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No energy to do whatever the things a functional person does. Work, cook, socialize, read, clean.... never mind being create of having hobbies. After doing one, I feel the day is complete.

well then

The fuck you guy that walks all around dt and methodically yells 'fuck you!' to the city every night makes my day. What perspective.

I'm sad about the state of the world

and I don't know what to do about it. Everything seems so hopeless. There are no easy answers; I don't know if there are answers at all.

I love the mountains

Everything about this city rocks. Especially the mountains! I like that you can go surfing in Tofino and then hike in North Vancouver... or "North Van" as you guys call it. What a terrific place!


Seem to get out of this funk. I mean we all get sad sometimes but usually you can snap out of it or just ignore it and get on with things. But this time is proving to be the hardest funk ever to move past. I know what I need to do but I cant seem to acomplish what needs to be done. Its so frustratrating Things have changed but not enough. Its my fault. For not being stronger or smart enough to act on what I thougth was right sooner. Maybe Im just tired. Tired you know ? Hanging in there.


Now this may seem weird to most people, and some may not understand, but I think my older brother thinks "differently" of me. I have never talked to anyone about this, and he makes me feel really uncomfortable at times. I may be over-thinking this, and I mean, it honestly only probably has to do with when I was younger and he said he was told to "dry me off everywhere" after I took a bath. But then again,... last year when I was intoxicated, he grabbed onto me in an inappropriate manner. I really don't know what to do.

Revulsion redux

Took a couple of months off from this place. Best idea ever for my mental health. Less than two weeks after my return, forcibly and sickeningly reminded of why I walked away. Like trying to reason with scavengers and vermin in the middle of a burning landfill. "Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them." - W. Clement Stone Not my place, not my people. And much rather it stays that way.

Life’s a bowl of cherries

My life has been full of incredible and at times unbelievable experiences. And yet some of the most commonplace rites of passage in life have alluded me. On one hand I consider myself lucky. And on the other hand I wonder how it’s even possible. At times I’m viewed as something ethereal, others an unfortunate pariah, sometimes I’m even viewed in a more sinister light with suspicion. Inevitably there comes that sideways glance given in hopes of catching insight to why I deviate from a perceived accepted norm. My life has just been different than yours. I’ve met a surprising number of people in Vancouver who don’t know how to swim. I also know an even larger group of people who are virgins. I’m curious though why one is obsessed over more than the other. I could tell someone I don’t know how to swim, but admitting I’m a virgin seems incredibly taboo. Why is that?


Long beautiful curly brown hair

You were wiping the water off the customer seat on the patio at bakery brewery. Sunday. Feb 16...

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