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My kid who has gotten himself in & out of trouble lately said to me: "Dad We gotta get My shit together"


Have grown into a handsome man, Right before my eyes. Always so sweet and nice. Not sure what I would do with a bike But its the thought that counts. I'm sure I will see you around.

The More You Know.

Interesting fact. Ibuprofen is a cure for blue balls.

Dim Sum

I confess that dim sum tastes 1000% better at 3am when I make my husband his "dim sum" which consists of special scrambled eggs with green onions and lots of cheddar cheese! That way I can enjoy my shui mai and he can enjoy what he likes! Win win!!!

Blow is garbage

I went to a strip club snd got a lap dance from some freaky little blonde. She was cute and bubbly, but boy was she wild as fuck. She tried to offer me lines of coke to snort with her but I said no. Never touched that stuff and never will.

My ex is a thief!

You never really know someone until after the relationship ends. My ex refuses to return the one thing I asked him to return after the breakup. The f$@%ed up thing is he keeps saying it's in the mail to string me along for kicks. Never thought he was capable of being such a piece of crap! At this point he can keep it. I'm just glad I never have to see or hear from him ever again!

Dating Monologues

It’s happened several times now , I am on a date in either a coffee shop or pub and it’s a monologue from the date the entire time. By the end of the date, the person learned absolutely nothing about me and thought the evening went terrific! Needless to say, there’s no second date.

Laughing So Hard

I can't stop. When I read such a graphic headline in the Georgia Straight like "Woman surreptitiously takes photo of SkyTrain exposer's genitals", I just lose it.

I Have No Plan B

I've worked towards this one goal for many years. My heart has been so dead set on it, that I haven't told a single soul of my plan - because sometimes I feel that there are more gestapo in Canada than there are average citizens. Please god, don't let anyone place a roadblock in my way. I've come this far, and I'm on a tight schedule. Please let it go smoothly. I have no Plan B. Please spare me from having to develop a solution if Plan A fails, because we both know what that solution would entail. Please let this one dream of mine come true.

Ridiculous crush

I have a huge crush on a guy I work with- I have not had a crush like this since I was like’s crazy, totally overwhelming and kind of fun to feel this way...but it’s also pointless because he has a girlfriend. I thus have all this insane sexual energy that I feel like is flinging out of me anytime I’m near him and it’s just being wasted...but I can’t get him out of my head. It’s been 6 months! I’ve dated others and then broken up with them because it didn’t seem right to have such an intense attraction to someone else. I realize this is ridiculous. I’m not young either, nor inexperienced in dating/love/sex. I just can’t seem to move past it. Advice?


Park and Fly Shuttle Bus - Secret Admirer

You were wearing a jacket that said BTA Academy on it and have curly hair. We were both in the...

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