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Did you know that many years from now they might replace Metrotown with apartments? At that time the stores would only be at the lower level of apartments. It is such an important mall and lots of people work there to support their families. It is good for the economy because everyone shops there. Metrotown is a main source of entertainment in Burnaby. Please let Metrotown stay there forever. It is the awesomest.

The Future

This week I might find out if I get my dream job. I am so excited to hopefully get it and will be devastated if I don't. This is the year that things will turn out well. Wish me luck please. Good luck to everyone and I hope your dreams come true too.

For the first time

I haven't watched one single event from the Winter Olympics or any of the broadcasts. I'm totally disillusioned by the money, the drugs, the politics, the cheating and the stupidity of events where a judges scoring system can create "a new world record"... what a bunch of horseshit. It's a great pity because the skaters are just incredibly talented but it's better to watch them in non-olympic settings

Invasion of the AI Body Snatcher

They're tiny little nanotech fibers, like dust fluff. They're hard to see, and you got to watch them like under a magnify glass. They'll lay dormant for a bit but they start to move on their own like a worm. They're all over the place. Probably by all the spraying. We drink them in, we breath them in. My guess is that they attach to the nervous system. Just need to be implanted with a microchip with internet hook up to the cloud. AI snatches your body. Elites remote control you like a puppet. Trap you inside your own body that you can't control, and make you do whatever they want.

The quickest way to alienate me

... is to comment on where I live. When you, person who owns a Westside house/condo or lives in “cool” Yaletown, make an unsolicited comment and judgement about where I live, I get pissed off. I gave up on ever owning a house in Vancouver 10 years ago, and ended up buying a condo in the less desirable area of Vancouver, because I could afford it. I gave up a lot for many years to scrimp and save on my own for a down payment. So go fuck yourself when you look down on me because I’m in a 560 sq. ft. condo. You obviously need to feel superior by being smug about where you live and openly disrespecting to my face my own choices. That chill you feel is not from the winter air. It’s from the distance that is now between us, you judgemental and haughty piece of shit.

Life after cancer

Is like holding your breath waiting for it to come back.

Dear Boss Lady

It was me who farted in your office space. Yes that's right, it was me. And it stunk so bad. Oh well, at least I don't strut around like my farts don't stink. Nuts to you!

Germ spreader

I usually go to work when I am sick. I don't want to, and I know I shouldn't since I am likely to spread it around. I just can't afford to miss a day of work, it's really that simple. I work in retail and don't get sick days. Sorry.

i can’t help it

I tried to feed the right wolf. I tried to be the better person. I can’t do it anymore. I have to tell it all.


When people ask me where I work and I tell them that I'm in Whalley, they often get shocked and say they feel sorry for me. I'm too busy working around the clock to even worry about the addicts, hookers or homeless people in the area. I don't bother them and they don't bother me. Live and let live.

Poor mall

I feel bad for Lougheed Mall. A lot of the stores there are having 50% off sales to try to stay in business and have been for months now. That whole one side of the mall on the upper level is empty too, just a few stores still open. Not sure what's causing it all or how to fix it but I feel bad for it.

One too many

You popped into the office this week unexpectedly. You hugged me hello and you hugged me goodbye. I don't regret sneaking in a third, side-hug that you couldn't fend off or return but I probably shouldn't have done it at all. Oh well. I enjoyed it, anyway. Come back soon, ya hear?

Is it hard to date in Vancouver?

I've never been to another city and lived there. I have no idea if it is actually harder to date in this city. I am moving soon. As a guy, do I have anything to look forward to?

Taking my virtue signalling down a notch

I still defend my views the same way, but people think of me more negatively when I do not through in the virtuous rhetoric :/ :/ :/ :/ Ahhh! It's like a weird bad conspiracy dream.