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There's An App for That

It seems increasingly easier and easier to go broke by using all these apps on your smartphone.

Loo Why?

There is someone that keeps pissing on the seat in our office floors shared washroom. There is only 2 female stalls. Ladies, why the hell do you keep pissing on the seat. Don't be the initial pisser. Bring a darn wet wipe with you if you're so scared, otherwise invest in some Depends. Don't ruin washrooms for everyone else that needs to piss.

Tie = Old Fashion

I was wondering why anyone would want to wear an article of clothing around their neck that anyone could choke them to death with at anytime, but realized the incidents of that happening were probably more figurative.

C'est la vie..

I know right now I'm not strong enough to give him my blessings.. I hate him. You bring out the worst in me. I know I'll be happier without you, but I still love you. One day all of this will be different and I'll thank him for stealing your affections and forcing me to take my heart back... One day I'll thank you for leaving.. and one day I'll forget you completely..

Going to work drunk

I might get hate for this but for the past month I've been starting to go to work drunk. My job is in the enentertainment industry so it's not affecting anyone. I still show up on time and do my job well. I don't drive so thats not a worry. None of my coworkers have noticed and frankly I love my job more. I see nothing wrong.

Bipolar mess

Bipolar disorder is ruining my relationship with my boyfriend. The last week I have blown up on him over nothing. I'm stuck in a manic episode. People seem to think manic means super happy. For me it means extremely irritated and angry. He's been very patient with me but lately I think he may be seeing someone behind my back ... and I don't blame him. I've been feeling suicidal. I've been pushing him away and acting extremely irrational. I try to stop but it's like I'm a puppet and someone is pulling my strings. The worst part is when I think I'm actually being reasonably mad and he says "have you taken your meds today?". I immediately tell him to go fuck himself and storm off but then start thinking maybe he's right... I'm just crazy. I don't want to live like this anymore. I sabotage every single relationship. I just don't want to be here anymore. Want to drive as far away as possible and keep on driving.

What do you all do?

I'm curious what you all do for work and how much do you honestly make (and approximate age) to afford to live in this city. Because I have two degrees and I ain't killing it.

1988-2018 - 30 years of masturbation

Celebrating 30 years of self administered orgasms. Started out as a biological urgency. It always has been satisfying in between sex with men.

Are men and women capable of just being friends?

I'm a woman and I've been trying to prove to my friends that it's possible for a woman to just be friends with a guy. So far it's been difficult, to say the least. Most guys I've met and talked to get the wrong idea and think I'm interested in them, when I'm just being polite and making conversation. Another guy friend tried to take advantage of me, steal a kiss and grope me when he had me alone. I'm seen as "a catch" I suppose, but I am still holding out hope that I will be able to meet a decent man I can be friends with somewhere, somehow. I'm sure it can be done, I've seen other women with guy friends. And I'm not interested in friends with benefits either. It would just be nice to go out with a guy, as friends, without any of the expectations of a date.

This Annoys Me

I go on a date with a woman at a regular restaurant and my bills something like $20-$25 and her bills about $100 because she has to buy these expensive drinks with her food. Of course since I am the man I have to pay or I am never going to get a second date and be labelled cheap. What annoy me the most is I have never had a woman even pretend to make a grab at her purse when the bills comes its just expected I have to pay.

Hiding behind a sea of technology

There is this thing that keeos happening. I cannot get a word out. I cannot express a feeling or a thought. Because you sit there hidden behind your screen quietly deleting me at every turn. Why can’t you just leave me be? You won’t listen to my grievances so I share them anonymously out in the world. You won’t give me closure so I pour myself out to strangers for release. But, still, you control and manipulate and degrade me. Please, leave me be to heal and move on!

What a mess !

Uncertainty and fear as home life is flailing. In fact, the problems with the work of domestic life are so deep to the point of feeling lost. Phoniness reigns at work and it’s misery. Marriage is a losing battle of being judged and condemned, and while feeling guilty there's the realization of not feeling as much. Meanwhile, thoughts of how what makes one warm inside from the past reveals loose threads that can’t be let go of, and this realization is jarring because the source is outside of one's world. What a conundrum, huh? Anyone would feel crappy going through this alone.


Gorgeous at YVR Airport Wednesday night

I was jet lagged hard, You were waiting in the parking garage by your car at the Vancouver...