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That irony is real

You can begain to understand people’s personality when they are more angry about the store who accidentally sold a knife to a murdered than the murdered itself. Them red and the blue? Same shit, different pile.

Live and let live except...

I try to let people live their lives how they see fit but I just cannot tolerate when people declare that they hate the taste of water so they don't drink it. I won't say anything but I just do not know what it is like to not think water is delicious and not be thankful that clean drinking water is still an available thing to most of my community. It is maddening and absurd to me.

Should I call the police?

I'm legitimately not sure what to do here. I moved recently, and there's what appears to be a teenager and parents in the apartment below me. At first I thought this was just general teenage whining and noise (one time I heard him yelling "PLEASE! PLEASE, MOM!") but I'm not sure if something else is going on. There was lots of noise the other day at 5AM, and last night (after quiet hours) he was yelling "help me!" Over and over for a while and then "ahhhhhhhh!" I of course want them to be quiet, but I also am questioning what's happening. Should I call the police? It doesn't seem like there's a bylaw to handle this, but I'm wondering if more is going on here. Perhaps this is more than teenager bullshit (I say this with empay - I was a loud, whiny teenager once).

Housing Affordability?

I can't believe we have a banana republic here that's trying to destroy the real estate market because its constituency of Government Union members can no longer afford homes. Since when was Government instituted to ensure that BCGEU and CUPE could buy a home?

What am I.

I love women. The scent of their skin. The softness of their being. I don't like men sexually. They have never turned me on. Even the extremely good looking ones. But a transperson. A male to female who is feminine to the core, turns me on. Even with every appendage still there. It's the best of both worlds. Recently separated and wanting to have that kind of relationship. Or is it a pipe dream?

Note to self

If you ever feel like no one cares, it might be because they don't.

Now hiring

Sucks to be good at your job, have 4+ years' experience, and be making the same wage as someone just hired with zero experience.

So I'm walking along

The best woman I know, the big crush, honked/waved at me today as she was driving by. Giddyup!

Useless Meetings

Am I the only one who thinks that 99.9% of the meetings you are forced to participate in at work are completely and utterly useless? Rarely is there ever any sort of actual decision made. Usually it's the same people talking over each other, while everyone else zones out and doesn't give a shit. There are very few situations that actually benefit from a meeting, yet every company I've worked for insists on having them constantly. Why??? Such corporate bullshit, and a waste of everyone's time.

More where that came from.

My landlord is such a bitch. The last note was sealed in an envelope with my pee. Fuck you! Hit the floor and drag your chairs more. Do it. You’re so fucked. I’m in an illegal suite. The CRA is going to be your best friend when I leave. More than 9 fucking years I’ve been here. That’s A LOT of taxes you’re going to have to pay. The day we go to court is the day I finally feel relief because we WILL win. You better believe it you fucking sociopath.

Text Fighting

Can I just say that when I am text fighting with someone I feel like Helen Keller.


I fart A LOT. Its Ridiculous, and its been going on to long. Happens everywhere. Id like it to stop.

Hair in HIS bed - West End

Long black hair you found in his bed was mine. I LOVE him too!! I know it is wrong to be with him, but our connection is very strong. I don't regret it. Please don't judge. Anyone out there, whose soulmate is dating someone else?


Los Cuervos - Around 7pm - 9pm

You were helping us with our food and drinks. You were wearing a grey dress. I tried very hard...


Savage Love: Asexuals are aces

For these individuals, there is no inherent wish for or desire for sex, and there never has been.