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recently rejected

by someone my age (50s) in the same physical condition as me, similar interests, we find humour in the same things, easy to talk with and have a good time..but he stated he only dates (bangs) 20-somethings. So I say to all those "hot" 20-somethings who are banging older guys---you can keep 'em because we don't want them. No, I'm not bitter just disappointed. I guess I'd hoped that if you make it to 50+ you'd realize that superficiality is the psychic disease of our lifetime. Fortunately, I believe there are plenty of good people in the sea and will continue to fish.


I work with people who start "early" to leave before the end of work, only to spend that time on their phones.

breaking point

Never been this lonely in a relationship, not even in the worst one! "I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone,it's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone." Robin Williams r.i.p.

Crazy Rich Expats

This morning on the veranda, having my usual Thai mangoes on muesli and sharing a press of fresh Indonesian coffee with Titlanna and Nipplenna (they're sisters) I couldn't help but snort at the tips listed on Confessions to save on food budgets to offest crazy rental situations. The true secret to living a life as a king or queen and not a damp rat is to live more creatively. To be willing to move. To be willing to not work for someone else. To be willing to take risks. Most of the time things turn out much better than you think they will. I wish more Canadians took risks. I seldom run into Canadians in Asia but this is where all the fun is.

Bill Cosby sentencing

I’m really not surprised that the judge gave Bill Cosby less than three years in prison. He’s already been punished enough. Being under house arrest, permanently and legally blind, getting your honorary degrees revoked by universities, your reruns no longer airing on TV , hence no more royalty cheques coming in, no one in hollywood wanting to work with you anymore. Who knows if he’ll still be around much longer? This kind of shit is enough to make an 81 year old man him die of a broken heart.


For aknowleging my loss and for once not telling me to get over it

Gift giving.

There is an art to gift giving, as well as receiving a gift. Often I enjoy giving small gifts to those close to me, and even sometimes strangers. There is nothing attached to the gift, nothing is expected in return. Every once in awhile though, the gesture is taken out of context. Has gift giving become something that is lost in translation?

Don't Believe Them...

... Swanson and Co. might be happy with themselves, but all that their regressive left-wing policies have done is making it impossible to build purpose-built rental housing. I took in some of the BC Budget meeting in Vancouver today, and a fellow with some Landlord Association laid out that there is simply no way for purpose-built rental housing to make economic sense. This is not a matter of gouging, this a matter of costs increasing more than the rental formula will allow them to recoup. If it goes to inflation only, this is not going to make things better. The problem with this "make things worse until the people make a revolution" schtick is that it doesn't work in developed countries. I say that because, charitably, that is the only way this regressive left-wing policy makes sense, the idea that if they drive things down into utter stupidity, the people will eventually have no choice but to rise up or something. Well, that won't happen. We have too many middle class landowners. These regressive lefties are not strong, stout farmers. They're just angry that their lobster claws aren't as big as that other guy's lobster claws, so they want the Government to cut his claws, or put a rubber band on one of them or something. It never occurs to them to maybe try to find something else to do, other than attacking big lobsters. If building rental housing were profitable, it would be done already. It's obviously, therefore, not profitable. So decreasing the allowed rent increase is, obviously, not going to help anything. But don't let math get in the way of the revolution...

Too expensive to move?

Not if you move somewhere cheap with lots of jobs. Don't be afraid... just plan ahead a little... like find a place to rent ahead of time and make sure your bank account has some savings. Eat nothing but vegetarian for a few months if you have to (okay, okay, maybe a tiny bit of meat to keep those iron levels up) and then go!

I'm not getting laid.

I guess it's time to grow a beard and get a suit 2 sizes too small and a pair of pointy shoes!


Some guy slapped one of those ICBC no-cell-phone-and-driving stickers on my car for checking my phone. My car was stopped and the light was red.

Gray Knight

Is it unethical to start a fight with an ex about nothing, in hopes of achieving a loss or draw, thereby reminding said ex who seems peculiarily used to abuse that their opinions and self are completely worth respect? ...Asking for a friend.


when I study I pick my hair a lot, I have a lot of dandruff or dry head. it's really gross but I can't stop

Raised by wolves?

Dear future husband, I hope that you will understand why you will not meet my family and why they will not attend our wedding. My father emotionally disowned me when I was very young. Nothing I did could win his love. My mother expects me to be single and lonely forever. She already uninvited herself from my future hypothetical wedding. It took a long time for me to put the pieces together and realize that I had to get away from her just to be able to go on dates. My sister only consents to interactions with me when they are on her terms, that is, only when she wants something from me. I hope you understand how hard I've had to fight to get my autonomy so that I can live my life as an adult and do things that normal adults do.



I couldn't sleep so I went online for a few hands. I wasn't expecting you... We talked...