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My generations future was sold to corporate interests by Neo-liberal boomers and gen Xers for the left over crumbs of a zero sum pie and a little bit of political power. If being vocally progressive on the social, political and ecological problems facing 99% of the earths population makes a whole generation "entitled brats" then so be it. Beets being part of a morally corrupt, willfully ignorant one. It's like your boi Bob said "Your old road is rapidly aging. Please get out of the new one If you can't lend your hand. For the times they are a-changin". :)

Are we Hypocrites?

We sit here and protest any petroleum pipeline through our region yet B.C.s number one commodity export is Coal we export 3 to 5 Billion dollars worth a year and it goes out of our ports of Vancouver and mainly to China. None of us are protesting Coal. Coal is the dirteist of the dirtiest of fossil fuels. Thats us baby.


When I was dating my wife she used to regularly do something for me at least once a week. Once we got married this activity will happen once a year on my birthday if I am lucky. I just feel like she pulled the old bait and switch on me.

Ugly Xmas sweaters

Are without a doubt overrated. Why would I fork over so much money for something made real cheap just to wear it only once a year and look stupid?

To the idiots that constantly hound me

About why I hardly answer my phone. When I’m not on shift, I have a life. My life is complicated enough as it is and I really don’t have time for any of this bullshit. Please Fuck off.

not your average honey

I feel like i have you, like i almost finally have you. except you won't commit. I don't know why. other girls? I seem crazy in this unstable and under nourishing environment? cuz your a fckin drunk? I don't know why I'm chasing you or why you wont chase back; I guess you don't like lasagna with feta and roasted red peppers or new sex positions. I know the likely end result, I've done this before and it's over now. ok I do know why I'm doing this again. it's because I'm in a bad position in life, socially and other. And hope is a warm little lie that I just can't seem to throw out. Someday I hope you regret tossing this one, feeble bones!

First World Refugees

Face deep into some street meat after a late night show on Granville a few weeks ago, I was pondering the meaning of life, and it it dawned on me as I watched everyone stumbling around drunk...Vancouver is mostly full of people that have either moved from somewhere else to escape something, or are just looking for a better life. First world refugees.

Thought we cared about the environment

So I'm going to run out and buy an Ugly Christmas sweater that was made by a child in India for peanuts. Marked up sold to my sorry ass and I'll wear it for one night while getting wasted. Yay for sustainability!

Stranger on a train

Vancouver was a nightmare. I would scale up a spiral of hope. Good Heaven I'm afraid that's not the way the screw turned. Confusion anger betrayal fear loathing not to mention Disorienting. All slithered along alcohol. For each declension a concomitant spectral rise up the other side. A lot of ups and downs in that town. Walking through the Park one day I'm thinking if only I could make a few tweaks a few twists in the right direction...suddenly on the path there appears a metal screw/ bolt. Made in France

Married man wants to be a woman

I want to tell my wife I crossdress, and her to accept me as her girl on girl partner. We would have mutual sex with toys and strap ons. Then we could go clubbing as girlfriends and flirt with men maybe have a threesome with a alpha man who would dominate us both. I want to watch him make her orgasam knowing that he's going to do the same to me next!

Strange day indeed

Weird and not good but nothing to do about it. All I have to say is poo poo poo poo poo poo poo.

To the psycho on the bus

Who keeps ranting on about politics. People are ignoring you. I don’t think anyone really has time for your bullshit. Go hop on another bus on route to the Please Get A Life Foundation.

Recently found out co worker is anti-vax

I was gobsmacked. Didn’t know what to say. He said ‘so what if my family gets sick, they’re not bothering anyone.’ I didn’t know what to say. What about those in our society who are immunosuppressed because of cancer, or young babies, or the elderly, or the fact that left unchecked, these diseases might mutate into something a vaccine eventually won’t be able to help, or the fact that there have been multiple worldwide outbreaks and deaths from preventable diseases like measles, even AFTER the original BS scientist has been discredited as a lunatic? How delusional do you have to be to believe that “Researching some stuff on the internet” = having a medical degree?!

Who did she get it from?

Just broke up with my gf as I found out I now have herpes because she at the time had a cold sore and apparently the same strain that causes cold sores on the face can manifest down there. I’d always thought herpes is something you get from risky unprotected sex and you are completely safe if you don’t sleep around and demand that your partners get tested. Now I’m really sad. I am a pretty, smart, kind, hard-working man that’s always wanted a monogamous relationship and a family, but who’s going to even want to date me now if I say I’ve contracted herpes? I don’t think anyone will care which strain it is, just where it’s come up. Not looking for sympathy, as I understand I could have been more educated about the issue, but I hope reading a confession like this will help some people to be kinder and not perpetuate the stigma around this annoying skin infection.

bad habbit

Of wanting to sleep with just about every man I see. I don't know why it is but old, young, big, small, any skin tone, it doesn't matter. When I meet most men I'll find something attractive about them and really want to have them. Of course I can never tell anyone and don't act on this unless I actually like the person and sex is possible. But if I had my way I'd be fucking everything under the sun. Call me an sexuality explorer, I don't care, this is me. And before everyone goes nuts I'm very respectful towards men. I just wish that we didn't build sex up as this end all be all thing and we could be a little more casual about it.