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The problem with being a fixer

A friend called me with a problem he was having. More of a confession call than a call to help me fix it. But being a fixer, I can't help myself. I listened and then all I could do was think of a way I could help him through it. I spouted my advice and he agreed because he's already heard it from counsellors and other professionals. He just asked me to be "there" for him to talk to when he needed to keep the demons in his head in check. Is that enough? I feel like I need to do more. But even he recognizes that no amount of exterior help is going to help him. He knows it's got to come from him or he'll never get better. I just feel like I'm doing nothing.

Beauty runs deep

She just turned 67. I fell into her beautiful eyes. My soul is on fire.

Damn birds

I spent yesterday morning cleaning the bird crap off of the bench we dedicated in memory of my father in law. Those damn birds have no respect.

Weed Smokers (and cigarette) With No Respect For Others

I have no problem with people weed or cigarettes out in open spaces but I live in a condo. What you do in your place affects others. You smoke weed in your place and every adjoining suite next to, above and below you smells like it. I’ve heard people use the excuse that people drink alcohol so they can smoke weed. There is no comparison. Someone can drink a beer without it affecting his neighbours but weed and cigarettes do. It’s especially bad when you spend the money on a nice condo and you’re trying to raise young children with that smell coming in. Have a little respect and take it outside.

I Like Oral Better Than Sex

Is it weird that I’d rather give a woman oral than fuck her? I just love making her cum in my mouth...such a turn on. I even enjoy rimming if she is fresh out of the shower. Don’t get me wrong, I like to fuck but I love to go down. Am I alone on this? Is there something wrong with me?

I Hate Dogs

Not all of them. Just the ones that have an up turned tail,and you can see the hole of the ass. The Brown Eye. The turd chute. Etc.


Stop selling samples online. They are samples for a fucking reason.

I confess

I can't stand it when people say Canada has no culture. We're fucking Canadian. Beer and Hockey is our culture. It's the shit we bond over.

Reasonable and Dignified Access

To something that is completely legal in Canada has become frustrating. What I got with a legally medical prescription last year, has been a waiting game this year. The place I went to, has shut down to go through the proper process. Has gotten the okay but we've been told it still will not be until September until it opens. And continually seems to be pushed back at the last minute. The closest place in any direction is 2 and 1 half hours away for me by non transit bus. So to go there and back is roughly $60 and an entire day. I had easier access when it was illegal with a legal prescription than I will have had in roughly 14 months since it became legal. I have always assumed the delays are simply to try to tie it up beyond the next election to roll everything back.


J from Montreal

You were heading for the West Coast Trail, and I was heading for the Juan de Fuca. We swapped a...

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