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Ugh god I have this horrible thing going on with my mind where I think of all the worst possible most effectively hurtful words for people, and I don't want them to pop in my head. I feel like an insensitive and judgemental human and I really don't want to be. I've seen doctors about this and tried medication which hasn't worked. It feels like its not even me coming up with these words and it is preventing me from fully engaging with other people. I don't know what to do and I'm isolating because of it.

I Enjoy

The smell of warm, dry fur. My cats find it 'hilarious' when I pick them up or cuddle up to them for a good sniff. I don't know what it is, but it's like the baby smell to me.

It happens

So I’m a guy in my late 30’s and I’m having intimacy Issues which led to the break up of the girl i was seeing. Now I did know this was a problem before I started dating her I had not had sex in a long time and a hook up I tried went terribly wrong. But being a man I just tried to push it aside which doesn’t work. So now I’m single cos of it and pushed myself to taking about this with friends /opening up about this and it really does help, so if you’re going though the same thing as me because it can’t be just me, I’m not not special have the fucking balls to talk about it. it helps believe me

Tired of waiting

I do a lot of good work for the organization I work for and any time I apply for a different position, I am overlooked. I'm tired of putting in my best efforts for people who do not want to recognize them. Why should I bother, you know?

I put on the kettle..

Sometimes I have panic attacks in my sleep. My friend advised if it happens, to do something normal. So I get up and boil the kettle, watching it as it boils, its how I feel most nights. Boiling up ready to explode. Once it boils, its calm again, a bit like my head and heart. I go back to sleep...

Young Spinster

I am a 25-year-old woman who has been single my whole life so far. All the guys I've liked didn't like me back or liked somebody else. I don't know if it's because I seem intimidating to them since I'm very smart yet beautiful (lol, yes it's true and I am confident about that). There is this one guy who I really like but I am too shy to do anything about it even though I really want to. There is nothing going on in my life except work, I don't really have any friends, and it would be nice to have someone awesome to go out with. How do I start a conversation with him without seeming weird/random? I really have no idea. Let me know so that I don't say something stupid even though I'm a smart person. I'm like a girl version of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. XD


Lately food is just something that takes time away from other things I like to do.

Crossing the bridge

I love going for long walks on the Burrard St Bridge and seeing all those vintage apartment buildings overlooking the ocean, especially during summer. Has a nice rustic feel to it.

Explosions in the night

I really like having wet dreams! I find them fascinating and magical. I mean, you are having a dream, and maybe a sexy dream, and then...uh oh, I feel like I'm gonna cum. And then you do cum in the dream, and you wake up, and you are orgasming in real life. With no hands! They are pretty rare but when they do happen the memory stays with me for a while.

I deserve my misery

I met a cute girl in Ontario in '88 in my 20s (everyone's cute in their 20s). We moved to Van; she was one of the rare ones & never liked it here unlike me. When she was studying in TO, she asked me to move there, I said forget about it and ended a 20 year union. Then I met an amazing girl who was still married but her husband was more like a father to her. She separated from him and we had a lot of fun together for 8 years; she was perfect for me. But she never could divorce him & marry me; so I ended that one too. Now I'm lonely in my 50s for 2 years now with bleak prospects of ever meeting another partner suited to me. Life is a series of choices and I know I deserve my predicament. I'm still youthful & healthy but that doesn't seem to matter. My sense of purpose is slowly withering away...


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It was all too quick in the produce were wearing a light blue dress with shoulder...

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