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Not Satisfactory

Years ago a woman who works as an instructor refused to go out with me so I wrote poor teaching evaluations for her online. I feel bad about it now.

Moving To Montreal

The first thing people say is: "It's cold" Then they ask "Do you speak french?" I mention I can afford to buy a place there and they shut up. The wheels start turning.

Coming down with the flu

I can remember some seriously sick person coughing on my on the #14 three days ago too... Fuck. I hate sick people on the bus.

Beer store tantrum

Pouring out the tip jar in front of my face because I didn’t tip you for ringing in a 20 dollar bottle of booze? I work in the service industry and work damn hard. I know how to tip. That was laughable, thanks for making my day.


I think I have walking pneumonia. So as long as I keep walking, I should be alright ? Maybe I'll call Babylon. Or visit the yocals. Dam

It's me making it difficult for you!

I take the bus. At the first stop on the south side of one of the local bridges, there is a person who gets on, with regularity, during the weekday rush. This person is insistent on bashing their way through to the back of the bus. The bus is always packed and it's a struggle to move around to accommodate this person. As well, they never says "excuse me". 9 times out of 10- there is no seat waiting for this person and the high-and-mighty effort they made to get to the back of the bus was rude, unnecessary and often challenging for those pushed out of the way. The thing is, if this person waited 1 stop- 1 stop!- the bus would clear and they would have their pick of seats. I confess to blocking this persons path and/or making it difficult for them to push their way past me. Wait your turn and you'll get to your precious seat.

You can learn a lot

Breaking up with someone you love is one of the most painful experiences one can go through. So there’s got to be a very good reason why someone would choose to do it. From my own experience with one person (on and off relationship), I’ve learned that you can learn more about a person’s character by how they behave in a breakup than just about anything else that they do. If someone has been insensitive in the actual relationship, count on them ramping up that behaviour 100%. If they’ve been cold and unemotional, same thing. So paying close attention to this particular situation is extremely important, so that the difficult decision you made to end things in the first place can teach you never to repeat it again. I think I’ve finally learned my lesson.

I am

No longer afraid of death. I welcome it like an old friend you have not see in a while. Seeing beyond your death is true freedom. Everyrhing is made up of energy. We all go back to the source. If you need a name to call it. We are all one , in life and death. Do not be afraid. Its a time to celebrate. Live your life on your terms.

I feel annoyed

I'm mostly annoyed with myself mind you. It's the end of yet another first date. Once again, my date sweetly insists he walk me to my car. That's very kind thank you but it's unnecessary. I am perfectly safe - I also prefer you not know what kind of car I drive, but I appreciate the sentiment. Albeit I'm far happier to walk you to your car to feel like I've done my duty in keeping you safe. Heh, don't worry I recognize the, what is that, irony? Okay so sure he walks me to my car and then I turn to say here's my car and thanks again for tonight...and I don't even want to look, but oh, yep, there it is. That Look. Come on! This is a first date man! I've spent what? An hour or longer getting a general first impression of you. And now you are giving me That Look. The look that says I want to kiss you aka exchange bodily fluids with you. Are you serious? I've spent more one on one time with my dentist but that doesn't mean I'm making out with him. Instead, I give you a hug and thank you again for the evening. I berate myself on my car ride home, did I do the wrong thing? Was I supposed to kiss him? It felt nice hugging him and that seemed an appropriate progression of physical cues. Kissing though? Hell no. I need more time for my body to get accustomed to being around someone in a neutral way before even considering that level of intimacy. I have to wonder though if everyone moves at their own pace and perhaps this too is a litmus test for compatibility.

Fear of helicopters

Been watching the news of Kobe Bryant’s death from that helicopter crash. How sad. How’s That poor man and his daughter did not deserve to die. For some reason, I never trusted helicopters. There’s something about helicopters in general that seem kind of unnerving to me. It makes me think about other famous people who died in helicopter and plane crashes like Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Denver and Randy Rhoads.


Two Parrots bar bathroom

I rolled into the bathroom or Two Parrots and you and your friend wanted to touch my hair. You...

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