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I have a big ol’ crush on my bus driver. I have a lot of respect for, and am attracted to, people who are really good at their job, like he is. But he’s married so I can’t pursue anything. I’m really going to miss seeing him every morning when the schedules change again in April.

Elevator Blues

Me again. The guy who can't stop cutting the cheese. Today, it happened in the elevator, with about 9 people. I knew it was comming, and hoped to sweet Jesus I could hold it back until the lobby. No such luck. Around the 3rd floor, it quietly came out. It was rancid. The poor people. Everyone looking around to see who passed the wind. It was like a Seinfeld episode. It just hung in that elevator. I wanted to apologize, but chickened out. I gotta see a doctor. This is ruining my life.

Obsessive Jealousy

I don't think you can blame me for it not working out since I was the only one putting in any effort. You just didn't want it to work out, because you were quite content where you were. You just weren't content with where you saw me going. So screw you, and your bullshit.

Stop asking

People keep asking us when we're having kids and I joke that the one I have is already a handful (my husband). The truth is, most of our responsibilities already fall on me because he's bipolar and a bit unstable at times, and smokes so much of everything that I would be constantly worried about kid-watching abilities. We love the thought of having a kid in theory, but I just don't think it's in the cards for us in practice. Every day is already some new kind of struggle, let alone the responsibility and stress a kid would add. But I can't really say all that to everyone who pesters us about it, so please consider that the situations of others might not be so cut and dried before you ask the same question that's been getting the same answer for years.

Old John

I was in While Foods in Kits getting a coffee. I overheard this old guy talking to his friend about how he likes to "pay a few hundred bucks for a young girl" instead of dating. He "advised" that if you "get them when their new you can get in there first.... Only one has left because I'm old enough to be her grandpa". He also said, "girls like that should always be open for business". What a disgusting old perv. Does he not read about human trafficking etc? He's not buying independent escorts by the sounds of it. I gave him a harsh glare and he liked his lips at me. I said loudly to the barista, "can you please call the manager to have this JOHN removed from the premises? He's discussing buying prostitutes and licking his lips at me. It's making me very uncomfortable and I would like him to leave". Everyone nearby looked at him. Can't a gal just get a coffee in peace? Fucking gross.

You don't resent me

You just resent that loving someone like me, wasn't part of your plans.


Off leash dogs. Be responsible pet owners. Please have some common curtesy. I love dogs but you need to watch them. They should not run free in buildings or outside when you can't control them. I am fostering a large puppy. I have him on a leash, and have to keep him from other dogs right now. We are trying to walk home away from you and your dogs surround us in a pack barking and you ignore it and stand very far away. My puppy is going crazy, he is big and I am trying to manage him. I guess I should let him off leash and he can take care of the misbehaved dogs and the owners. :) But if he would be the first one to cause a scene or sue.

I guess I've accepted

that there will never be an 'us'. But it's taken me about 8 years to get there. And I've derailed my life so much that I'm completely lost as to what to care about instead.

Hot For Kristi

That Global weather gal Kristi Gordon is hot. Very natural. Easy on the eyes. That's all I have to say. Am I a dog for admitting this?

Neighbor Part 2

My shitty little bitch neighbor and her friends are trying to make as much noise possible while she moves out. No problem! I've put up with your noise for over a year, but it's finally over. And I'm glad you and your fucking loser boyfriend broke up. Have a nice life! I'm happy dancing while you pack your crap up.

Sex work is more complicated than a business exchange

As a former escort, it makes me a little sad inside when some are fighting for sex worker rights. Are you even a sex worker? I'm not saying they don't deserve rights, but most fall into it because they are vulnerable. You can't compare sex work to bring an employee at a company. I have a good life now but I don't wish being sexually abused upon anyone, whether they justify it to themselves.

Vegans versus nerds

I can't help but think this is what's happening. I guess they're sort of both nerds in different ways though. Some are super sensitive to animals and others are anaylitically rigorous about their sensitivity. I think the vegans have been living "hipster nerdy" but have no idea what they're up against. Real nerds, who won't be hipster nerdy no matter how hard they try and have nothing to loose. They have no social standing and can therefore be as "unpopular" in their opinion as they want. I suspect a nerd will be the pendulum that swings and replaced these left-leaners in politics... Nerds!!!!!! Ahhhhh! Hipster vegans!!!!! Ahhhhh, as well!

Generation "hex"

Do you think the upcoming generation knows what's in store for them? I am worried that we set them up for slave labour. This is totally going to be a world colony for resources. No government that cares, but corporations who run the world and prefer analytics over labour laws and humanity.


City Tour

Me: Nervous fool who babbles non-stop. ...


Savage Love: Asexuals are aces

For these individuals, there is no inherent wish for or desire for sex, and there never has been.