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Sorry Mom - I lied.

When I was in Grade Six I stole a carton of cigarettes from the local grocery store. They weren't even a good brand; just what was handy as the clerk looked away. I gave a pack to a friend who's mother subsequently busted him. He confessed that I had stolen them from the store. His mother phoned my mother and told her what I had done. My mother confronted me and asked if I had in fact stolen a carton. Suddenly I was faced with a real dilemma. Do I lie to my mother or confess to being a thief? I quickly decided that being a thief was worse than being a liar so I told her I didn't steal a carton. She fixed me with a steely stare and made me repeat my lie. In that instant I knew that she knew the truth. Sorry Mom but I didn't want to disappoint you. Even though you have long since left this world if it helps; I never stole another thing after that.


Next time I fly out of Vancouver Airport I'm just going to pretend I have business class tickets and eat and drink in their lounge.

Gave my soul to an addict

I met someone 5 years ago. I hadnt dated in years. I fell head over heels in love and i thought he did too. I helped him when he needed help getting on his feet. He was there through a few tragedies in my life. Because of me, he got the life and family back that he lost. We made a life but it turns out he was spending all that he made and borrowing money to fund his fucked up lifestyle. Now i have to start over again. Looking back, i wasnt treated the way i was supposed to be but everyone else was. Not hard to move on when you are someones last choice. Fuck him and the cocaine train he rode in on. I will always be clean and sober. I may not be everyones first choice but i am my first choice.


I confess that sometimes I’m so overcome with the love I feel for my children, grandchildren, and my special guy, that I start crying like a baby. I can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am to still have all of them and I can’t imagine my life without them in it.

30+ years left give or take

1/2 a year in and 1'm starting to worry marriage is basically just arguing about how to cook the potato croquettes while I secretly reminisce about the sex I used to have with the FWB, and then one day I die.

Don't care for sex.

While I like the pleasure of sex or masturbation, I don't care for sex. I've been in a relationship for 4 years and I know its something that sours our relationship. I don't ever start it, he does, but when he does I usually go with it. I have started to wonder if I am Asexual in a way, it isn't just attraction to him or lack of attraction. Being sexually active enough has always been an issue in the relationships I've had. He has stuck it out, i really love him, we are best of friends too and I know I need to change but how? I dont have the drive for sex, and sometimes even scared to initiate it. Doesn't help I sometimes get pain from sex too, which started after having an abortion early in on our relationship. Why cant this just be easy?

Masturbating to my ex

I've been with my partner for four years and I love him dearly, but lately he hasn't been able to last longer than 10min. Once he finishes he automatically has no desire to do anything else other than be on his phone/Instagram. I've been fantasying about my ex and our sex life for the last few months and I'm really contemplating on opening up the relationship.

Not Connected

I just spent 4 whole days without my phone or laptop, tablet. No work, news, social media, games. text etc... NOTHING. It was so refreshing!

Tiny dragons

Everytime a fly goes by me, I like to imagine they are miniature dragons. It makes me smile. Whispering dracarys is optional but highly recommended.

Beyond the pale

I know the sun is bad for your skin and it seems like the whole city doesn’t like the sun either what with all the hats and umbrellas on sunny days. But damn I feel sexy with a tan and tan lines! Meant to be this way.


Pink Hair on the 14

I boarded the 14 Hastings eastbound at Kaslo and Hastings. You complimented me on my hair, to...

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