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I'm going to be real.

I confess I failed you, sure a lot can be said for you actually failing yourself. I use to hold that one in high regard, but if I loved you as I claimed to have, than how did I not get you there. Simple I didn't, I could not have been in love with you as I say or this would not be a writing I needed to make for you to understand that I'm sorry for letting you down. I still have no idea how I was tricked it's not an easy thing to get me to love and my heart and the scars my body wears suggest I got fooled. All I wanted was to show you what I haven't yet seen or experienced yet either, but know without a doubt exist in a matter of reality that only two who totally let go of fear, mistrust and a conventional sense of loyalty can truly have the path of a light of heart that is inexpiable. So I now have to accept you were not her, because I know this place is real it's my destiny and I'm not giving up. I can not, will not , it's a faith of my heart so strong I will ride in search of until death finds me. Good luck to you and I am sorry I filled your head with the things you were not ready for, I love you, but it seems now more than ever you are an apathetic snare set in my path to slow me.

Now that she’s gone....

....I’m going to really miss her news, wait!...Sarah quit doing them last year. Never mind.

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A day like any other

I never had a relationship with my father. He was and is a selfish, self-absorbed tiny man who made everyone miserable in his wake. He ruined every holiday and every birthday, every vacation and every family gathering . He left a message just before Father's Day rambling about hoping I wouldn't hate him for the rest of his life and other nonsense . Whatever, I only heard a few words before erasing it, I finally had enough and decided to block him. If he dies, I'll eventually see something on google. He can keep the inheritance that he dangles, using his money to snag attention like the way a person has porkchops tied to their ears so dogs will approach him. It's a nightmare that I'm glad I don't ever have to see or hear from again. I ignore this holiday meant to honor normal fathers. I use it to celebrate my life and freedom from his awfulness. I didn't ask to be born. I didn't ask to come here. He failed his job, his duty, his responsibility. I owe him nothing. I think I'll get an ice cream.

I wanted it

I genuinely wanted to be with him on this journey of life. I wanted this and only his love. I saw him, got to know him, appreciated his glory and his flaws, and fell for an eternally flushing toilet. All I have for memories is that sucking sound that drowns out everything else.

I’ve fallen for a stripper

I recently went to a strip club for the first time. I’m in my 30s. I had two dances with a kind and beautiful performer. I know they have a way to make you feel like the most important person in the room. But between powerful eye contact and laughing, I felt a instant bond. I felt she did too. When I mentioned, she blushed and just nodded. And that’s that.

el screamo supremo

can someone explain the nightly karaoke scream-a-long at english bay every night until 11pm?


I just think their just aren't enough places for young people to pitch woo anymore. Where are the roller rinks, soda shops, or dances? I met my wife over 50 years at a box social. There need to be safe places for young people to meet and socialize in a positive way and not with the cell phones. I see these young people swiping right and left on their phones and that isn't how you get to know someone. A computer is not going to tell you if a gal is sweet on you. I think we need to get the churches involved and the parents because this generation is lost and needs our guidance.


My friend is totally grumpy until he has a puff (& he has to smoke almost everyday) - is that addicted?


Golden Pearl

Just made eye contact in the restaurant.... and then later on in the parking lot as I was driving...

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