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john from winnipeg

I couldn’t tell my wife the truth so I let her go ahead and ruin someone else’s life because of my mistakes.

The middle

Got turned down for the second date because the first date was "too good". Can't win.


A woman who is 100 pounds overweight is rocking her femininity and owning the body that nature gave her. A man who is 100 pounds overweight is a fat slob who needs to lose weight and drop the cheeseburger. Please help me understand the dofference.


My wife is an absolute knockout and I am what you say an acquired taste in the looks department. Often times men will stop me and ask me what my secret is. The advice I give them is I realized when I was about 14 that I was not going to look like Brad Pitt. I was hoping that by some miracle I would grow into my face but that never happened. So I decided to improve myself as best as I could. I started going to the gym and studying very hard in school. I read one book a week for years. I studied yoga and martial arts and became comfortable with myself. I went to university and then law school. I worked 80 hours a week for years and then finally I saved enough for a big house and a expensive car. I started wearing trendy clothing and paying for expensive haircuts. Then I met my wife while she was a hostess at a restaurant and after some dogged persistence she gave in and went on a date with me and the rest is history. My advice is you may be dealt a bad deck in life but if you work hard everyday you can turn it around.

Confessions Search Bar Magic 8-Ball

Sometimes I search this site for an old confession and the searches 'stick'. I'm sure why that happens and at first I assumed it was just my computer but I've occasionally come across other peoples searches too. So now I keep searching your name because if it sticks, well I mean, that's kinda like fate, sort of.

Familial isolation

I have always been the black sheep of my family. Growing up, I was sensitive, artistic, and prone to experiencing the world emotionally. My older brother, a hyperactive jock, was treated like a king, who in turn treated me like utter shit. When he wasn't mocking me, teasing me, belittling me (all with my parents' head turned the other way, imploring me to get a sense of humour) he completely ignored me. I mean, he'd walk into a room that I was in, and he wouldn't even greet me. My mother seemed to delight in calling me "mentally ill" and implored me to get medication, saying "This is a genetic thing, it's not your fault, you just need pills for this." I moved out at 18. I recently went through a horrific breakup from a terrible relationship. It was fraught with lies, abuse, dysfunction, and instability. I am lucky in that I managed to find the means to just get rid of this person, even though I am now a shell of my former self. My family cannot and will not find empathy or support for me. I tried to tell my younger sister on one occasion, prior to his being kicked out, that he was choking me; she blocked me from her cell phone, claiming I was "drunk" and "sick of hearing this shit." My parents are dumbfounded over how I could be so upset after this situation; they don't have a clue how to be supportive or loving. I am a 42-year old woman who wasted 4 years of her life with an abusive asshole, and is now alone and pretty broken. I am obsessed with the fantasy of a mother who will just take me into her arms and tell me she loves me, I'm good, I'm okay, it'll all work out...never, never, NEVER will this ever happen. Never has this ever happened. Do we all fantasize about the loving, maternal embrace in times of absolute sorrow? I've tried to come to them with my honesty and my pain and they want no part of it. They wonder why I can't just "get over it." Or, as my mother said in a text when I was telling her of how much I was hurting, "Umm....don't want to hear his name anymore. Just sayin'." That is verbatim. My brother went through a divorce and you can best believe my parents were rooting for him, calling his wife awful names, wishing her dead, helping him out with legal documents, blocking her on social media, and so forth. They all vacation together while I am left out (and can't afford it), they have lived in a suburban bubble for their entire lives (I most certainly have not) and I can't help but think that they just don't give a shit. This is a real thing, people. Families who isolate family members. If anyone here has a similar experience, please share. This is the most painful thing I've ever gone through and only my cat--who depends on me for her survival--is making me stick around.

Forgive and then goodbye

There are some people who've hurt me in the past. I was bitter but now I've learned to let it go and simply forgive them. Just because you forgive someone that doesn't mean you have to associate with that person. I don't wish to stay in contact with any of those people who've hurt me. I guess the best thing to do in a situation like this is to forgive, wish that person all the best then go your separate ways. Amen.

Complex & Needy

So long as I've slept well, I've eaten, have had recharging friendship interactions, a future, paid, have juice in the fridge, and I'm satisfied: I'm an OK human.

Done with Disneyland

I've been to Disneyland twice in my life and haven't gone back since. The first time there was okay. But the second time? Not so good. All I saw were a bunch of angry people standing in line ups at the fast pass lane. Stroller after stroller of kids screaming and crying for their Mickey Mouse toys. I even witnessed a grown man throwing a temper tantrum all because he couldn't get a picture with Minnie Mouse. I feel more sorry for those guys that have to walk around in those damn overheated costumes. As far as Mickey is concerned, he went from being a highly talented actor in the cartoon world to a corporate bullshit media symbol. Happiest place on earth? Yeah right, more like the most stressful place on earth. Good riddance.

A Reflection

Sometimes looking in the mirror of my local gym, I observe the awkward bodies of those fat and those slim, and I think to myself how lucky they are, to see someone like me who progressed so very far, someone like me with the muscles, the looks and the face, to be honest membership should be free in my case, I always remember to wipe the equipment down, I'm basically the most courteous person in town, And I'm humble and smart and I smell pretty good, So it boggles the mind, as clearly it should, Why you married someone else and rejected me!?!? Shit, I'd marry me if I could.


Just because you're relatives are cops doesn't mean you get to project your mental illness on me. Move on. You were a jerk when you were younger, and obviously still are. The only difference now, you don't get to lie about me to make yourself seem like a do gooder vigilante. This may sound harsh to you, but you were an ass. You know it. So don't push me, I'll be happy to tell everyone what shitty things you did to your own family members.

Brown Boy

I am a brown boy living in downtown and whenever I meet people specially Girls, they do not respond to me nicely but when I say 'I live in downtown' in conversation, their behavior change and they suddenly become nice. I think its little bit of racism involved or not.Only those People or girls know.

Current femsplain

Just to follow-up, I am in lesbian who typically uses the term femsplain to my partner. Femsplaining is a thing too. Trust me.


Vietnamese restaurant guy

I was walking out of starbucks when I saw you are your friend eating outside banh mi tres bon....


Savage Love: My massage made me #metoo myself

"She was working on my thigh, but it felt like I was getting my balls caressed."