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Growing allergies, shrinking self-esteem

In the past few years I have suddenly become allergic to ALMOST EVERYTHING! Wheat, soy, barley, corn, peanuts, possibly oats...the list is ever growing. Not to the point of ambulance emergency but I get horrible mouth pain and bad breath. Originally I thought a dental issue of course, but that has been professionally discounted. Every time I think I have 'solved' it and have resigned myself to living without the before-mentioned foods, the issue reemerges and I'm allergic to something new. Silver lining, I'm very thin!

Your fabric softener drenched clothes make me gag

Please people. Stop stinking up the air with those gross stinking fabric softener stenches. Do you not realize how disgusting they smell? You're making anyone with a working nose gag. It you want to smell nice, try perfume.

Not a winner

My mother has a gambling addiction (for 10+ years now) and I don’t know what to say or do to help put an end to it. Growing up, it affected our social and financial aspect as a family. My mom would be playing bingo or in the casino for hours (throwing money down the drain). She even slipped into a conversation with me recently, which wasn’t really a confession, that she spent 20 hours in the Vancouver casino. It’s a sad thing to see your own mother go through something like this.

Remember the Seinfeld episode

about the “low talker”? I have a neighbour like that, drove me nuts. I just ignore him now, if you’re going to mumble, I’m not going to acknowledge you.


There is absolutely no creativity in hip hop. I just read some lyrics and confirmed that. I couldn’t even understand the lyrics since they are in a completely different language. Drake and Kendrick Lamar make no sense and you need a decoder or translator to understand them.

Cloudy Summer

I really liked it. No awful heat swell. No real rain. No daily forest fire evacuations on the news. Perfect, beautiful summer.

"The Guy with the Scorpion Tattoo"

You work at the McDonald's closest to my house and I used to see you almost every other day.. Ive even seen you outside of work a few times and we happen to always make eye contact? I'm usually pretty dead-on at reading people's energies but I can't seem to grasp an understanding of you in the slightest? Now realizing you're a Scorpio, (from the tattoo behind your ear) I feel that makes a bit more sense but I'm still super curious and kinda really want to be your best friend or something?? I don't know I kinda hate everyone but you seem down to earth. — Libra x Scorpio


I moved into a new place and spiders infest the outside of the house and my entrance but also inside. I've killed off every spider I've seen in here but I still see them from time to time. One species I've found in here are 'giant house spiders' as well as faux black widows outside. Well, they looked faux...I didn't get that close to both of them. Every day there's a new web spanning across my steps to ground level and I need to use my broom to pull it down before leaving. Coming home I do the same. Spider webs between both houses where spiders make new webs. Power washers are used to wash the spiders away but they only come back. I kill them so they don't come back. I'm not thrilled to see what fall brings me. It will get dark and I will get a face full of web. There are many different species of spiders here. They are not helpful to humans when you need to constantly kill them and remove their webs. There's just too many. I have peppermint oil but I don't think it works well. I put a drop of oil right by a spider and it didn't move. Well, I gotta figure out what holes are open and close them for fall. Goddamn....The rest of the place is great....just the spiders...


Since waking up at 10am I have taken 3 healthy shits. I really wonder if I'm backed up more than I thought I was. I wanted to leave the house earlier but I'm not so sure if I should leave just yet. I'll give it another hour

Is it just me?

Recently my mother was surprised when I mentioned went to popular post-secondary school some years ago. She said she didn't know this. Then I had a friend (supposed to be a "close friend") be really surprised at another LARGE life event of mine that happened some time ago, but I talk about it ALL-THE-TIME. Is it just no one cares when I speak, they just node and move on. Why do I even speak at all when people who are supposed to be close to me know nothing about me then I just get talked AT. Sigh.


Produce Section Produced Smiles!

It was all too quick in the produce were wearing a light blue dress with shoulder...

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