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My boyfriend of more than 10 years has become an anti-mask idiot. He is so amazing in every other way but he has suddenly become obsessed with anti-government, anti-lockdown bullshit. I think his friends are a bad influence, they are a bunch of motorcycle/tattooist dudes. They are great guys, super fun but when they all get together it becomes a confederation of dumb anti science bros. Its becoming embarrassing. All their social media posts are so cringe, they remind me of Trump supporters, even though such a comparison would infuriate by BF and his friends. How did my life turn into this?????

I think the guy who lives across from me is dead

We live in buildings separated by a street and I can see his window. He used to be there all the time - I'd see him pretty much every day. Then, about 1.5 months ago, I noticed that the light was always on and the window was always open and he wasn't there. And it's been like that ever since. Window hasn't moved (regardless of weather). The lights got turned off a week ago - probably an unpaid bill. I think he's in there dead somewhere. And on-one has noticed because the open window would lessen any smell.

Illusionary Artist

At one time I considered myself an artist, but being an artist is a challenge, and not just because it's economically near impossible in Vancouver with rental rates the way they are, and not only because of Vancouver's terribly insufferable arts community. The truth is as an artist you make 'stuff' and then you have to store it somewhere. The art takes up space and if you move you have to move it. A giant hassle! The solution I have found is to make imaginary artworks, which cost me nothing in materials and might be of enormous dimensions, and are as numerous as I pretend them to be. The only issue I have found is in winning the funding to make imaginary art, or galleries willing to show it...

That Awkward Moment

When you fuck a new guy who’s super nice, respectful, funny, articulate, interesting, sweet, sensitive, kind, charismatic, handsome, attentive, genuine and authentic and doesn’t remotely compare to how your abusive, toxic, asshole, gaslighting, narcissistic ex, fucks. Just, why?

Cleanup time

I was in the wrong crowd and nearly lost myself. I got mixed up with a lot of stupid people who were all about alcohol, drugs and partying. My life headed into a downward spiral. I’m way too old for the party lifestyle so I simply gave it up. Partying is something you do when you’re in high school and there comes a time when you need to grow up and get your head straight. My head has become a lot more clear since I’ve been clean and sober. I can’t stress enough just how awesome it feels to finally get rid of all the useless garbage that could have ruined my life. I lost a lot of weight, got back into my fitness and have been eating healthier foods. Alcohol and drugs have nothing to offer. Life is too short to be surrounded by leeching scumbags or fill your body with poison. Don’t follow the herd of sheep to the edge of a cliff. You are who you hangout with.


When I hear Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s sing “Over The Rainbow”, the tears come pouring out. It’s not the song because I’ve listened to Eric Clapton and Ariana Grande sing the same song and nether have any effect on me. But Israel’s version makes me fear of me ever hearing it in public where I will need a mask and sunglasses to hide the crying mess. RIP Israel, you had soul.


I've tried greeting people with 'Huzzah' recently. A little Shakespearean charisma to their boring 'hi'. But it's difficult pronouncing under a mask so it sounds like 'huzmmmmpfh'.


I don't get why people kill spiders if you find one in your home. I mean why really? It's natures way of removing bugs from your place. I mean if it's a spider that bites yes remove it. But jeez less bugs it's a no brainer! I found one under my chair and I was like Cool! Less bugs! Nice!


If you google my name, nothing comes up :)


Whole Foods North Van

Ran into you a few times in a few different aisles tonight ... wish my cashier was a little...


Savage Love: Spelling of cum remains a seriously sticky issue

It's in the Scrabble dictionary but that doesn't mean that this word is universally accepted.

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