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Single parents deserve respect

Once a single parent myself and having raised my child to adulthood now I often find myself reflecting on my life experience and on single parenthood which was not my choice but just the way things turned out. It is frightening to see how many lost and misdirected women think that having babies in the midst of poverty is a completely normal thing but no matter what the mindset whether the mother comes from a wealthy or poor background or marriage most of these women are dedicated to trying to help their children. Some people lack the ability to plan their lives well but having a child can be like having a second chance at that because it is possible to do some therapy and group work by joining up with other mothers in the community and doing self reflection and life skills work. Having children is not easy as I found out not that I ever thought it was easy but you have to be a parent to understand the work that is involved. Single parents should always appreciate that if they are living in poverty they have a great deal of work to do and even if you have money to raise your child there are many factors to consider and try to balance. The bottom line is that often women sometimes men are single parents because of a variety of circumstances but these days even more so the single parents have to work very hard to try to raise their kids and if their efforts were acknowledged in our society maybe things could improve single parents are trying their best and each has their own story

Learned something new

I took an online quiz on a psych research site about work burnout. Turns out, I'm close! I had no idea that hating your coworkers (who I previously really liked), feeling alone, and my loss of motivation was a sign that I'm burning out. I knew my increased stomach issues and erratic sleep was definitely because of work but now I don't feel so bad about being so moody. It's just because I'm burning out! Phew.


To the dudes with the weird no top three wheeler, just be a man and buy a motorcycle.

I want real friends

I am feeling so lonely lately .. I have no friends here in Vancouver ... I am always by myself..

Hero Cookie

I've got cookies for all the work hero's. To all of you who insist on coming in beyond sick, working for free, taking on jobs you have no business taking on, and bitching about it the whole time that you have to do everything, you get cookies. In case you haven't seen the sarcasm, I really don't like you guys. Sure you're good at your job, but you aren't holding the place up. We're a team for a reason, so delegate your work and if you do take on extra tasks, don't bitch about it.

Respecting my Wishes

She never respected anything I asked for until I snapped and told her to stay out of my stuff and that I was tired of all her crazy shit. I miss her.


So when I accidently swipe right on tinder when I totally would have swiped a hard left.. the next person always gets that hard left... No matter what. It just happens. No control. Also because karma and irony can be one in the same sometimes.. I'm positive I've definitely left swiped my soul mate.. probably like nine soul mates at this point...

Pedestrians have a right of way in crosswalks.

I was enjoying a lovely sunny day until I encountered the "angry cyclist." Two other pedestrians and I, all accompanying kids of various ages, were well in the middle of crossing the street, when the angry cyclist, who was well down the street, comes barrelling into the intersection so angry. He claims that he has the right of way since it isn't a marked crosswalk. Umm nope. A crosswalk need not be marked for the pedestrian to have right of way. According to the definition of “crosswalk” in the Motor Vehicle Act, RSBC 1996 c. 318, indicates that a portion of the roadway that is an extension of the sidewalk will be considered a crosswalk even if there are no markings on the road. This was also a residential street adjacent to a community centre. Slow down angry cyclist!

Dopamine Inhibitor

I've started some of this medication to help me battle my addictions and form new habits. I've disconnected from a few people as I'm feeling so strange. It is so weird to feel a lack of reward for basic instinctual things. I have very little sense of hunger and drive, but I know I have to do this, and do it right. Still, I have trouble accepting I'm on this stuff from a stupid "little" habit.

She’s drives me crazy

How do I tell a friend who still thinks we’re close that her neediness, depression and anxiety remind me too much of my ex? She’s toxic with me and treats me like her servant, resentful when I don’t deliver. I don’t want her in my life right now, even though she needs support.

If you’re wondering why people aren’t writing you back...

... on dating sites: Take a look at your last message to them. If you’ve only responded to their questions, talked a bunch about yourself, and then haven’t asked them anything about themselves to get to know them better or shown interest in their opinions... You’ve basically raised a red-flag that you’re a self-centred boor.

Honest affair

My friend had an affair for over a year and a half. When Wife found out he went sheepish and let her do the talking. She probably thinks it was a one off. I wonder if she wants to know how serious it was or if she is happier being ignorant and letting it slide for the sake of the kids and the mortgage.

I would love

To be a minimalist but stuff around me is very inviting to buy.

Dear Universe,

What did I do to you? What's your issue? Why am I always in these painful situations? I get close to feeling human, so close like my arms stretched out of the water as I'm reaching the surface about to get that one needed breath only to have the tip of my nose come up and then be ripped back underneath by the current....will this ever stop or am I just destined to be this way forever? I need a miracle because I seriously don't know how much more I can take.

spiritual journey

I was ghosted by my boyfriend shortly after I lost my mother. He said that my grief was interfering with his spiritual journey. So much for compassion.


Lovely Paddle boarder near Ladner Sunday...

It was sunset. You came into the dock at Wellington Point Park (I had to look up the name) on the...


Savage Love: The lopsided bisexual

" I fall in love with women exclusively, but I love to have sex with men occasionally."