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Some people...they just suck

My landlord doesn’t give a shit about my quiet enjoyment. His family is frugal and he won’t help With the problem. I now have to stand in and call the right people myself...take it off the rent

alls good

I feel a little bit frightened by the worlds instability due to covid, but not so much anxiety, hopelessness and depression as pre-covid. Deep sadness for those lost, deep gratefulness for us here in BC. Really, I don't miss much.

Rose and Smoke Scented One

Rose on it's own reminds me of old women. The smell of cigarettes is just an annoyance. But the two scents together overwhelm me. It's her. I've 'hated' rose since then, but it still intoxicates me when mixed with smoke.

I'm no stalker but..

I feel a tremendous amount of admiration for the dedication of Dr. Bonnie Henry. she makes me proud to be Canadian and consequently makes me want to be a better citizen. A salute to whomever appointed her, your judgement is perfect.

Calorie cut

The number on the scale has crept up a few ticks since the whole quarantine thing. Time to nip this in the bud! I do not want to come out of this fatter than when I went in!

Inspector Clouseau

Classic slapstick is one of the ways I'm keeping myself entertained while at home. I was watching "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" and that scene where He pretends to be a dentist kills me every time: "There's only one man who would pull the wrong tooth! Hahahahahahaha! Hahaha, it's Clouseau! Hahahahaha! Kill hiim!"

One good thing

At least the quarantine means there’s no way I can get back with my ex, because if it wasn’t happening I’m pretty sure that I would have weakened by now.


My husband does not take social distancing and this virus nearly as seriously as I do. It’s freaking me out. We have tried to get him down to once a week outings but he keeps wanting to break that.

DIY fabric face masks

While passing by that sexy men's underwear store on Davie, I realized how easily a large pair of thong underwear could be adapted to serve as a face mask. The triangular front piece even has a pouch-shape that would fit around the chin and lower face, and the elastic straps could be altered quite easily as well. It would be a stylish and innovative way to keep one's breath droplets to oneself. And, considering that we all still have to stay 2 metres away from each other, it would be a good way to bring a little bit of sexy back to this erotically bleak period we're in. Leopard print, anyone?


Don’t put me in the corner!

I met you a few years ago when I was on vacation with my parents. ...

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