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Leaving Vancouver

Is like trying to leave an abusive partner behind. You catch them on a sunny day and they seem so charming, and you almost believe that the person they once were is still there, and might just come out, if you only give it another chance. Then you wake up.

Why do people eat at Subway?

With all the decent restaurant options in Vancouver, why do people eat at Subway. I think people have been fooled into thinking it’s a healthy option compared to McDonalds or KFC. The quality of the food is horrible, the meats and cheese are the cheapest they make and the bread tastes like plastic. Also, every nutritional study says that cold cuts are one of the unhealthiest foods you can eat. So why do people continue to eat this crap?

Another post about 4:20 Day

I'd rather be around 1000 potheads all stoned & acting dopey than being on Granville Street full of highly intoxicated bros after they leave the nighclubs.

He Needs To Grow Up

I make more than my boyfriend. Its not a big deal. We literally dated for 3 months before he found out. He doesn't have to act like a baby. I am just in a more lucrative field than him. We both contribute to the household and that's what a modern couple is like. It just bothers me when he thinks it makes him less of man to not be the main breadwinner. If your girlfriend makes more than you it doesn't make you any less of a man, if anything you should be proud of her.

Truly a confession

and partly a commentary on online dating and cheating spouses. I was doing to Tinder shuffle. I was meeting men and wanted a friend in the mix to watch my back. A wing woman of sorts. So my friend was on a few sites with me. She ended up meeting a guy but they were both married. She shared her experiences with me over the year and a half they were "sharing time together". This confession is not about the right or wrong of cheating. It's not about why they should both be lynched because they strayed from their marriages. Leave that to another judgemental rant. What I did from the beginning of their little tryst was to watch over my friend as she had been doing for me. I made some profiles and waited to see if he was the "one woman only" guy he professed to be. Can you guess what happened? Yes, you're right. Just as I predicted, he messaged each of those profiles looking for some quick, no strings, anonymous action. Here's a winning line "I could really use a mouth". He made arrangements to meet with these "women" for a quick fix. He shared photos and smutty talk. He was all in for some sleazy fun until I, as each of these women, called him out for the lying fiend that he was. I did not share any of this with my friend until after a year and half she was still standing up for him and believing his pile of crap. Then I showed her all of the messages and photos. My only regret is that I didn't show her sooner. When she called him out on it, he proved to be a complete coward. Again, no surprise. I am sure I will get hate for this confession but I don't regret it one bit. She has a clear picture of who this abusive philanderer is and he has moved on to another poor suspecting woman..or women. I just feel bad for his wife.

That's not part of the curriculum

When I was in high school 20 years ago we had a creep music teacher who would talk about wanting to bang certain students to other students and even once stole a personal item of a student and kept it as a trophy in the classroom desk even when the student asked for it back. Turns out this teacher is still teaching there. I wonder how many more students have been creeped out by the inappropriate flirting in those 20 years. Too bad we didn't even have enough evidence to be believed. Paying for private school isn't always safer. This was one of a few problematic staff members back then. Weird lessons to learn at 13 include how to deal with predators hiding as professionals.

Busy, so busy

I'm swamped with things to do. I wish I had the time to think of some creative zingers or sly ways to objectify a woman from my past but you'll all have to hold on till next week.

Douchebaggery on their HD's

Well, it's that time of the year the douchebaggers come out on their Hardly Davidson's with their seasonal declaration "loud pipes save lives", that pathetic attempt to justify their feelings of inadequacy with the need to make as much noise as possible - hoping everyone will stop and look at the pathetic cry for help.

I've really been digging the local bands lately.

Cobra Ramone...Dead Soft...Luki Fero....etc...all excellent. So get out and support local music and stop perpetuating this idea that Vancouver isn't producing great music like the "good old days".

Living wage is a joke

Has anyone actually looked at the living wage calculations that come up with $20.91/hour? It's for a family of four where both parents work 35 hours per week. But the policy implications for this living wage apply to everyone. Using the numbers provided for a couple, reduce the food to $400/mo, eliminate car expense (2 bus passes), eliminate childcare and eliminate education, leave everything else the same. If the couple is making $15/hour each that means they will have an extra $4600/year to put towards education/vacation/savings, if they work 40 hour/week it's $9800/year. This is a one size fits all solution from a time before computers, when we couldn't direct funding towards the specific needs of a person so we came up with dollar amounts we thought might work. Under the living wage system, you should be able to pay teens living at home 7.00/hour working 10 hours/week. This will give them $100/mo food, $150/mo clothing, 2-zone bus pass and $200/mo in pocket money.


I want to hang with people but nothing is going on in my life and i'm afraid people notice it. but if I just hang out alone all day and have no connections or community at all i'll always have nothing going on in my life. sort of like hang out with people that attract you... but will they even want to hang out with me? my history seems to drag on and bleed into everything..


I asked the boss to give a little thank you speech to the staff today for Admin Professionals Day. Normally, he's really good about it but he sent me an email back, telling me he had to put his dog down yesterday evening and it was much harder than he thought it was going to be, so he was going to stick to his office today. I want to go into his office and give him a hug.

My confession

I love being apathetic to bullshit :)


Cloverdale Gym Stares

If you miraculously read this then you know who you are... just talk to me already. We could go...


Savage Love: Affairs don't "just happen", you make them happen

I’m a liar, a cheat, a user, and a manipulator—and it just keeps happening.