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to my former employer

recently saw someone i use to work with who still works for the company i left, i was reminded what a good choice it was and also how much happier i am not working for the place i gave two plus year of my life to. the back stabbing, toxic work environment, the harassment/bullying by co workers that when reported hr never did anything about, i dont miss that at all.

Why bother

About ten years ago it became pretty obvious that I'm not one of those guys who will look good bald so I took up weightlifting as a means to improve my appearance. I've followed all the advice. Heavy weights to bulk. Proper form. Good nutrition. Consistent training. Change up the routine. Lot's of protein. But if I ran into someone who hasn't seen me in awhile I'd bet they'd have no idea I worked out. I've been cursed with skinny arms, legs and shoulders. Hard gainer. Tried upping my calories and it all goes to my stomach. Frustrated and annoyed. Sure I'm healthier. But honestly, I'm not doing it for my health. It's pure vanity and I'm failing.

It's over , I surrender .

I have to say it , I would of hoped you would eventually see that I was waiting for you to get through what ever issues you were dealing with . I remember you were not this kind of cruel person when I first met you . Sure you would yell and get angry at me , but you never attacked where you knew pain lived . I always admired you for that , one of the most important reasons I fell in love with you also . I guess your not that person any more , it does not seem to be a passing phase . I confess I will probably love you always , but now I must let go and try to forget how much !

I Want To Work At A Big Box Store

... because it seems like there, you are allowed to be incompetent and know nothing about your job whatsoever and they give you free money.

It finally happened

Been messaging with this guy for years. There was a chance to meet up face to face, with me flying to his city. He declined meeting up. So it really is true, and it is disappointing: there is no point with social media, because the end goal is not meeting up. The goal is to just type and like and emoji on and stare at your phone. There is no point anymore in social media for me. If we are not going to meet up face to face and bond, what is the fucking point? I’m done. I give up. White flag. Social media dies today for me. I’ve read about how this all happens to people, and yup, it happened to me today. I’m done looking at people’s lives, dogs, kids, pizza, beer, vacation pictures. It’s meaningless after all. No contact is exactly the point. It’s broadcasting, to no one in particular. A tv station with no audience in mind. I’m unplugging once and for all.

Any way is okay

If you’ve been in a relationship with someone who has been abusing you, and you decide to end it, I think that any way you do it is okay. Short of physical violence that is, unless that’s your only way to escape. People who act all injured and victimized because their victim finally got the strength to walk away make me sick. If you’re being an abusive jerk then you should expect that sooner or later you’re going to lose that person one way or another.

Puritanical bullies

Politics aside, why do some people feel the need to dictate how other people should live their lives? What is it about some people who feel they’ve been cast as the ultimate judge of others’ characters, lifestyle choices, etc.? With increasing frequency, the same people who claim to be so open-minded and inclusive are the first to act extremely judgemental — to the point of being puritanical — if they feel, for whatever reason, that you don’t measure up. I’d rather be flawed and hold socially unacceptable opinions than even attempt to conform to their judgmental standards and narrow-minded viewpoints.

I don't know how you did it

I mean I don't even like you. Looking back it seems something like sympathy awe and disbelief. Did you have a system or was I just a special fish? When did you become predacious?


These past two weeks have been very shitty. I’ve dealt with a lot of idiots, morons and clowns. It’s turned me into a bitter, depressed, angry human being and I really hope that this next week will be more exceptional.

thanks but no thanks

I was at a traditionally male shop today with my boyfriend. My boyfriend was talking to the sales guy & I stepped in to listen, then got very interested in what was being sold & (without interrupting) asked a question. The sales guy glances at me, then proceeds to explain the answer to my question - to my boyfriend. I ask again, a different question. The guy barely looks at me this time and keeps explaining shit to my boyfriend. Guess who has a big fat paycheque though? I do, not my boyfriend, and I'll be taking my business elsewhere where I get better service and acknowledgement thanks very much. Ya big sexist turd.

Pearls of Wisdom

I though this quote from Garrison Keillor summed up being single the best. " A single guy can walk around without explaining it to anyone.Married guys can't go nowhere. There always has to be a plan, a list of errands , a system, a destination. Alone, your life in intuitive, like poetry. With a woman, it's a form of bookkeeping."

Gaslit again

Getting gaslit always has such an effect on me. Being told I'm interpreting reality differently scares me, especially when it's from someone who is supposed to help, be supportive, or etc. I start questioning simple jokes from people who have never gaslit me. I relive the events, wondering if I AM wrong about my experience. I feel myself becoming wary and distrusting. It's hard to maintain a positive, trusting outlook when this keeps happening. I feel so embarrassed that it affects me like this and I feel weak that I allow it to happen.

Pierced Septum

I don't get why septum piercings are now somehow a part of queer culture. They look ugly and ridiculous on anyone. Unless you're cattle, maybe.

It finally dawned on me why

some drivers speed from red light to red light, it’s so they can check their damm phones. You see their heads bobbing up and down while waiting for the light to change. You’re not fooling anyone so stop it.

ART or art

Sometimes it is difficult to appreciate the artist's viewpoint and often subjective interpretation. Is it fair to call it art if it is a series of drawings based on someone else's photos? If I trace the picture first using a light table or computer methods and then add my own color and details, is it still my art or do I have to credit the photographer? No one seems to care because online no one can tell how the art was actually produced unless the artist shared their methods.



The biker that forgot his ticket. Not sure what, but it was definitely somethings special...