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Completely overcome by nausea at the corner of Keefer and Carrall and got sick behind the park bench. Tried to be as discreet as possible but for anyone who witnessed that little spectacle, I'm truly sorry.

The Meuller report

Over two years, not even mass shootings could push the Trump investigation off front pages for more than a few hours. And now today a cruise ship slightly adrift has pushed it off the front pages based on the outcome of the report not being bad for Trump. A cruise ship. Not a bunch of deaths. just a powerless cruise ship. wow.

Hesitant about dating again

I really would like to get back to dating but I just don't think I am/feel attractive at the moment and I know I need to work on myself but part of me still would like to try to put myself out there again.

To all the evangelical christians

Do you get horny so much, you rub you private parts with your bible during bible study?, Hope that doesn't offend you, after all only left wingers/SJW's get offended according to you

My dream all my life

“I wish I were a tiny mouse tucked up in a tiny bed under a tiny patchwork quilt in a burrow under a tree. No responsibilities except making raindrop wine and rose jam and making sure I sweep the little doorstep every morning” taken from Reddit....

I just spent an hour

Looking up people I was close with in my life on fb. Ex girlfriends, flings, "best" friends (I moved around A LOT as a kid so i had a lot of these). All the guys are in really good shape. Got good jobs, and have attractive GF's/wives. All the girls are doing what they always said they wanted to do with their lives, and most of them look really good. I'm 30 years old. Living with my dad. I do have a good job, but I'm single with zero prospects to change that, with a burgeoning beer belly. I gone done f*cked myself real good.

I Confess

I confess that if the confession posting is too long I don't read it.


Golden Ears hiking trail

You were starting your hike and I was ending. We locked eyes a few meters away and as we finally...

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