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Not looking good

Most men in my experience do not seem to realize that they are unattractive when they want to hook up with someone and will pursue women as though they were outrageously handsome and wealthy or at least as though the women should treat them as though they were. I wonder if men realize that women know they are not as attractive as all that and certainly women realize when a man is not as wealthy as he would like to be but do men realize that women will overlook all of this because they actually love them and want to make the relationship a success . Based on the people I know and have met in my lifetime I would say that the most beautiful women will overlook the most negative traits in men and it is simply out of love it would be nice if that was reciprocated more often by men towards women

Unfit in Vancouver

Once upon a time, people dressed pretty well and were reasonably fit. Now, there are so many overweight people all running around in fitness gear.


A female colleague thinks she’s an authority on everything and never misses the opportunity to demonstrate her vast knowledge. It’s so tiresome. I don’t want to hear the term “mansplain” ever again. There are conversations between people, and then their are douche bags with something to prove.

Help Me Understand

Scenario: Two best friends talking about weekend plans: Sally: Hey are you doing anything tonight? Lisa: Ya, some girls from work said they’re going to the beach so I’m going to go. Sally: Cool! I have no plans. Not sure what I’m up to. Lisa: Sweet, well it’s that birthday party tomorrow so I’m not going to be out late. Sally: Yeah, it would be good to do something chill. I guess gimme a call at some point and let’s plan a time to meet to go to the birthday party. Lisa: Sure, sounds good! Bye! Sally felt awkward asking for an invite to the beach but really wanted to go. Why didn’t Lisa invite Sally to the beach? I’d really like to know.

Pleading poverty

I love my friend but this person has a serious issue with money. I used to think she was actually poor but have since found out that she is receiving approximately $2000 per month in employment and also an extra $500 from an ex every month in alimony then she receives free items from all her friends who also believe the fiction that she is poor. When you add it all up her incoming funds are approximately $3000 to $3500 per month which is double my income right now. I am wondering why she never pays for anything and never invites anyone she is always the guest no matter where she goes an no one seems to question why she does not just work a couple of extra shifts to make more money because at the moment she is earning $2000 per month by working only a half day per week. Since when is that poor? I say quit pleading poverty and start to reciprocate to your friends and relatives and work more than a half day per week.

Josephine Mathias is my idol

She is brave and a frickin' amazing to speak her mind so radically. Free and independent thinker.

Table Manners

We are at a loud restaraunt under the pretense of having a conversation, but you keep on covering your mouth with your hand and I can't hear a word that you're saying....

those new marijuana commercials

I get a laugh out of those new commercials for driving while impaired due to the hilarity of the role reversal with parents behaving irresponsibly but in a harmless way. Pokes fun at the situation without being overly judgemental. Hope this bodes well for the future and that marijuana is going to be a product to be proud of world wide because BC probably has some of the best if not the best in the world and it is a wonderful product. The consumer should always keep in their mind that the wonderful experience of using it should always be appropriate to the setting and of course your own mind and the dynamic of being high can only be positive if you are able to handle it or learn to handle it and control the type and amount just like any other substance but with much better results overall. Canada is lucky to have at least some form of legal marijuana to access looking forward to it with pleasure and positive that it will bring many benefits especially for mental health

Dare I say.

China seems to be colonizing Africa.

The truth is

Despite the talk that women like thier men to be well groomed dressed nice not like slobs etc I'm never of those slobs.....I'm a middle aged dude on government disability worls part-time I live paycheque to paycheque I can't afford to eat out maybe grab a cheap coffee or plain 2.25 starbucks coffee sometimes plus I don't get put often especially at night so really I'm undatable so yes what's the point of dressing in nice casual clothes? There's really no point:(

Interesting Experiment

Before I moved here I had read about how difficult the dating scene is. I didn't really believe it. I thought the dating scene in New York and Toronto was bad but not unmanageable. So I have been living here for a six months and have come to the following conclusions. In other cities I would send out maybe 100 messages per month and get back about 30 responses and pick and choose to get 12-15 dates. So here I sent out the same number of messages and got back 8 responses in total. Of those messages four turned into an actual date and the others just flaked out. I understand this is very unscientific but this number is pretty constant. To me this is an awful number but to a group of guys I talk to say this is pretty good and earned me the nickname player. The other thing I noticed is that one of the first questions women ask you is what you do for a living and where you live. If you give them a vague answer they keep prying until they determine your socioeconomic status. Usually in other cities its considered rude to ask these questions. I also pay for everything on not only the first date but every date. They don't even make a motion for the check. Its just expected that you pay and you better accept it. The other thing I noticed is its a big deal for a woman to meet you for coffee or drinks. Its not casual or low key. Its an event for them. I am at an absolute loss to know what the women here want. They put in minimal effort and then complain about not being able to find a guy. If you ask them out they blow you off and go back to complaining. I am a decent looking fit guy with a good job and if I am having this much trouble I can't imagine how it is for others.

Foreign Tongue

I was always suprised when my friends came back from extended trips to Asia and how their speech had become was terrible from speaking so much broken English for so long.

I didn't just lose him

When you end things with someone you love, you're not just losing them. You lose everything and everyone that was associated with them. I ended things with someone because I truly felt that I'd given absolutely everything I could give to the relationship, but it was still going nowhere and I felt abused and taken advantage of. Unfortunately, even though the evidence is abundantly all around them as to WHY, the people that person's camp have also cut me off. Obviously choosing to believe the lies instead of what they can't fail to see if they were willing to be honest. I can completely understand why it's so hard to admit when your own child has is the one who is abusive. I get that wholeheartedly. I understand loyalty. What I can't abide though, is this willingness to completely shut out someone even though you know full well that what they've said is the absolute truth. All that does is add to the abuse that that person has already been subjected to. It's possible to love someone and still see their flaws. It's possible to acknowledge that to the person they abused, who was never anything but good to you. I've done it myself, and I've known people who have actually intervened in a situation where their own child was clearly being abusive to their partner, where they advised that partner to get out of the relationship asap. So right now I feel doubly abused and sad. I didn't want to end it, but it wasn't possible to maintain any sense of my own identity and stay there, so I had no choice. I am just so sad at the loss of those other people too, and the fact that they continue to enable their person to keep on abusing.

I'm more than a mom or a wife

I'm not only defined by my relationship to my child or spouse. I can hire a babysitter and go out on my own. I can buy something nice for myself too. I can proudly post up a sexy profile photo on social media, alone, maybe wearing a sundress to show off my legs, without a baby or a husband anywhere in the photo because I'm a person too, and I should be allowed to feel sexy.

On Those Summer Nights

The summer reminds me of being a teenager and all the trouble I used to get into in the name of fun.


Hello Big Guy

I was walking down comox and I just crossed jervis st. you were walking down jervis almost...


Savage Love: My massage made me #metoo myself

"She was working on my thigh, but it felt like I was getting my balls caressed."