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Disrespectful Concert Goers

I attended the Ty Segall acoustic gig recently. 75% of the crowd didn't listen to the artist they paid to see, instead they talked to each other. I could barely hear Ty over the crowd's chatter. I don't pay to hear your drunk chatter, I pay to see accomplished musicians do their thing. Were half of you there simply to look cool? Shut up, listen, and be respectful at concerts.

can someone help me? or how do I help myself?

I must confess I feel lost. Stuck really. I don't have a job right now, I don't really know what I am doing with my life. I have a law degree, but haven't done my articling yet. I'm simply paralyzed in my life. I don't know what to do. I am unhappy.

Approaching Women in Public

To answer last week's confession, why don't men approach women and ask them out for coffee dates? As a man I can say this: in our best efforts to be respectful men, we understand women don't enjoy being approached by strangers. Why would we do something that makes a woman uncomfortable and also has the potential to make us feel embarrassed and rejected? It's a lose-lose scenario. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, it may be time for women to approach men in public. Take the power back, become the initiators. I use online dating because I know those women actually want dates and want to chat with men.

Keeping secrets

I’ve been reading some comments to posts talking about abusive people and noticed that there’s this theme to many of them suggesting that the person who is talking about it should “take the high road” and not talk about it, or they shouldn’t consider it abuse because they were just incompatible with their partner. I say bs to that. Telling someone who has been the target of their partner’s emotional or mental abuse that they shouldn’t tell anyone else about it is no different than telling someone who’s been the target of someone who physically assaulted them to keep it a secret. We tell children to tell us if they’re being bullied or if someone has been touching them in appropriately. We should be teaching everyone about emotional and mental abuse too. The damage done to a human being from this type of treatment can be totally devastating and can last a lifetime, especially if the victim is encouraged to believe that it didn’t happen or if it did it was no big deal and maybe it was even their fault. People who beat up someone else with their words or cruelty don’t get thrown in jail or face any type of consequences in a legal sense like might happen to someone who physically beats someone else. Shaming a victim into keeping their secret does nothing but ensure that the abuser gets to keep on abusing others. I think the people who are the most vocal about not telling are the same ones who are instrumental in protecting the abuser by trying to portray their victim as a vindictive crazy person with no credibility.


In the past month I’ve spent money on fatty food and beer out of stress. And I’m not feeling good at all. I just want to live a healthy sober life so as of tonight, I’m cutting the chips and booze out of my life for good. My new mission is to get skinny again and stay that way.


I'm getting the urge to tell someone I just ended things with that I love him. I think I'll resist... I'm pretty sure he doesn't even think I meant it when I said we shouldn't be in each other's lives anymore.

Fingers crossed

We are expecting a baby in 7,5 months. My secret wish is that he/she inherits the best of both of us. That he/she grows up to be as beautiful and hot as I am and as independent and strong as my wife is

to my former employer

recently saw someone i use to work with who still works for the company i left, i was reminded what a good choice it was and also how much happier i am not working for the place i gave two plus year of my life to. the back stabbing, toxic work environment, the harassment/bullying by co workers that when reported hr never did anything about, i dont miss that at all.

Why bother

About ten years ago it became pretty obvious that I'm not one of those guys who will look good bald so I took up weightlifting as a means to improve my appearance. I've followed all the advice. Heavy weights to bulk. Proper form. Good nutrition. Consistent training. Change up the routine. Lot's of protein. But if I ran into someone who hasn't seen me in awhile I'd bet they'd have no idea I worked out. I've been cursed with skinny arms, legs and shoulders. Hard gainer. Tried upping my calories and it all goes to my stomach. Frustrated and annoyed. Sure I'm healthier. But honestly, I'm not doing it for my health. It's pure vanity and I'm failing.

It's over , I surrender .

I have to say it , I would of hoped you would eventually see that I was waiting for you to get through what ever issues you were dealing with . I remember you were not this kind of cruel person when I first met you . Sure you would yell and get angry at me , but you never attacked where you knew pain lived . I always admired you for that , one of the most important reasons I fell in love with you also . I guess your not that person any more , it does not seem to be a passing phase . I confess I will probably love you always , but now I must let go and try to forget how much !

I Want To Work At A Big Box Store

... because it seems like there, you are allowed to be incompetent and know nothing about your job whatsoever and they give you free money.

It finally happened

Been messaging with this guy for years. There was a chance to meet up face to face, with me flying to his city. He declined meeting up. So it really is true, and it is disappointing: there is no point with social media, because the end goal is not meeting up. The goal is to just type and like and emoji on and stare at your phone. There is no point anymore in social media for me. If we are not going to meet up face to face and bond, what is the fucking point? I’m done. I give up. White flag. Social media dies today for me. I’ve read about how this all happens to people, and yup, it happened to me today. I’m done looking at people’s lives, dogs, kids, pizza, beer, vacation pictures. It’s meaningless after all. No contact is exactly the point. It’s broadcasting, to no one in particular. A tv station with no audience in mind. I’m unplugging once and for all.

Any way is okay

If you’ve been in a relationship with someone who has been abusing you, and you decide to end it, I think that any way you do it is okay. Short of physical violence that is, unless that’s your only way to escape. People who act all injured and victimized because their victim finally got the strength to walk away make me sick. If you’re being an abusive jerk then you should expect that sooner or later you’re going to lose that person one way or another.

Puritanical bullies

Politics aside, why do some people feel the need to dictate how other people should live their lives? What is it about some people who feel they’ve been cast as the ultimate judge of others’ characters, lifestyle choices, etc.? With increasing frequency, the same people who claim to be so open-minded and inclusive are the first to act extremely judgemental — to the point of being puritanical — if they feel, for whatever reason, that you don’t measure up. I’d rather be flawed and hold socially unacceptable opinions than even attempt to conform to their judgmental standards and narrow-minded viewpoints.


Waiting for the music to begin ... man...

You filed in with a slow building crowd to attend the same piano concert I was there to hear. You...