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The ones who write the rules of the game are the one who are going to excel. Abuse of power is a really quick way to sell one's soul.

Requesting a woman's opinion

I would like to get the female readers to give me their thoughts on this topic.I'm a 46 year old man and when I talk to women I quite often call them "my dear" or "sweetie". When I say it I'm never hitting on them or saying anything inappropriate. I use the terms the way I might call a guy " buddy" or "fella", just a friendly way of showing that I enjoy talking to you and being in your presence. I would like to know from the female readers if they think it's appropriate for me to continue this or should I stop. I usually don't get much feedback from the women I'm talking to either positive or negative concerning this so I would like some honest feedback.

Done with dating

Time to get a dog. At least they are loyal, and kind..... If I hear one more wedding announcement, I'm going to lose it. (though we all deserve love, and to have it, but not all of us find it) To my friends, quit telling me not to give up when most of you are all in relationships. I'm NOT interested in hookups, fwbs and gone without sex for years by choice because I want to be in a relationship and only then will that person see that side of me. Man are some men relentless about trying to wear you down though and can't understand the word no! It's so bloody hard to find a guy that is monogamous, respectful, and that I can connect with on an intellectual level, and emotional level, and where there's a mutual attraction. Yes, women want someone we are attracted to, (not a pretty boy, just cute) Doesn't have to be rich, just have a job/career. Not all women want or need your money. We have careers and ambitions too. many women i know settle, yet men never do! Women are crucified for wanting certain things that men do, but get ripped apart for it. Why? I've seen far too many smart, independent, gorgeous women settle so they aren't alone, and be abused, cheated on etc..... Yet, I'm starting to understand now as I'm middle aged why they do as its tough being alone. I'm just wishing I could just be okay with being alone, and not get asked about why I'm not married, why won't I try dating, and why I'm alone. I want to be with an equal, and a man with character and depth. Also, don't make sexual remarks about a woman you don't know. Not flattering at all having body parts commented on.... That's my rant. Now, just waiting for the negative comments by men to confirm what I already believe, and further solidify my beliefs about (most) men. Just look at the stats worldwide for women with abuse, trauma, rape, cheating, forced marriages, arranged marriages, and the countless atrocities women endure simply because of men. Yes, I'm a survivor, and you would not believe how many men prey on you.... Honestly, men have no idea how scary it is for women to date. Women are more sexually fluid, and many women are choosing relationships with women that once were with men too. Something to keep in mind guys. If you have a good woman, don't fuck it up! Man this was a rambly, incoherent post...

University of snot faced brats

When will universities stream lectures live so I don't have to see all these silly ridiculous students? It is the 21st century. This is pretty conventional.

Progressive & forward thinking? My ass

I work for one of these "top 100 Employers in BC" and from my experience, it's nothing but bullshit. There is no scope for growth here if you're not a favorite with your supervisors. There is blatant favoritism despite hours being by seniority and jobs being unionized. Very cliquish working environment. They make you go through endless hoops if you're trying to climb up the corporate ladder. Moreover, the management rarely acknowledges a positive performance. Rather, they are so quick to confront you and call you into meetings for the pettiest things. This is why I never piss time away going to any of their work parties. Otherwise I'd feel like a complete hypocrite standing there, smiling and waving at some fake gathering. Progressive my ass.


I sometimes wonder if reincarnation is real. I've had dreams of being a different person in a different time. In one dream I was on trial at Nuremburg as a Nazi war criminal. My defense was "I was a soldier, I had to follow my orders". I was executed. Then I had another dream, where I was a black guy, and I would like to say I was maybe from around Chicago. I made it through the Vietnam War, but in the late 70's (probably around the time I was born in this life) I ended up getting into an accident with my motorcycle on a bridge. I could see my body laying on the roadway as I was rising above it.

Small Dogs

I totally judge a guy by the size of his dog.

A change

I'm 25, I just quit my fancy Vancouver start up job (bean bags, beer and all). I hate 9-5 even when it comes with the option to "work from home". I have saved a bunch of money over the last two years and actually have stuff I wanna work on outside of an office job. Call me all the "millennial" slurs you want but sitting at this desk 8hrs every single day is literally crushing my soul.

This is more of an observation

than a confession. I am 60 years old and recently relocated to New Westminster. This is not a judgement but I've never seen so many walkers, canes, wheelchairs, electric carts in my life and many of the folks are a lot younger than me. What's going on in New West? Makes me realize how fortunate I am to be fit and healthy!

I hate my friends

I don't like my friends. Sounds mean but it's true. The more I am around them the more I question how I ever became a part of the group. My problem is that there is zero loyalty. One of the group members was in an abusive relationship with another group member. He pushed her, verbally abused her for years and when she tried to break up with him he stalked her and made her life hell. The rest of the group still chat with him like he is a decent human and are still friendly with him. Wtf??!?! Why? Why has he not been ostracized?? And the drinking oh my god the drinking..... Everything revolves around booze. Everything. It's so sad. No one is creative or smart enough to come up with something else? They are going to look back on their lives and maybe remember all the nights at the pub, if wasn't one of the black out nights which seem to be a badge of honor. Ugh...grow up!!

Me and my big heart

Yup. It was me who sent the flowers. But it's true that no good deed goes unpunished. Fack me.

Lady Jordan Pederson's pronouns

That cis male prof from Ontario who refuses to use preferred pronouns should be referred to as "she/her" from now on. If we get to pick and choose pronouns for others that don't resonate with them we can do the same for her.

$30 million from Vacant Homes

So the vacant home tax is going to generate $30 million, but how is this going to be collected? The offshore owners don't really have incentive to pay.

Buddhism and sex - The rules

I met a guy. A GREAT guy. A funny, honest, smart guy. We met by chance and we have hung out 3 times in one week. Of course there is NO way to know who he is in just one week, but I tell you... I want to know him more, even intimately. But not this time; he is a practicing Buddhist and sex does not happen until marriage. I'm beside myself, however, I need to respect him and his religion. Oh, and by the way, I'm a guy as well.

hey confessions

So, awhile ago I read a disgustingly degrading post about the anatomy of the vagina. It was riddled with misogyny and ignorance. Yet, your “censors” let it fly. Meanwhile, I have written a number of similar posts referring to small penis size being an issue. And none of them have ever made it to the column. So, it’s okay to demean and dissect women’s anatomy for all to read but we cannot dare to mention the obvious issues when it comes to a man’s endowment? What gives?


Railtown Romance

You caught my eye as soon as I walked in. We kept exchanging glances as I ordered and walked to...


Savage Love: Fisting misconceptions

Background: I, a 21-year-old male, enjoy receptive fisting. I’ve also had constipation problems all my life.