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I associate the smell of cigarettes in an enclosed space with hockey practice in arenas as a kid in the 70s. Add diesel and it's an airport. Incense instead of gas, it becomes college. Change the variation to stale beer and it's a bar. A single cigarette in a room, it's my grandfather.

I Am So Lonely

I am a SAHM to a child with special needs. I spend a lot of time alone. I want/need to lose fifty pounds. I am 5'5", 195 pounds. I have been struggling with the keto diet for years. I havr no one to talk to about this. Doctors and dieticians dont like this diet. I have tried and faikedso many times. I hate how fat i am. I dont have anyone to talk to. I am so lonely.

I'm done crying

From now on, expectations in check. Always.

More sex robots please

The sexual revolution is really about to begin... giggity, giggity! So much for chasing girls. Sex bots are here :)

Old Fashioned Dating

Its just so hard to find a good guy. Everyone seems to be dating 4 or 5 people and then swiping to find more people. I went on a date with a cute guy and he told me he was seeing 4 other women. He was honest with me but at the same time I can't believe this is the new dating reality. I mean aren't you worried about getting a disease or something. Maybe I am old fashioned in dating. What happened to dating one person at a time to find that special someone. My mom met my dad at a church picnic. Dating seems to be dead now and all people seem to do is hook up with each other.

Cut your nose off to spite your face

We've all heard that expression. I equate the general attitude of so many of today's men to that. It's no different than someone punishing another person if they don't get everything their own way. So you're all whining that women want it "both ways" when women still want a man to act manly. What I think you're saying is that if you don't get to keep ALL the power, and have women back where they were decades ago, then you can't be manly anymore. Does that mean that in order to be manly you have to be a sexist jerk and have women completely submissive to you? Does it mean you can't be a fair and decent person simply because a woman wants to have equal rights and still wants to be female? That's how it seems to me. I know men who seem able to treat women with equality and still act like men and not whiny little babies. Too bad so many guys can't seem to handle that.

I don't care anymore

If someone wants to get a lifetime ban from the states, go invest in cannabis and gloat to the border guards. Whoopdie doo daa!

I loved Wishbone

The TV show. I hope that dog is still alive and adventuring through time.

Banana Republic, BC

So, it's a day after the House kicked the Sgt.-At-Arms and the Clerk out of the Legislature without showing any cause. In any functioning society, the only way such a high officer is led out is in handcuffs. If there's not enough information for an arrest warrant or a search warrant for the materials necessary to generate an arrest warrant, what is going on here? And to add insult to injury, we, the taxpayers, haven't even been told what's going on. Do the MLAs even know, beyond being told "there is an investigation"? Isn't it interesting how, if their Masters, whoever they are, tell them to vote for this sort of thing, they do? What sort of evidence was laid before the house justifying their behavior? I didn't see any. "ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE FOR CLERK AND SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Hon. M. Farnworth: By leave, I move: [That Mr. Craig James, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, and Mr. Gary Lenz, Sergeant at Arms, are placed on administrative leave with pay and benefits, effective immediately. During the period of administrative leave, and as a consequence of an outstanding investigation, Mr. James and Mr. Lenz must not access Legislative Assembly network equipment, systems or services and must not be present within any building that is part of the "Legislative Precinct" as defined in section 1 of the Legislative Assembly Management Committee Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 258. This resolution is subject to periodic review and modification by the Legislative Assembly.] Motion approved." That's all we have in the Hansard. In traditional Banana Republic style, I am sure that this total abandonment of due process is a great way to "soften up" targets like the Sgt. and Clerk, but I thought we lived in a free society in Canada! Something's just not right here---the most we get is told that there's an 'active criminal investigation.' Well what about the presumption of innocence until proven guilty? Why are our Clerk and Sgt. being punished without due process? The MLAs voting to suspend them without even a shred of evidence of wrongdoing---an investigation is _not_ evidence not evidence of wrongdoing, it's evidence of an allegation---is just another nail in the coffin of our Government.

Seasonal dread

I admit I feel dread when I see the plastic inflatable Christmas lawn ornaments, the mass printed Santa faces everywhere, mass produced fake plastic trees, candy cane scenes, etc. Everything is artificial and phoney and in my face. All I’m supposed to do is open my wallet to perpetuate this fake Christmas feeling. I feel like a Scrooge and just want to not participate in any of it. It makes me feel like an idiot and also empty at the same time. Let’s just have some beers, not exchange any store-bought presents, have some laughs and relay some stories and aspirations together instead. I feel we are all financial suckers if we spend ANY money on made-in-China Santa seasonal garbage.

Good dates

Are so hard to find. I go to online websites to find my future wife or online to stores to find my future Chinese sex robot. One will prevail!

Moving on

I’ve been conflicted with going to a Christmas party.. because I know my ex gf will be there. I’m going anyway and bringing a date too. I am and have moved on. I don’t need to feel guilty for doing just this when my ex broke up with me. So if she sees with someone, I hope she remembers she ended.. not me. I’m not going to beg for someone who has left me twice. But I know her, somehow it’s all my fault.


Adanac bike path, 8PM Tuesday

It was a dark night, but I saw you. Your bike had no lights, but I saw you. You wore a black...