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Not Worth It

My best friend keeps seeing this younger guy who is emotionally abusive to her. She thinks that at her age she can't do any better and puts up with it. I say they deserve much more.


I wonder how many people whose weddings that I DJ'd are still together. Know of 3 at least that aren't.

i confess

i love unicorns and bunnies.


It makes me feel like a chump when the guy beside me is blatantly doing a 7 hour day instead of 8 hrs like the (most) of us. Long lunches, showing up late every day - I don't want to sound petty by reporting him to management so maybe I should just do the same as him.

Sizzlers..I Miss Sizzlers

Was on Lougheed just west of Willingdon, twenty years ago. The salad bar had probably 70 things to choose from: salads and topping of all sorts,the usual beans and veggies,jello salads,potato and macaroni salads of all sorts-was a meal all in itself. $7 Could get a big steak,all you can eat shrimp plus the unlimited salad bar for $12. Or for $15 you could do the rest. They had an Italian food station,with fettucini alfredo, spaghetti and meat balls, all the pastas, and about 5 different sauces. The Asian station was awesome too,they had about 8 types of maki sushi,miso soup, and a good amount of the usual Chinese buffet foods. My favourite was the Mexican food area: tortillas and tacos,and taco chips-with the sauces, chicken and ground beef, Mexican rice, shredded cheeses and cheese sauce,and pepper selection you could make crazy tortillas,tacos and nachos. Hamburger and hot dog section was crazy awesome, plus roast beef and potatoes. The dessert section had ice cream machines,10 flavours of ice cream,pies,cakes,all kinds of sprinkles,etc. Don't forget the pop and juice dispenser. Anyways,I lived nearby and went there 2 or 3 times a week. Never bought groceries,I'd just stuff myself and it would carry me over till the next visit with minor snacking in between. Went travelling for a year in '01,came back and it had closed down.

I just figured out..

why you always gave me the creeps. You look like a tattoo sleeved, grappling to be hip, tight jeaned Clifford Olsen.

Connected whether we like it or not

I confess that my ex and I have shared an almost spooky connection since the moment we met. We constantly said exactly the same thing at the same time. We saw the same pictures in the clouds. We finished each other’s sentences. So when I saw that he had called me it came as no surprise because I’ve been thinking of him constantly lately too. So much that I had even written a letter to him but hadn’t actually sent it. It’s so painful to miss someone so much, and suspect that they’re missing you too, but they just can’t ever step up and make it real. So I guess that we’ll both just carry on in our separate lives, missing what might have been.

In order to win...

Mom says to kill her with kindness. She may be right.

The Bachelor

Now here is the perfect man. He is sweet, funny, nice, honorable, and oh so sexy. I deserve a man like Colton.


AVA - 210 at night

Hey, we chatted for a while about your thorough knowledge of the buses, and commercial drive...

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