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Stupid words

I hate the word "comptroller".

Rain, BAD

I ran away from Vancouver to escape the rain... Well, the rain and an unrequited love. Oh yeah, and running out of money. But mostly the rain, after the other two. Anyway, the point is it has been raining nonstop for 3 weeks where I am now. I hate it. HATE it.

That escalated quickly

It's me, the bitcoin guy again. It helped me pay the rent...but now I'm addicted to it! All I do is check the price, trade it, research it. I can't sleep at night, I am convinced this is my ticket to financial freedom. But I can't think of anything else! What kind of monster have I unleashed!

Party time

It's almost my turn to have my birthday ruined by this ordeal. I really have no expectations whatsoever at this point. Not even some delivery food.

Sick Of Socializing

Everyone I've ever met has made me sick. I'm sick of the whole friend lifecycle. I get taken advantage of a few times, and it's over. The exact same thing with every new person I meet. Well fuck it, I don't want to know anyone new, I'm going it alone, and this covid shit is the icing on the cake.

Facing it

I used to be a runner. Until two years ago when I hit my head on a curb on a bike. I've gotten better slowly and have recently started running. I got out today for a short jog to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Due to unemployment I wore my old runners, leggings and an old pink American apparel nylon rain coat. After picking a part of a pipe I needed from Canadian tire I logged slowly towards Cambie bridge. A guy looked me up and down, with a snooty look on his face and words spat out his mouth. Slow down!. In front of my masked face. I couldn't help but take it personally as he looked decently dressed and had to take a good look at my outfit before spewing those words unmasked into my face. It was disheartening since it's been hard getting out. I'm quite large so I could barely do more than a jog. Perhaps he had meant I took up so much space I should be walking... I just can not think but two years ago, he would have let it slide.

USA Today

I want to move away from Canada so I can be further away from the USA.

I used to

complain that Canada was sooo boring and stale. After recent world events: thank you Canada for being so boring! Never change!

Dogs Dogs Dogs

Recently, a friend got a dog. And, the dog is cute and I love dogs. Lately, I find our conversations to be focused solely on their dog. From what their dog did, to what it eats, to how it plays with other dogs, to a disease or an infection a dog can get. We would talk about something else, but then we somehow wound up talking about their dog again. I know they're really excited about their dog and wants to talk about it. However, I can't help, but feel dissociated with our conversation and feel our conversations are running dry even though I'm trying to talk about other things than their dog! And, for some reason, they keep trying to get me to get a dog and say how much I'll love it, that I won't regret it, etc. even though I've told them many times I'm not in the place to buy a dog due to time and money. Just wanted to rant a little. Thanks for listening. End rant.

Since the Second Wave started

I’ve been unable to fall asleep until 3 or 4am, and sleeping until noon. This is so unlike me! I don’t know why....even when I exercise a lot it happens. I lie there and I can’t stop thinking “I can’t believe this is happening.” Until I finally conk out. I know this is a terribly unhealthy and weird schedule to be on.


Winners downtown - Friday Jan 8th -...

We met briefly at Winners. You commented on my Lacoste jacket and said I got it on sale in...


Savage Love: Spelling of cum remains a seriously sticky issue

It's in the Scrabble dictionary but that doesn't mean that this word is universally accepted.

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