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Yo momma so fat

I'm so lonely that when my phone rings I assume it is a robot or wrong number, and it usually is. Sometimes it scares me because I forget I have a phone, it is so quiet. I've never made friends very easily.


A couple little thoughts. The prettiest woman I ever met takes every photo from below because she doesn't like her long nose. And yet that's a big part of why she's so pretty! Recently (masked) I've been receiving a lot of looks from women. While attention is good...the conceptual leap as to what that must mean about my face is really making me depressed.

I’d be there

I’m not even African American but I would go and protest in the US because how can people take the racial inequalities sitting down anymore? I support them and would be alongside them. The racial cruelty is sickening.

Wrong Choice

I hooked up with this guy in my building. I know I shouldn't have but its been so long because of COVID since I felt a mans touch and it was electric. I made him wear a mask and use hand sanitizer. It felt amazing but I know what I did was wrong. I am just so ashamed about what I did and I can't tell anyone.

OMG what a hellish country

we have south of the border. COVID-19 has been completely mismanaged, it's open season on killing unarmed black people and the president is advocating the use of violence on Twitter. It's all hard to digest some days, I'm just so grateful to live in Canada, and especially BC where we have compassionate leadership.


One of the food delivery companies in town has overcharged me a couple hundred dollars and even with proof, they are refusing to do anything and keep sending the same reply to my emails. My bank doesn't care either. Sucks to be the little guy.


Everything in my life is being exposed as either something worth living with or something from which it’s time to move on. Situations, habits, job, people, distractions. Am weighing them all and determining what I can live with going forward. Anything that doesn’t serve me in any way gets the cut.

Appreciating the little things again.

Say "hello" to your neighbour. Smile when you cross the street. Say "thank you" when a stranger holds open the door. Delete that dating app, let's bring back "old fashioned" dating. Introduce yourself, and your friends. Get to know your community. "Give them a call," don't "shoot them a text". Appreciate the simple things in life again, value human interaction.

Look away

I sometimes make meals for myself that I almost feel ashamed of. I mean classic not much cooking solo bachelor dude type meals. But worse than you can imagine, sometimes I just combine random foods that don't go together at all. I just eat it and don't care how it tastes. If you saw some of the meals I serve myself, would you still love me? If you truly saw how I live, behind the curtain, what would you think?


Lime-green-yellow bike helmet guy, biking...

You: were biking on the Adanac bike path just before Templeton School. It had just started to...


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