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Today on transit the bus was crowded, mask less person sitting next to me coughing. Everyone standing and most people not wearing masks. Working with high risk people who don’t wear masks either, I have resigned myself to the fact that I will probably get Covid come the Fall.

Getting kicks

I need new shoes but have been postponing it for months. Mine are very worn and give me horrible corns, but I can't bring myself to go shoe shopping. It is one of my least favourite things on earth, I don't know why I hate it so much. I usually buy stuff online but with shoes you can't do that, the fit needs to be perfect. I hope that sometime this week I can muster up the courage and energy to do it. I tried a few months ago and went to sport chek, tons of shoes but I didn't like any of them. So flashy! I felt like I was in Japan or times square, just so bright and flashy. And you need to talk to people and get them to fetch your sizes, most other things you can just do yourself. And then walk around a bit with them in the store. I just hate it so much, worse than hell I tell you!

I confess

I did all my favourite things today, and still felt depressed.

Roommate doesn't even wash his hands

I see no effort in his part on anything, so he's getting the boot next month. No social distancing, hand-washing in the house at all seemingly (not that I am watching closely but I buy the soap and know the usage), and no cleaning meanwhile working from home. Why would I put up with this? Sick of seeing his messes and don't want to get sick. My family is here, so not worth the risk having the douche bag around.

No luck with making friends

I have no luck making friends. It's always me who initiate first contact and always go above and beyond for them. I decided to stop. I won't hear from them ever again or make friends but at least I am no longer the foolish one chasing people to be my friend.

yes i know

have an awesome bf. am happy. would love for a dyke to eat me silly.

One day

My girlfriend and I would love to have a threesome with one of her girlfriends. It’s just a matter of scheduling and trying to make time for each other. Hopefully it should happen soon.

Real estate dreams

I want to buy real estate right now but I have a horrible fear of the economy collapsing after putting my life savings into the property and being unable to pay my mortgage. These next 5 years seem totally up in the air. Horrific.... and the real estate prices haven't even gone down because the government bailed out all the people who couldn't pay their bills-- AGAIN. Rigged and corrupt system. I'm losing hope.


I'm never been much of a drinker (more a blazer) but this year/summer I've started buying (usually bc vqa) rosé wines, ginger ale, & frozen berries and making homemade sangrias. Tastes great, cools me off, and gives me a buzz. But being cross~faded is the best. %^]

The dream

Oh, to be a D-list celebrity. That would be phenomenal and I'd love to live that life.


Beaujolais Hills & 69 Wine

A few weeks I was looking for a gamay and you took me to Beaujolais. You kindly offered me the...


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