that it was likely my actions over the last 2 yrs that have pushed you to this. Sweetheart I know you love me, deny that all you want, but I'll still be alone and sad today. You'll be angry and with the one person you should be the farthest away from. I am so sorry you were so strong especially after the loss you had just suffered. I was such a coward. Scared of getting hurt again. Funny though the pain I feel now is a small piece by comparison to what I went through just before I met you.

Leave me alone

I have no interest in having children. I don’t want kids. It’s just not within my hearts desire. I don’t hate children. I’m just not interested in being a parent, that’s all. But what really bothers me is when people ask, and I say no because all they do is criticize me for it, as if I’m some horrible selfish person. Mind your own business and worry about your own lives.


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