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I just want some good friends that don’t flake out on me or cause unnecessary stress. I’m in a transition period with my social circle and really need some solid people that just want to hang out on the weekend and do a puzzle or play a game and listen to some good old fashioned rock n roll. Why is that so hard to find?


I am cautiously optimistic. It's halloween, and for the first time in years, my apartment seems to be a community. Parents have been pre-asking whether kids can stop by. We've been socially distance showing our pumpkins via the balconies. Every thing is cautious full of apprehension, but almost more social than it has been in years. Without the pandemic everyone was anti-social and snobbish, but now in order to avoid people being social, people have to communicate that, which is respected. I have had more small conversations with more people recently than in the past few years. I get the feeling Christmas will be the same. half angry people doing angry things, and half cautiomisitic people being festive and social on a small scale.

The Canadian dream

I know some people who had given in to pressures. Peer pressure, with all their friends coupling off; family pressure, especially if you're in an ethnic household and you're the only one to carry the linege; work... I guess that's another peer pressure thing where to get ahead to be like everyone else; and self-imposed goals where we "shoulda" all over ourselves (I should get married, I should have a house, etc). You settle and tell yourself it's the right thing to do & be. You get someone who ticks the right boxes to satisfy the "shouldas", letting go of wishes and desires, making lists of everything wrong with those things you know you want. It's comfortable, it's okay. And as you accept this, along comes the kind of person who challenges you, wakes you up, excites and even scares you. You feel alive, you feel tall, you realize exactly what's missing. And you can't have them. Well, you can if you want to tear up everything and disappoint everyone who pressured you to join their lifestyle. You think they'll be upset, anyway. Then you talk yourself out of it. You're good at this, almost expert at it. You quietly drink yourself into submission when you get home from work to numb the mind, bury yourself in quiet solitude of hobbies to distract and try not to think of the life you're afraid to live because it means walking away from guarantees to gamble on unknowns, and, on days where you're so fed up, when you gather the courage you realize your fears are louder than you. And you have another drink, stay in your workshop and hope enough time passes to convince yourself that it's too late now when you know it never ever is.

When I lived

in Europe I got tired of dressing up all the time and the way people are judged constantly on their clothes. I think it’s great that in Vancouver, there is more emphasis on health and wellness and being comfortable in nature than how people are dressed. This I would not want to change.

Lost my inspiration

I’ve had a severe depression for several years now, after I became disabled and lost my job as a result. I’ve tried antidepressants and while they helped keep me alive, I also felt so ~meh~ that I went off of them just to feel something at all. The worst part for me is the feeling of absolute numbness. I’m also an artist and I haven’t done any art in about 2 years. I just feel nothing. Thanks to the physical problems as well as the depression (a vicious cycle and a which-came-first situation) I have severe fatigue and pain, making it very hard to even stay awake many days. I’m struggling to find enough strength and energy to overcome the crash of my self confidence that happened after losing my career (I was a professional and an artist on the side). I want to work but I feel so fragile that the thought of actually putting myself out there again is so terrifying that the anxiety is paralyzing. I miss creating and I’m scared that this time it’s gone for good.

Wishing Vancouver had a little style

I wish people in Vancouver tried more when it comes to dressing nicely. Whenever I have friends and family visiting me they always remark about how everyone here wears black and grey. Vancouver is a sea of Blundstones and Rains jackets!

Building Manager

Is fantastic and gets a lot of things done, A LOT! But I also know he's not so nice to people who complain a lot, so I keep my trap shout that he NEVER WEARS A MASK! He's in contact with people all day too, closely. Also, very few building residents wear a mask and even still try to share an elevator. WTH is going on here!? Hello people, pandemic! I hope our building will not become a covid hotspots soon, but I have little hope of anything else.


My landlord takes 12 of my paychecks per year. I get the other 12. This is not fair at all

Backup Kismet

Fate didn't agree with what I thought was destiny, so I have been lost a long time trying to find my purpose. Now I pet stray cats. I don't even feed them, just pet them. They do tend to like me though. I'm not sure if that counts as a purpose.

Dating Apps

I realized a long time ago that dating apps just don't do it for me. It's impossible for me to find someone using apps to have a meaningful relationship with, although it may work for other folks. That said I still browse dating apps occasionally, but only when I'm doing something else that requires a distraction from real life.


Where'd you get them Carhartts?

I was marching down Granville St on a work mission and passed you in the street. You- tall,...


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