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A thought about schools reopening

As a post-secondary student required to take an in-person class this fall, I know that with my program's attendance policies, I can't afford to miss class. How many other people will be in the same situation?

Summer of love, alone

I've spent most of my free time the past few months taking gentle doses of mushrooms and going off on lesser-known trails to hike and run my way through the mountains alone all day. I make pits stops at secret waterfalls and swimming holes to cool off with skinny dipping. It's been the most effective form of therapy I've ever done. I no longer have that persistent rain cloud hanging over my head when I wake up every morning. I am grounded and powerful in my femininity and body in a way I never have before, completely removed from the petty stress of having interact with people who just drain my energy, and fully in love with life. I never want this summer to end.

Cheeseburger Bird

Still kicking myself for deleting my mom's last message on my answering machine. Love to hear her voice again, but alas...

It's time to digest my dinner

When I feel like I had a lot to eat, such as a big meal of moose, and I am going to have trouble digesting it, I pour myself some water with lime. I swear by it. I have it in the morning regularly and my digestion is perfect. 60 cents * 365 days a year is worth it. Yes, math is allowed on the confessions. Don't downvote me because of the math please.

It hurts to look

I can barely stand to go outside anymore. All I see is families, couples, friends. Everyone enjoying life and participating in some sort of community. And then there is lonely me, wandering around, wishing I was part of things but feeling so isolated. Just one word, one laugh, one touch, would mean the world and bring me back to life. It seems so simple, but it is so far away. I'm tired of being a loner, but life as a loner has made me incapable of breaking through the invisible wall.


It took 50 years for me to find out there is a name for this?! I hate hot blue sunny days, and rainy days make me so happy and grounded.

I'm addicted

to the game Hempire. Appropriately enough it was made in Vancouver (aka Vansterdam) and also amusingly appropriate ~ the Vancouver game company is owned by a company in Hong Kong. Check it out. Most of the characters in it look like certain celebrities. (such as a updated Chong)

Sorry retailers

Won’t be buying anything below the ribcage for the next long while. No new shoes, belts, pants, skirts, boots, purses or fancy tights. All Zoom requires now is a presentable head and shoulders. So yes to a decent shirt and blush, and that’s it. Money in the bank.

Sick of manipulative people.

I've had enough of people who try to trick, cajole or guilt me into doing what they want. They clearly think I'm some kind of naive idiot, but I'm way ahead of them. If they would just ask me straight, I might say yes - or I might say no, if I don't want to do it. Either way, I'd have a lot more respect for them, and be far more likely to keep them in my life.

Frozen food dream

I had a dream that I bought a giant thing of frozen parsley, peas, and I think blueberries were the other packages. I think I was also getting married off to a woman in Germany who I have a giant crush on. I was constantly worried that all this frozen food wouldn't fit in the freezer, but I was also trying to work remotely (co-workers were working and had office space at the wedding), but keep her happy. It actually seems like a realistic dream. Is this the future? Worried about our frozen food reserves, work, and juggle it with marriage?


casually beautiful

Blonde hair in a ponytail, casually dressed in jeans and Blundstones and carrying a black back...


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