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I pretend to me a hardcore Trump MAGA supporter online. It's actually really easy to trick people into believing you. Just say DEMONRats and LIBTARDS a bunch of times and they'll believe you. Makes me wonder how many are doing the same thing. No wonder the 2016 election was full of BS.

I'm a pretty woman

So I'll get some tats, show off and be a suicide girl. Nice to see that we're empowered.

Doesn't matter who you are

Drugging and taking advantage of someone is wrong. I'm sure you have reasons, but it's still wrong.

I work in a hotel with a pool

And you don't want to know how many people ask if we rent bathing suits, right next to the rental underwear.

Where's Uber?

I'm still waiting, much like I'm waiting for a Taxi on a Friday night. They keep telling me it's coming, but I'm still waiting.

The Deep State

If this thing really exists why didn't we hear about it until Trump was in power? Never heard about the Deep State during Bush or Obama. But Trump comes along and suddenly there it is, The Deep State, this group that has always been there. Sure. This just sounds like another excuse from Trump. In 1984 they had Goldstein to blame, today we have Obama and the Deep State.

Political Correctness?

People won't publicly discuss sensitive issues anymore, because a if they phrase it wrong there is someone out for their job, their kids, their dog and their nanny. It doesn't take more than 1-3% of the population to form these modern day lynch mobs either. The problem is that NOBODY voted for Trump (who will admit it), but that's what we're fostering by the modern day lynch mob...more and more irrational Political Correctness on one creating more and more radical thinking on the other. Its time for the central, common sense majority to correct the Politically Correct.

Toxic Masculinity?

I love how some feminist groups have now put together enough money to plaster this crap on buses everywhere. And I am SURE that some wife beating a-hole is stopping once he reads the poster and says "what have I been doing all my life? thank god this poster was put here to straighten me out!!!" Isn't there Toxic Femininity too? Of course there is! Maybe I am old fashioned but in my day with just called them both a$$holes.

What is going on?

A team of 200 scientists team up to take the first images of a black hole EVER. This is the object that is the creating point for galaxies! Kendall Jenner send picture at Coachella with Hailey Baldwin. Take a guess with one got 2 million likes? SAD!!! SAD!!! The world is going down a social media drain at light speed...


Why can these potheads blow second hand smoke all over the place, but I can't legally have a glass of wine or a beer on the beach? It really irks me. Just because it's legal to smoke weed now, I'm supposed to inhale your skunky exhalation anywhere you feel like? I'm so sick of people doing this dumb event and throwing trash all over the beach, and stinking up my neighborhood. I can hear them all right now making their way back to wherever. I just don't see the appeal. Also there's not enough legal supply for all of them so they must be buying it somewhere illegal. I hope there are a lot of road blocks going on to catch them. I'm not against weed per set, but don't see why they should get the run of the town and have priority over the rest of us.


Ice Col Dreams

You waiting in line at matchstick Chinatown then crossing the street in shades, me post boxing...

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