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I'm doing it. Quitting the job, not renewing my lease. Divorcing. Moving back. Nothing lined up for me in the career, housing department yet. But there's nothing more important than love. Tickets bought. This time she'll love me. Maybe.

I don’t fit in

I don’t really like stuff like industrial degradation if the environment but don’t like easy answers from enviro protestors who happen to attend the same parties as me. They told me disposable plastic bags must be banned but I told them the majority of plastic bags are produced to ship the goods to the consumer and nobody cares about that. Plus, people would have to buy disposable garbage bags to throw out their garbage Instead of using the ones from the grocery store. Pretty sure industrial regulation and common sense are needed here instead of enviro slogans. The protestors are so cool. Well back to class I go to actually learn this shit in detail.

I wish it was not the case.

I may be nuts, like really crazy. Or something I feel like the world around me is not real. I feel like I am the only one who cares, but am told that caring is not even close to my wheelhouse. I don't get it, I make improvements and no one cares I do better it's no good I'm still the same pos. I really try to empathize with others, if I cry I'm weak and disgusting, if I fall in love that person tears me down for being too this or too that and heart broken, sad and lonely beings tears that bring further disgust. I just do not want to live here no more. This planet is a really shitty place, full of shitty people. Sorry I said it didn't feel real to me, I'm sure most to all of you are really great people, I'm just nuts.

Giv’r a go

I usually do my shopping on Sunday...I’m finding everyone has the same idea as I and it’s a nut house in superstore. Now I’m thinking I do it Friday after work since it’s an easy detour. Friday nights should be fine, eh?


I don't know if it's a new children's toy or some oddball, giggly human in my building, but I keep hearing this "hee hee" noise when I'm in and out of my apartment - it's not creepy, just startling. It sounds almost cheerful, but just at such a low volume that you wonder if you really heard it. What's really sad is that I've lived here over a decade and hardly know any of my neighbours and am suspicious of a little laughter.

When I was young

I always had a crush on Mary Ann in Gilligan's Island. She was super cute... but I just saw a photo of Mary Ann and Ginger side-by-side... Ginger is my favourite now. I don't have a time machine and they would think I am weird because I am from the future and won't hold doors open for them and now how to cook. But I can dream...


Face it, not is it only prevalent in fundamentalist churches & mosques & evangelical christians & other religious groups, plus certain feminist speakers & certain male frat boy type stand up comics (who ironically will always be single), who make crude jokes about women as part of thier act(s), but it's also among the mainstrean gay, lesbian & bi community.....that's if you don't "pass", if you do pass, you shouldn't have a problem

oh my god, sexy time.

It's so ironic that the 20s are hormone crazy and I had trouble getting laid because I was nerdish of some variety. You know what though? I think I was afraid to be myself too. Now, in my 30s, I am meeting tons of women who are incredible on so many levels... all I had to do was be myself. As weird as I am, it's attracting them a lot more.


What's Pier 1? I knew it existed but I never knew what it was. Oh well. Goodbye another retail store... more room for condos.


you were sitting next to me at The Pint

I was alone and you were with a friend. It’s the pint so obviously we kept knocking elbows. I...

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