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paddlin’ away

in a serious relationship with a dragonboater, but you know dragonboating is not for you? just f*cking leave. teams practice two weekday nights and a weekend day/week. sorry, they will be too busy stroking the oar than you.

UBC Free speech club

I welcome all to our group, unlike some SJW “others”. Ben Shapiro will welcome you too. You can have your views challenged and your bubble flower popped— or forever be a thinking virgin.

Joke time

How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?.....5......1 to screw in the lightbulb & 4 to make sure the hipster screwing in the lightbulb doesn't drop his/her precious $80 toque on the floor while doing it......oh well at least I tried to be funny lol

Vancouver has issues no one can solve -- in the near future

Several times, I have read posts here on confessions and other articles elsewhere that comment on the situation occurring with homelessness, drug addiction, ghettoization, marginalization, etc thinking that they have all the answers. They say (sometimes) that when Riverview was open, and when things were done as in the past people were "looked after" well my confession is that I am old enough to know better, and while you may or may not find historical evidence per se on the internet if you do enough reading you will find enough to know perhaps that while we have not found enough solutions to various problems like mental illness, it does no good to simply say well in the past it worked. No, it did not, because that is why eventually it was shut down. Perhaps many people who have been institutionalized, in one way or another, have ended up in the downtown eastside because they had no where else to go. Did you ever think of that when you recommend locking up your fellow human beings, although they have committed no crimes. Most people who are mentally ill do not need to be locked up they need proper supports which of course are tough to get in Vancouver. What is next, brain surgery or voluntary euthanasia for those people who have no hope of making enough money to cover their needs? So that they do not have to suffer? Does anyone else believe that although we may have some wisdom gleaned from past atrocities Vancouver needs to come up with some better solutions? Can anyone else see the possiblity of the province offering people incentives to go elsewhere in the province if they are willing and able due to the issues Vancouver is facing? Forget Riverview, give anyone who is mentally ill a chance at a real home unless they absolutely need for some reason to be supervised 24/7. It is expensive and it creates more dependence while we would be better off fostering non profit and subsidized communities in more rural areas where people could easily grow their own food if they want.

It’s not okay

You walk around happy with your life. But you ruined my children’s worldview. You took their sense of security for the sake of your pride. Your need for vindication was more important than the sanctity of their home life. That doesn’t just stop because your life has carried on. Your selfish, one sided, juvenile reaction has torn their world to shreds! Hope it was worth it asshole.

Too Much Sex

Makes me sneeze. I have no idea why.

Should've tried

met this guy online, dated 2x, and we parted without a proper goodbye on our 2nd date. Too hurt to say anything. Still think about him, wonder what would happen if we both tried... I like him a lot. I'm not upset or mad about him or anything. I really hope he will be a happy & healthy person one day. I confess that I was wrong to just walk away without a word.

Is it obvious?

I struggle to make and maintain friendships, relationships and the like and I have never known why. I feel something is wrong with me that should be obvious but no one ever tells me or gives me an opportunity to fix anything I could have done wrong... most people just ghost I guess what I'm trying to say is I wish someone would tell me what is wrong with me so I can fix it and stop feeling so lonely and stupid.


I moved to Vancouver from Ontario about six months ago for work and am having a really hard time adjusting. I have 0 friends here and don't know why. I am nice to people and do a lot of outdoor activities. The people I work with just don't include me in their after work activities. Everyone seems to have these cliques from middle school, high school, and university that they stick with. I helped someone from work move from their apartment and they didn't even thank me and the next day at work they just ignored me. People here seem to expect you to bend over backwards for them but never reciprocate. The other thing that really bothers me is so many people who live in this amazing place don't ski, snowboard, hike, go camping, fishing or do any outdoor activities. Whats the point of living in this amazing place if you don't enjoy the outdoors? I had so many friends in Ontario with basically no effort and I put out so much effort here and I just feel really lonely. I am going to give it another six months and if things don't change I am going to move back.

Homelessness isn’t bad in Vancouver

Our government is doing a good job. Same with illegal drug use. Everything is going well. Our liberal laws have worked really well.


I ran into an acquaintance that I haven't seen a few years. Was genuinely happy to see him. Within minutes of meeting up, he took a verbal potshot at me. Apparently he stalks me on social media. I don't follow him so he's sought out my feed on his own volition. I was dismayed that I was ambushed in an initially friendly setting. There's a lot of hostile people out there, looking for fodder to feel better about themselves. BTW I blocked him so that he can no longer see any info on me on said social network. Lately I've been wondering about human nature as I've had a few things stolen, and now this, getting a punch in the head after saying Hey haven't seen you in ages.

I confess

I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about you. Thank god for anonymity, ambiguity, and the internet.

Animals are so wonderful

If you own property in Vancouver, consider allowing pets. I can't find housing for me and my dog and my cat. My pets make me a better person, they make me accountable and reliable and they get me through these hard times. I love them more than anything or anyone. I have an idea that there could be a database of all the pets in the city and you can register your pet and it can be viewed by the public and potential landlords. Landlords could also report damage or behavioral issues which could be added to the database and viewed publicly. This way pet owners will have to be accountable for the actions of their pets. And good pet owners can have documentation proving that their animals will not be a problem. Maybe more landlords would allow pets in their rentals if there was a way they could confirm that your dog is a good boy.

Dear home-sellers / landlords

Please take note: a storage closet is not a den. A den is not a bedroom. A room divider does not take the place of an actual wall, so you cannot call that space a bedroom. If you’re advertising for long term tenants, don’t expect them to sign a fixed term lease so that you can jack the rent up every year without having to adhere to the max percentage defined under the RTA. If you’re renting out a suite in your own house, please remember that you have no more right to enter at will simply because it’s “my place”. Once a tenant signs a rental agreement that unit becomes their home and you must abide by the RTA. If you can’t deal with that then you’re not cut out to be a landlord. When advertising a unit located in your home, it’s relevant and helpful to mention upfront that you have a family of 10 living above the unit. Given that you’re expecting the tenant to live like a monk, that’s only fair, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re selling your home please don’t lie on advertising about the amenities or the square footage. Unless the balcony is actually included in the legal unit entitlement of that condo, you’re not allowed to include it because it doesn’t belong to the unit. Also, a 30 year old “spa” that hasn’t been operational in a decade cannot reasonably be described as an “amenity”. In conclusion, why not stop wasting my time and yours with false advertising and / or unreasonable requirements?


Solo Brunch with a Book

I was eating brunch alone at the bar, reading a book. As I left you stopped me to tell me that...


Savage Love: Men making mouth music mistakes

I was discussing my lack of oral sex with Sam and he said he’d be willing to “help me out”.