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All these years later

Many years ago I got caught in the rain in a dress and no jacket. While crossing the street a stranger gave me his umbrella. “Keep it. You need it more than I do,” he said, as we walked across the crosswalk and then parted ways. All these years later I still think about that moment. Oh by the way this occurred at St. Lawrence market in Toronto. That kind of kindness isn’t observed here in Vancouver. #fucky’all

Vancouver uniform?

What is it with this Canada goose coat craze in Vancouver. It seems that this brand of coats is a mandatory uniform with a certain ethnic group. Are these coats counterfeit or are people actually spending over 1k on a bloody winter coat.

Looking at France

The yellow-jacket protests remind me of the Canadian situation. But why doesn't anything happen in Canada? We're taxed an arm and a leg, and in Vancouver we cannot afford to live basically. It makes me wonder why yellow-jacket protests have not caught on here.

All the things I cannot say

That I can’t wait to see you but I can’t bring myself to find you. That I’m so happy when you come find me and so sad when you leave to be with someone else. That I believe you every time you tell me I’m not your type and am so confused every time you look at me like I am. That you pull and push and pull and I hate it. That I know I’m too sensitive for you and you are too careless for me. That I want to be done.

Forgive and Forget

That's what is meant to happen. Your censorship and continued gagging of my side of the story has made this impossible. So, while you carry on with your life and pretend that you did nothing wrong...I am left tied to the wreckage of our friendship. You are a coward. A spectacular liar and a coward. Carry on in your virtual reality. One day you'll have to take the mask off and look at the reality of what you have done and how you have behaved. And so will she.

Rude fucking Vancouver

Everyone in this city is so fucking rude. From the fuck heads who deliberately walk in your path on the sidewalk, to the shitbrains who need rush on to the bus before they let people off, to the random fuck yous and screaming idiots at all hours of the night. Eat some shit Vancouver. You deserve it.

If you see me in Hull

Before I see me a favour? Look the other way( as you walk on by)

Everyone is toxic

This has to be the most overused word right now. Suddenly we’re all being encouraged to “eliminate” anyone in our life that doesn’t fit perfectly. Countless people have told me that they’ve eliminated former good friends and also close family members like parents and siblings. They’re all claiming that the people they eliminated were toxic. Imho, the only time that you can be truly justified in completely cutting off all contact with family members is when they are actually abusing you in a real sense. Not just that you don’t like them, they’re not a perfect parent, they didn’t provide you a perfect childhood, your sibling criticizes you, blah, blah, blah. I hear people telling me their justification for removing people from their lives, and so far I’ve yet to have any of these people talk about serious abuse. Those same people also never seem to comprehend their own role in that relationship. It’s always the other person. I foresee a bleak future for many people who burn the bridges that keep their families and close friends in their lives, because its often those very people that will be there for you when you really need it. I also don’t know why people can’t just distance themselves a bit if someone isn’t enhancing your life or stresses you out. Why do people think that it’s got to be all or nothing? Personally I think it has a lot to do with the snowflake concept. The younger generations have been indoctrinated with this bizarre idea that they have to have perfectly stress-free relationships and if they don’t, then the other person is toxic. After all, they’re all so incredibly special that they deserve nothing but perfection in all things, right? All I have to say in conclusion is good luck with that.

Thanks Neighbours

Thank you neighbours for clearing the snow from the sidewalk in front of my house. I greatly appreciate it.

We All Do Silly Things

I was reading the post about the item of clothing that was given away to an attractive person and it brought back a memory. Years ago I lived in a downtown highrise with two roommates. One had an attractive friend who was much younger than me and a sort of free spirit type who worked in the insurance industry. Not my usual preference as I prefer older women but she was interesting and seemed to enjoy speaking with me. A few times I accompanied her onto the balcony while she smoked weed. She always offered to share but I never partook as I worked nights in healthcare and took my profession very seriously. The last time we talked on the balcony she asked me if I'd ever trid meth. I hadn't. Not my thing at all. Too much addiction in my family and high school friends too. But, for some reason I said "Yes". I'm not sure why. Perhaps it was that I'd been single for a very long time. Perhaps I wanted her to think I was cooler than I was. Perhaps it was her, to me, unique look and her inviting way of looking at me. Perhaps it was just the wrong body part speaking for me. I don't know. I never saw her again after that as I soon moved into my own apartment in the building.


You just made my night

99 bus ~10 pm Arbutus-MacDonald. You interesting way of looking around, long hair at the back...

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