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I vehemently oppose the pipeline...

but not really for environmental reasons. I just loathe Justin Trudeau, Ottawa, and Alberta and want to see them all lose badly.

Same pony

I was looking at Delorean's earlier; and I saw no places to park cocaine....called cupholders.

When did this happen?

Now vegetarians are bullies... Harmless, pathetically weak bullies, but bullies nonetheless.

Dire state of affairs - 20 somethings

As I am here, listening to them speak, I think of how authoritarian and naive they sound. Sounds like you have been pumped full of popular opinion... Doesn't mean it is at all as simple as they think it is. If one more undergrad tells me something is "obvious" and then doesn't know why, it reveals an issue in how the generation is being taught to form ideas.

Cut to the chase

This death by a thousand cuts is kill me....Let’s just cut to the chase. 1. 100% tax ... all money goes to the government. 2. All money you made goes back to the government. 3. Everyone get exactly the same pay cheque from the government regardless of your education, responsibility, hours of work, etc. 4. Bulldozing all homes. We all get to live in the same 10x10 cubic house unit. Free. 5. White dudes get 25% less space and money cause those bastards had an easy life for generations. 6. Universal health care, child care, pensions, education, critical care and disability. 7. If you can’t work or or you don’t want to work, you still get a 100% salary. 8. A CEO earns the same as a Starbucks worker 9. Free utilities 10. No special locations for cubical units. There be no buildings in West Van, North Van, Point Grey, Forests or water fronts. 11. Everyone gets the same government uniform. No designer clothes, shoes or accessories. Want to sign at the bottom line...?

Foster parent hell

Im a foster parent and nothing makes me more mad than when the bio parents tell their kids to retaliate on the system. They blame the system for their mistakes. Like saying its the system’s fault for the child being diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Best Customer Service?

Apparently the Vancouver Airport is one of the best ranked airports in North America. Had an issue dealing with the customer service YVR. .. All I can say is their customer service department needs to get their nose of the air. Very rude and prentious - especially this one Asian girl In particular. Holy Moly. Unprofessional - too bothered to talk to me and felt the need to talk down. I don't wanna sound rude but you work at airport in customer service. You ain't exactly royalty. Should probably get your nose out of the air - you don't know the background of the people you are talking to. You should probably not judge based on appearance. Let's hope it was just a bad day.

Um can you not be a prick?

To the business suit wearing white man who felt it necessary to aggressively slam down your hand at the servers at Tim hortons at 41st and yew just because your donuts were literally 30 seconds later than you wanted them: Fuck you and your masculine bullshit. If you can't treat the women who served you food as human beings then go bake your own goddamn donuts. Major props to the women for the grace with which they dealt with your bullshit.

Small issue

But in these times where everyday it seems like everybody wants to take a photo of every situation. I don’t like my picture taken. At all. It’s my thing to deal with, but please respect that and don’t make a big fuss about it. It can get embarrassing sometimes, especially when it’s a group of people.


Hear that? That was your chance with me rushing past. I'll be back in the wild wild east soon enough, traveling to amazing places with exotic women like James Bond in beach shorts, while you pretend you're happy commuting on the 99, molding in your rental apartment, caring for a toddler.

Girl Guides torment

Those things should be outlawed. The cookies I mean, not the kids. I ate an entire box for dinner and I’m so wired that I can feel my blood vibrating in my veins. Its 4:29 am and I’m still awake. It’s the vanilla ones that call to me the most, but I even ate the chocolate ones. I have faced the truth yet again for another year: I am weak in the face of the evil cookie. Do you think they put something deliberately addictive in there besides just a truckload of sugar?

Leaving Vancouver

Is like trying to leave an abusive partner behind. You catch them on a sunny day and they seem so charming, and you almost believe that the person they once were is still there, and might just come out, if you only give it another chance. Then you wake up.

Why do people eat at Subway?

With all the decent restaurant options in Vancouver, why do people eat at Subway. I think people have been fooled into thinking it’s a healthy option compared to McDonalds or KFC. The quality of the food is horrible, the meats and cheese are the cheapest they make and the bread tastes like plastic. Also, every nutritional study says that cold cuts are one of the unhealthiest foods you can eat. So why do people continue to eat this crap?


Narrow Lounge

You were sitting at the bar with two friends and I was at a table with a friend. We chatted a bit...


Savage Love: Affairs don't "just happen", you make them happen

I’m a liar, a cheat, a user, and a manipulator—and it just keeps happening.