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My ex wasn't really my "type" but we got along so well that it didn't really matter. Now they're with someone new, I'm realizing that I wasn't theirs either....

Thanks to Covid

I’m finally getting laser hair removal Because usually I’d be at the beach everyday swimming and not have the time for it. Watch out 2021 one clean looking lady will be at the lake.

Death by Swan Boat

One time my now wife and I rented one of those recreational peddle-powered swan boats at a lake. We were somewhere in SE Asia (I'd have to dig through my photos to remember where). By the time we reached the middle of the lake we realized the boat was slowly taking on water. Soon after fish started jumping around the boat. Since we seemed to be sinking we immediately imagined they were probably piranha and we peddled as fast as we could. The faster we peddled the faster the fish flew all around us. My wife was screaming in terror as fish shot past our faces. Anyway, funny in retrospect. They probably weren't *actually* piranha.

Dwindling friendship

I used to have this super funny, creative and open minded friend. Over the years I lost her to the world of corporate finance, 9-5 life and frightening money obsession. I’ve seen it coming for years but recently realised she’s so far gone in that world and our personalities & values are completely different. I don’t want to hang out with her anymore, because every conversation is about money! I’ve told her so many times that I value a simple life but she can’t leave it alone and is always bringing up $$$. So sad. Does anyone have a friendship like this ?? How do you deal?? I don’t want to lose her as a friend but I also can’t deal with constant talks of finance.

Wondering where he is now

Several years ago I was in a pub, waiting for the ferry, on the way to visit my sick dad. A guy and his friend sat beside me and started chatting with me. I wasn't receptive because I was bone tired and he turned to his friend and said "damn, shot down again." My response was "I have no energy and my dad is dying. Why do you have to take me not wanting to talk to a stranger so personally?" His response was "I'm dying, too." Longer story short he was a young guy with COPD and destroyed his body with substance abuse that eventually he'd left behind him. His friend confirmed this was true. I always wonder what happened to that guy.


I’m genuinely curious to know what exactly the people screaming about a “Covid conspiracy” believe that conspiracy is? Who stands to gain? Thousands are unemployed and using up government (taxpayer) funds at a dizzying rate. Thousands of businesses are closed and may never reopen. So really, why would anyone deliberately create a false pandemic that’s affecting the entire planet? I’m truly curious about how these people have come to this conclusion.

I have feelings for my friend

I am unable to express how I feel towards my same-sex friend who is currently married. I don't know if I have a crush on her or I actually developed romantic feelings for her, either way, I deeply care about her and do think about her. Even if my friend is single I care too much about our friendship to ever put her in awkward position. Anyways, I respect marriage and I do not cross such boundary. This is a secret that I have and I have no one to disclose it except for here, thank you for reading it.

Would be nice

If my Mom actually showed sincere interest when I go on vacation and said, “Have a great time, you deserve it”. Instead, the only thing she’s interested in is how much the hotel is, How many days, how often we ate out, how much the car rental is. Just tallying up the receipts in her head. Pisses me off. I work full time and have been cooped in a tiny condo for months and it would be nice if she expressed excitement that I’m finally able to get away, rather than judge me on how much I’m spending. I’ve already given her thousands of dollars, delivered food and masks and gas cards, during the lockdown so it’s not like I haven’t helped her financially. Maybe next time I won’t even tell her I’m going away to spare us both the drama.

Poor you

I have a friend who seems to really hate women, don't know if he's part of some men's rights group or what's going on with him. He's always going on about conspiracies of women trying to destroy his and his friend's lives. The weirdest thing is he's upset women don't want to date him. Dude, if you start right out the gate hating someone they're not going to want to spend any time with you. The few relationships he did manage to have have been really unhealthy (Gosh I wonder why?) When he's not going off on his weird rants, he can be funny and okay to hang out with. With covid happening I haven't seen him face to face for months and he's been going down strange rabbit holes on social media since then. Don't know if I do want to see him again when things get better but I also worry about him.

Rota Fortunae

There's a song I'm afraid of that only gets stuck in my head just before something serious is about to go down. I try to ignore it and hope that if I don't accidentally sing it aloud that I can prevent whatever disaster is about to take place. Yet somehow in a moment of distraction, it slips out and then I'm terrified. What's the worse that could happen. The worst possible thing you can imagine. But lately, I don't feel as afraid as I used to. So much is happening every day and maybe it's a good thing, even when I don't know what it is. And now I try not to be afraid and sing freely this strange mix of two songs. Across the Universe and 21 by The Cranberries. Nothing's gonna change my world... Nothing's gonna change my world...Nothing's gonna change my world...Nothing's gonna change my world... Today, today, today, today...


tall and stunning at whole foods

You were wearing white pants and an orange top. I was on my way home from the gym - wearing black...


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