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Just Sayin'

I make a better vegan birthday cake than any 'normal' cake.

born and raised

I have 3 kids and recently went through a divorce. My kids are all basically out the door and im NOT suffering from empty nest syndrome but quite opposite... Im soooo happy cause they are compassionate, fairly responsible, educated, members of society confession is ...this is the day I've been waiting for for the last 20 fkng years.. and btw,,, Im the mom of 3 girls... yaaaayyy life is good.. if you don't get hit by a bus...


I need to get a job, because I can't survive on PWD without subsidized housing (on a waitlist for a few years now, but not getting anywhere of course). I pay $983/month for rent when my monthly income is only $1133. Obviously, there's just no way to make it work. I don't know if I can even eat for $150/month (I have to follow a pretty restricted diet because of one of my medical conditions), let alone eat plus pay for hydro, phone, and internet. I've been looking at job ads and I just feel so discouraged. I had a part-time job for seven months last year, but my doctors told me I had to give it up after I developed carpal tunnel syndrome. I'm fine with working for minimum wage, but there are some things I can't do because of my various health problems. It seems I can't go back to doing any of the things I've done before, either because there aren't jobs that I'm capable of doing given my health problems. I guess it highlights how necessary it is for me to be on disability given how many things I can't do, but it's an absolute necessity for me to work if I am to survive, even though I'm not sure how to make that happen.


I really miss a lot about the mid 70's -mid 80's.. you name it.. music... stupid hair.. everything from daisy dukes to riding in the box of a truck over the Queensborough Bridge to play baseball.. sounds risqué at todays standards and social shaming.. but I have to say it WAS SOO MUCH FUN! and I don't think I'd be the same person without having lived those things. Its the small things... ya know.

Happy Days

I saw a re-run of Happy Days and I was shocked. In this episode Richie's Father made Richie take out the daughter of someone he knew. Richie had his friend take her out and took her to some secluded location in his car and ripped off her dress while trying to get physical with her. She ran away at night in a ripped dress hitch-hiking to get away from this monster. So what was the punishment? Oh he said he was sorry and shook her hand and everyone was happy. It is mind blowing how society used to accept sexual assault as just boys being boys.

Sidewalk Vapers

What are these c@#$s even thinking????

I was abused

I'm 33 and am only just realizing I was emotionally and spiritually abused as a child by my mother, and possibly sexually assaulted by my father's friend. I'm grateful for Confessions so I can share in a safe way and hope it will help me (and others) in what I imagine will be a very long, difficult healing process.

Life is funny

There was something online ...who was the biggest male star the year you're born. I looked at who was my age. I then looked at an actor who is the same ages as a guy I have a crush on. Seeing the two from an outside perspective made me think. I wondered what the comparative would be if my crush was my age and I was older. I looked up the actor that was as many years older as my crush was younger. When I did, I thought that the older star was cute enough for a fling but eventually the age difference would be such that would not last for anything long term. I'd still have energy and life and he would not. Also, I imagine that the sexual chemistry would drop. After a certain age I'd be too old looking to be attractive. And just like that, I realized my crush was silly. The age difference looked weird when seeing it in strangers. It's not a creepy difference but enough that it would become apparent...both now to outsiders and moreso down the road. Seeing two strangers of the same ages brought things into clear focus. It was bittersweet and revelatory. What I saw helped make it easier to begin the process of moving on. To add to this, I imagined we were both tops as I actually am, and since I am, there's no way it could work if he was. Imagining that possibility helped the turnoff factor. Then the experience factor. The kid has none that I know of. Yup. I'd have to navigate years of their being self conscious, full of angst and fear and the weird reactions as they slowly come out to themselves overcoming all the Christian doctrine they have ingrained in their lives. Oh, the whole thing is a mess. And like that, I realized I need to be with someone my age range and at my level sexually. I need a man who's got courage, both to own their desires and to fearlessly pursue them, and that means being at a basic level of being out, if only to yourself. I didn't think I could do it, but I think I just crushed the fondness I long held for my crush. Wow. Lesson learned. Stick with what's age appropriate and experience similar. Less complications and far less heartache. Hmph. Isn't that something? I have a lot to think about now.

My job confession

I confess it’s fair pay for the amount of work I do. But I still dread coming in to work. And I don’t really enjoy being with my other coworkers either. Sure we do team lunches and everyone seems nice, all of us seem to get along fine. But if it were not for the bimonthly paychecks, I personally would not hang out with any of them.


I saw you in Hub Bub

You were standing next to me in the waiting line. We shared a few glances but then your order...

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