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I’m so relieved. I can now smoke weed at home without hiding it from my landlord. I can’t sleep most nights and weed helps to shut my brain off so I can sleep. Ending prohibition was the best choice! I don’t normally smoke it during the day but this weekend I couldn’t help but smoke 3x more than usual. I’m loving this!


Not mobs, please. University today is trying to solve problems through making more problems.


Why are there screaming and chanting Mexican kids at English Bay beach every night? Sounds like a cross between a drinking contest and karaoke.

Blithe Spirits

I wish people had to blow into a breathalyzer before posting here. Saturday night angry lover bitterness is incredibly tedious.

Not me anymore

A couple of years ago I joined a coed league to meet new people and play sports for fun. But I ended up getting injured pretty bad. I had a horrible concussion, broken nose, and sprained neck. I couldn't function from the concussion for a few weeks, all I could do was lay down in a quiet dark room. Since then it feels like a part died that day. I am no longer the person I use to be. I have trouble recalling memories or things that happened during the week / day. I wish I could get back to the happy person I use to be but I can't find myself. It's crazy looking back that I joined rec sports to meet new people and have fun but instead I lost me. Why do people have to be aggressive when playing rec sports, can't they just play for fun and not hurt people.

The colour of your hair

This is it , I want you and now I'm so full of the words (mostly hurtful and hateful ones) I'm no longer know what direction to turn away or to . You see when your words say one thing primarily , and your actions though not always but enough say another , well sweetheart it discombobulates the fking mind a little . I really wasn't in love with the last gf , so by default that makes you the first . Help me please send me off in the direction of away or pull me as hard as you can to the to ! I really hope my love leads back to you .Cause Red I most defiantly am in love with you . ilu Red . Your hate and love friend .

How we know it's love (or something like it)

You wanna know? Okay, let's say you have a cappy exchange. Hurt feelings, dumb things said in the heat of the moment, misunderstandings, whatever. You declare you're done and storm off. you calm down... it hits you. You feel sad. I mean, really, really sad. You think things went too far, and a wave of deep sadness washes over you. I mean, it hits like a brick in the head. Nothing can shake it all day. All day. All friggin' day. You wish it all didn't happen. You wish for a miracle. You realize this matters a lot. OMG this person really matters! What have we done!? How do we fix this!? Aaaaagh! That, my friend, THAT is your heart trying its best to scream over your pride and your mind to tell you what it really wants, what really matters. Your heart will not let up. Fuck logic, fuck what people say should or shouldn't...THAT, my friend, is love. And it makes no sense. The time we haven't spent. The different lives we lead. But it's here, it's real and it's not going away. And it's crazily mutual. It has been for some time, and distance along with every other life-altering distraction is nothe nearly as strong as what your heart wants. That, my friend, is love.

Look at me!

My dick fell off so now I have to roar my motorbike up and down Broadway like a big fuckin asshole!


Wow, so many of the couples I know have very little in common with their spouses. What do they see in one another and how did they build a relationship with a person they have so little in common? It's becoming increasingly obvious that these people are together because they're afraid to be alone.

Sick Of Working For Corporations

It's become abundantly clear that the Human Resources Manager at my work does not care about me as a Human in the slightest.


I broke up with someone because of a 15-year age gap. I feared the gap would create issues down the road, and I would resent them for being older, so I let them go. I’m pretty sure they’ve moved on but for me, years later, making a choice out of pure fear is still my biggest regret.

Dating is hard in Vancouver

It's definitely easier in other cities. I moved, and I am making friends and doing cool shit. Poor GS is gonna have to shut down once everyone moves away from Vancouver.

Comfortably Numb

I love classic rock and metal music. I've been listening to the same songs for 30 years and each time it feels like I'm hearing it for the first time. Metallica's Fade To Black just came on and my head rocks with each pick of the string. Now Kirk's solo intro...fucking amazing. Blows me away every time.

Don't care to hear it from you anymore

I don't care if you want me but can't be with me. I only care if you want me, and will do what it takes to be with me. I don't need to waste my life on your melodramatic bullshit and indecision. I'm moving on with or without you. Once I'm with someone, I am with them until they leave me, or I am dead.


Cute boy walking on South Burrard

We walked past one another and smiled, I had a long black and silver skirt on, we then both...