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Angry about angry old man

I’m pissed off that I was verbally assaulted on the skytrain at Yale town station by an older man with orange glasses. Situation: I get in the train, stand by the door as I’m getting off at city center (1 stop) he bumps into me and then starts immediately calling me a bitch and getting in my face before walking off. At that point I could handle it because whatever he’s just an angry old man. But then he got off the train and followed me up the escalator swearing at me, calling me fat bitch, etc (as I’m 5’1” and XS lol....) and being incredibly rude and shit not a single person tried to help me out or stop him from swearing at me. I’m so disappointed in transit users. Anyway, I didn’t feel safe and I have a question. In that situation if I pepper sprayed him would I have been in trouble by the police ? I was so close. Instead I pulled out my phone to record him and that shut him up so fast and he ran off.

Poor Mount Pleasant

I lived there when Starbucks was a strip club called Uranus, when Tim Hortons was Slickity Jims, when Kingsgate was empty except Buy Low and an insurance company, and looked like a mall that was going to be knocked down. When there was a dollar slice pizza that sat over the old Gracie Jui Jitsu. I was sad when I got renovicted a few years ago. Last week I saw on the news that the area is about to go through a 13% property tax increase. I was sad to get renovicted, but I am also glad I didn't hold on too long to a changing neighbourhood. Years later I have found a similar one that's in rebuild, that's sleepy like Mt Pleasant once was, and where many of the faces I used to see there have migrated. Times change, Mount Pleasant changed.

Sic Semper Tyrnannis

I attended the third Burnaby South debate a few days ago. After 2 hours of having to constantly hear her right wing bullshit ,Right at the end of the debate, I yelled out to Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson and called her a Fascist. It felt great.

Cenus Poll

Humans rate up. Reptilians rate down. Be honest.


You know they say the grass isnt greener on the otherside.. But Im hear to tell you If you look down at your feet and all you see is brown dried up dusty ,dead ,what used to be grass. Perhaps its time to go over to where you see a bit of Just saying

A confession of course

I don't usually hope for ill will on others but isn't it kinda gratifying to see that "ultra rich" evil folks are suddenly being nailed left and right? Manafort looking to die in prison, Cohen scrambling to lessen his 3 year sentence, Stone whimpering in front of the judge, RKelly FINALLY getting indicted, countless professional careers destroyed. Hmm, took a while but better late than never right?

I'm pretty sure I have some level of Depression

I can recall moments of true joy and contentment but it's fleeting...that said I don't think we're meant to be deliriously happy all the time.Life deep down is stressful but all you can do is make the best of it while it lasts.

Alright. Airport update

I made it through security and they didn’t ask me about my loose tobacco, slim filters, and rolling papers. Man... I’m always expecting confrontation even though it is completely legal, but I’m glad that international airports may see all sorts of swanky travelers who roll their own cigarettes. I easily saved enough money for this flight by rolling my own tobacco. Here we come world!


and I’m leaving on a jet plane! Don’t know if I’ll be back again... Although I’ll miss my friends and family. I cannot wait to have a beer once I get off the flight.


I’m 35 and I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.


Back ally slow cooker

Bridget. You were donating an unwanted kitchen appliance just out side your door in the west end...

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