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One too many

You popped into the office this week unexpectedly. You hugged me hello and you hugged me goodbye. I don't regret sneaking in a third, side-hug that you couldn't fend off or return but I probably shouldn't have done it at all. Oh well. I enjoyed it, anyway. Come back soon, ya hear?

Is it hard to date in Vancouver?

I've never been to another city and lived there. I have no idea if it is actually harder to date in this city. I am moving soon. As a guy, do I have anything to look forward to?

Taking my virtue signalling down a notch

I still defend my views the same way, but people think of me more negatively when I do not through in the virtuous rhetoric :/ :/ :/ :/ Ahhh! It's like a weird bad conspiracy dream.

Commenting on Facebook

I can no longer comment on news stories. I feel like Stalin would like this policy.

Not giving up

Hitting rock bottom. Lost my job. Lost my cat. Lost my babies. Partner left with the dog. He is interested in finding a younger woman to have kids with. Lost some family members who blame me. Left me with all the responsibilities. Hopefully he will not come after me for money. Have to build my life again. Getting rid of all the cruel and dishonourable people in my life. No more narcissists. No more blame. I did my best. Going to build again. Not giving up on my dreams. Will build my own business. Will find a partner to love me back. Will adopt some children that need a family. You will not crush me.

I finally did it

I deleted half my friends off Instagram because I prefer their in-person company to their on-line personalities.

Why not me?

I get jealous when I see that dogs eat better food and live in cleaner conditions than I do.

I know your secret

Your weird love/hate with yourself. Only loving whoever doesn't love you. It's why you seek out friends that look like doubles. And it's too bad. Because I do love you.

The Solution.

Awhile back people were complaining that women should approach men for dating. And then I thought why do men not just start up a band and then women will most certainly approach you. Problem solved pick up a guitar get some groupies. You are all welcome.

Greenest City

No Recycling containers for bottles or cans in skytrain stations, because that would cost too much, salt covering the road today because people can't give up their cars for a day and bc hydro has record breaking demand because turning up the heat is easier than putting on an extra sweater. Environmentalism in Vancouver is the perfect example of NIMBYism.

Sick Day

I went to work anyway because there's no sleeping with all the construction crews banging away in all directions.

New workout routine

I have thought about it for a while-- and there will not be any atkins, keto, vegan or other weird diets. My gym routine will, instead, change. I will eat the part of a chicken that reflects the body-part that I worked out for each day of the week. I cannot wait until it is a chicken-legs day. I suspect that this routine will actually work quite well, contrary to what naysayers may think.

Left out

I thought the two of us could get along fine But you had other thoughts in mind You seemed to sleep with everyone but why didn't I get a chance at some fun All shapes and sizes you gave them a shot so where was the signup to reserve my spot I'm certain I could have been the best I knew you deeper than the rest More than sex, we could have talked too But no chance now, everything is through Looks like you're done with that life now But if you change your mind, I'm not bad with the plow.

No Seconds

A few weeks ago I went out on a date with a woman and things went well, we both ended up at my place. She said she had a fun time and I did too, I wanted to see her again but then something happened. The first night we went out she insisted on going dutch. I was fine with this, is she wants to pay her end of the bill that's cool. I don't hold any ill will and thought it was great that she didn't rely on guys to pay for her. But then for the second date I was going to have her to my place and cook. I'm a good cook and had planned a nice starter, main and dessert, wine too. Late in the day she messages me saying she might not be able to make it as it will be a $40.00 taxi ride each way. At first she was hinting that I should pay for some and when I resisted she came right out and asked. This really took me back, I didn't ask her to kick in for 50% of my grocery bill for the meal I planned, or for the bottle of wine. That's being a good host to me. And the same I wouldn't arrive at someone's house and ask them for taxi fare, as an adult I find that I'm responsible for myself. So the end result is she got pissed and the date didn't happen. I'm not so upset, but I find it strange to ask something like this. Am I missing something? Not as woke as I thought? Or is this woman a little nuts?


Beginners' Yoga Class

We nearly bumped into each other leaving after the first two classes. After the final class we...