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Hairy is hot

Saw a fashion show online where the model had a skateboard andhe was wearing a shrunk sweater showing his tummy with a hairy happy trail and the tightest shorts with the fly down, his pubes exposed. He wasn't a skinny model, he was beefy. I don't care for long hair but he was hairy in all the right places and I keep going back and looking at that pic because he's super sexy. Body hair does that, makes a guy sexy as hell!

I confess I got mad tonight.

I have been a bad place lately, I let something tigger my anger that had been laying beneath the surface. I said some very mean things, this after a bit of cooling showed me I am for sure needing to follow their lead and go away. They have asked for this and clearly by their absent are wanting this very much also. So I will be doing it from here on this site and where ever else I may or may not end up. I think likely they will never tell me the truth about what all what ever the fuck that was was. Fuck it I don't need to know anymore, I am not the person I am becoming and that is direct result of being in their life. So now that I've been removed I need to honour it and will. All the trolls.... nah whatever troll your hearts out I care not. Please safe my old whatever it wasn't much but it was something at one point. Be careful and don't try and tell me you don't know what I mean. Because you do. good bye I wish I could have been one tenth the person you didn't see in me. I'm truly sorry if in fact those ranting comments get posted. I stand by every fucking word in them, I just shouldn't have said them is all.

Tired of laziness

Dear married person: yes, we find each other attractive, we are attracted to each other's mind and spirit fully, I really do understand and get you, we do think of each other nonstop and yes, it sucks that you're married, then met me and snce then live in daily regret and doubt getting more and more miserable every passing day. I care about you but I don't care about all that stuff mentioned because you can't have both, you can't take me on test drive while you're still involved with someone else, you can't hold a reservation on another indefinitely expecting them to wait for you and you can't have what you want until you take actions to have what you want. But to wait? For what? To live your life's checklist while hoping a piano drops on them because you're too cheap to go through the process? It's costing you either way. I walked away from the rediculousness of the expectation and the situation, not the person itself. So, dear married person, if you are way happier with your spouse, forget others but it someone else stirs your heart far more, end the games, end the existing failed relationship and go all in with the one you can't stop thinking of. But none of this playing both people. It's weak. And that goes double for all you married people who do this. Now excuse me while I live life. I'm no restaurant and there's no reservation on my time.


The simplest solution to the airline passengers' seat-upright or seat-back divide, is for everyone to put their seats back. That'll take care of 98% of the complaints (2% coming from the last row).

The left will fail

Because the right has more conviction and are more consistent. Meanwhile, queer activists are busy naming and shaming and cancelling each other, feminists are busy arguing over trans and terfs and all the people of color are busy hating white people. While the left is busy eating itself, the right gets stronger and more unified. The sad thing is, I’m liberal af and this is what I see. Sad shit. All the hate is a smoke screen that hides the real problems of social disarray and a dysfunctional capitalist hell. The corporations are winning. We are so fucked.

Thanks for crying ... it made a difference

You thanked me from the bottom of your heart for showing you the way back to playing your cello again after 30 heartbreaking years of silence. Then you cried and said you felt indebted to me. But for me, I never considered that rediscovering my dreams after all these years would have given me the ability to help others. I’m speechless with gratitude for discovering this process. Life is tough but sometimes it has indescribably sweet edges.

Taking the West Van buses

I love how they are blue colored and unique and interesting. It makes my bus ride enjoyable and pleasant. Goodbye other buses!

Food costs

I wonder if investment firms will go after farm land and make it hella expensive to buy groceries for people. Oh wait.., they’re already starting to do that. I hate our government.

Missed Seeing You

On the train. I'm inexplicably much more myself whenever I see your blonde streaked hair.

Don't want to have kids

Isn't it weird when people think this in their teens and early 20s and then they have like 5 kids in their 30s?


Long beautiful curly brown hair

You were wiping the water off the customer seat on the patio at bakery brewery. Sunday. Feb 16...

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