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Double Standard

I am just going to put this out there. An ugly man can go to a bar and will come home by himself. An ugly woman goes to a bar and there is a 100% chance of her coming home with some guy if she wants. Not saying this guy will be high quality. I think the sexual marketplace is controlled by women. I don't have a Ph.D. but that's my theory. I think if the sexual marketplace was reversed you would have a lot less crime and wars and people would be happier.

My life

Is so pathetic that I'm so bored that all I do is is read these Confessions every single fucking day


Who here feels that when they confide in their friend, it goes no further? They don't have to ask, they just know their friend will keep their confidence.... (and secondly, where do you find friends like that??)

Oh perfect

4am and my neighbors fucking dog is barking yet again as she has gone out to fuck another dude in the park across the road.

Is anyone else curious about Gen Z?

They are apparently the most conservative generation, since the Medieval ages, and nobody is saying anything about their political views or giving them a political voice. What is going on in their head? Do they hate the left? I honestly don't know.

Blew half my data

In one day trying to get to you through a back channel. Cripes Kate all I wanna do is look at your face...that beautiful face of yours...

I am saying

It's bleak this long slow tour he and I have bond to a whim and a prayer. If he was so much more apt to explore the beaches, oceans rivers, lakes, moons, stars and suns this universe contains. Well I'd wait forever I swear but me is just a place he not dare. So from here I look alone back out on my own searching for my love, life and friend to the end. :-(

Working in construction is awful

The people are horrible. It's like going back in time when everyone was a bunch of bigots. It's filled with prisoners and scummy shitty attitudes. It feels like working in a concentration camp. Bitter nasty site management and corrupt companies that hire these goons, probably from biker gangs. Women are treated crappily. Safety rules rarely enforced, it's a joke. So much rushed garbage work being done, people who buy condos or rent in new buildings would be shocked, and it's worse for affordable rent buildings. Does our provincial government even care? They can't not know. They're probably bought off to turn a blind eye. I'm glad I left that field. Work anywhere else. Or leave it for prisoners and criminals. Ooops, it already has been.

Dead beat parents

My parents got together and married pretty young, didn’t know themselves, didn’t know each other and had several kids in fast succession. They got divorced, and long story short both my parents were either abusive or neglectful. All my siblings and I were pretty much left to fend for ourselves as older teens. All my siblings and I left the nest super early and have had to put ourselves through post secondary without a dime of support from our parents. I’m sorry, but if you can’t financially plan or contribute anything to your child’s education you are doing them a huge disservice. I know there are going to be responses about how I am ungrateful for being alive; but I’m tired of pretending that having to raise myself hasn’t been a struggle and a half. Don’t have kids unless you can actually contribute some material resources to their goals. I can’t afford kids, so I don’t have them.

Pigeons Nesting at Broadway Station

Puffy, poopy pigeons. Instead of a minty station upgrade, Broadway is the new pigeon condo. Spikes, netting, and birth control feeds. The real estate market in Vancouver even drives out the pigeons as it seems.


The True North dark hair dashing smiles

I just got on the #2 bus at balsam and you came on a bit before burrard wearing a black true...

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