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Might have to lose some great friends

Along my pursuit of happiness I'm finally realizing how horribly negative some of my best of friends are. When you really love someone you do put them on a pedestal, its true. I've never noticed these things before. They will go on and on about the smallest issues, someone bumped into them on the bus, this one guy that was mean to them in highschool like 15 years ago, little things they never let go!! HOW FLIPPING EXHAUSTING!!!! I have gone through so much in life, it takes a lot more than these things to bring me down. I will get phone calls from them ONLY to hear them bitch about something and that's it! The whole conversation! When you finally stop complaining, and you decide for yourself that you choose to be happy, there you will find real happiness. Honestly, some people really enjoy being pissed off. the more of our small time seeing each other becomes me just listening to anger and negativity the less i care to be around those types. They've never once inquired about me or my life. Im just a vessel that absorbs their negativity. Im too old and happy for this, and I want out. Just fucking relax already, you're still single in your 30's because you're angry and mean. you can't bitch about hating men then complain you have none! There I said it! Back to my peace of mind now....

Bus Morons

It always makes me roll my eyes when people have to squeeze in front of you near the front of the bus to get in ahead of you. Then they stand at the back door instead of taking a seat at the back. They might as well get on last then.

broken wrist

It hurts like crap, and I'm bungling along as best as I can at work with a cast, luckily on my left arm, so I can still write. This is essentially your fault, COV, because of the decline and three-year lack of lanscaping maintenance in the shrubs that line the roadway and bike lane out front of my home. Since the brambles and vines extend so far into the roadway, people have to drive / ride down the middle oif the road, lest they get hit by blackberry thorns or low-hanging branches from the unkempt trees. So for the last year or so, I've taken it upon myself to try and clean up the crap and cut things back, a little bit at a time. But on Tiuesday, I lost a battle with a resistant blackberry bramble, fell, and broke my wrist in the process. City of Vancouver, if you'd do your job like you used to, and send landscape crews to keep the shrubs back from the curb and the trees pruned, I wouldn't be in so much f-ing pain and unable to do my own job. The specific area I'm referring to is along Kent Avenue near River District. COV - send out a crew, because I can't do any more of your work for 6-8 weeks.


I told my long-time boss that I hate the new job they promoted me into. I'm happy we could have an open conversation about it and he's willing to make it work for me but it's not going to be a quick fix and I don't know how much longer I can deal with this new role.

Vancouver Landlords suck at math

Looking for a place to rent after taking care of my ill parent for the last 3-4 years. A two bedroom suite is $1400-$1600 But a one bedroom is $1100+?!? I’ve never been great at math but this really doesn’t seem fair. Thanks for punishing me for being single. I didn’t expect to be 35 and single but thanks for putting salt in the wound. And no I don’t want a roommate. Vancouver Landlords - your math sucks!


Potential organ donors: who? Cyclists not wearing helmets because they are too cool for school. I notice that most morning cyclists do wear helmets (although some wear them like bonnets (useless as a safety measure)). In the afternoon and evening, that is when the PODs emerge in force. Those are not the only PODs around; pedestrians crossing streets while texting are another example. Don't tell me to mind my own business; it is my business if a person is injured. Health care and rehabilitation costs come from my tax dollars.

How do I stop loving you?

Falling in love with my coworker. Do not want do not want. Not going to pursue. Can't get them out of my mind though, every time I tell myself its just the excitement of meeting someone new, and finding them attractive-I start learning all this cool stuff about them. Every time we talk it gets better and I want them so bad!! I'm happy in my relationship. I don't need this. And I'm not going to pursue. But god DAMN! We both act very foolish and clumsy around each other, it's beginning to become unbearable. I might have to find a new job. Or start discussing open policies with my s/o...i can't hide this forever. Why am I so obsessed with you?

Those thoughts...

I'm in my early thirties and lucky enough to still have both of my parents around. They are by no means rich, but like most people I am likely to inherit a bit of money whenever they pass away. I find lately I have been wondering about what I might do with whatever money I get. I feel kind of guilty for this. It's not that I want them to die, I love them both and hope they have many more years left. But I do sometimes think about my options whenever the inevitable happens. Am I a horrible son?


I was having a good week until today, when I realized that the person I had a crush on for the past year probably likes someone else. They are probably just friends and it's all in my head, but I had a really shitty day after I found out. I thought he liked me too, but he was probably just being nice this whole time. I feel like an idiot and will not be as friendly to him anymore. I tried to feel better by listening to upbeat music, which kinda helped. I have social anxiety so it's difficult for me to drop a hint that I like someone, and they end up thinking I don't care but I really do. I will feel better eventually. I'll probably end up on my own like my spinster aunt, having many small dogs as my children hahaha. Maybe I'll find someone someday that will appreciate me like Edward appreciates Bella. :)

I'm Confused

So the three that died on the waterfall a few weeks ago. They make videos doing things and going places that can kill you pretty easily. So then they die and everyone is in shock. If I understand correctly the ENCOURGE people to travel and take risks when the majority of the population should NOT do this. The world IS a scary place if you do not know what you are doing and/or take precautions. Am I wrong to not be surprised this happened and to wonder why people think their deaths are a surprise? Did they not realize that their luck would run out sooner or later? Maybe I'm missing something.

Drop torture

After so long the thought of her, encapsulated in a name, still quietly, continuously, constantly digs a hole through my skull one drop at a time.

Dude. I can afford to live!

I moved away from Vancouver. Cost of living is sooo much cheaper. I have more than double the disposable income. It's about 3x. I feel normal!!!

Yes it's true....

There are some people in this world who are incredible, kind, loving and unselfish. Giving as much as they can of themselves and more... It is these same people that are more sensitive to utilitarianism and more susceptible to the feelings of guilt due to other people's shit. Those who don't give a fuck...feel no pain. I know someone that cares so much about everyone around them.... And I will forever appreciate and love them for it.

An actual confession guaranteed to generate strong feelings

There is this guy on Bute and Davie who makes me absolutely sick. He is revolting. And I know he is not homeless. Every day--all day long--he spreads himself and his dirty shit all over the sidewalk either in front of Mac's or Hamburger Mary's. He is filthy from head to toe, and does not much more than just sprawl or sleep. Over the weekend he was passed out with his pants down, his ass up, right in the middle of the day. Thing is, he's not entirely useless or gone in the head, because I have caught him on a few occasions sauntering into the nearby supermarket to coherently pay for some deli food, and once even pacing the sidewalk outside my building, talking on a cell phone very lucidly. He repulses me when I have to walk by him (which is several times a day) and I wish the locals would take action to get him removed, or put into some kind of facility (if he is, in fact, mentally ill, which we all are in some form or another, really). He does not abuse alcohol, from what I've seen, or abuse drugs, though he may smoke weed from time to time. This is just what he chooses to do all day long: sleep on the sidewalk with empty food containers and potato-chip bags around him, then go home to wherever he lives. A more slovenly and disgraceful life cannot be imagined. Have at it, commentators! At least it's not whining about heartbreak and dating!


Carol Pope at the Folk Festival

You are a mid-aged woman (very cute), short black hair wearing a black jump suit, and you were...


Savage Love: My massage made me #metoo myself

"She was working on my thigh, but it felt like I was getting my balls caressed."