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People who write messages on social media about 'acceptance' in this political climate need to check themselves. It's fine to say that people come from all walks of life and have unique experiences; this is true. But don't you DARE do that when you're talking about politicians who are unabashedly anti-gay and sexist. Anyone who supports that sort of idiocy deserves to be shit on. Period.


I find that I have to gargle with listerine before I drink a glass of water because drinking water with bad breath first thing in the morning is disgusting.

Stockholm syndrome

I must have stockholm syndrome because I can’t stop inexplicably fantasizing about the other side’s mouth during heated arguments and fervent disagreement.

Straight to his head

My newly appointed manager's head is getting bigger as the days go by. He's been my *b word* since the 1st and he was OK until this week. If he changes things...whatever it may's not going to be a good work environment. I'm already wound up...don't push my buttons because there are many of them at this point and you like to touch.

I admit

Im insane but i seriously just want to eye fuck her all day

Get It Together

Its so hard to find a guy with his shit together. I mean how hard is it to have a career and an apartment of your own. It doesn't have to be in some swanky building just a place of your own with no roommates. I am tired of dating guys who are in their 30's who either live at home or share a 1 bedroom with 2 other guys. Its just not romantic. For the love of God guys get your shit together.

A good day!

Well I think it’s about time that I post something positive. Today was a very good day and I feel genuinely happy for the first time is a while. Two of my (grown) children are happy and not in need of my help for a change. Huge sigh of relief! I finally got a great haircut and I was told by a total stranger that they couldn’t believe my age (I’m a senior) when they found out, because they genuinely thought I was in my 40’s. All in all, in spite of the regular shite that is my life recently, it’s a very good day!

Not exactly sure when pedestrians lost the right-of-way.

Sign turns to WALK, you step down, turning car BOLTS by your face, you step back or die. Gotcha! New popular BC sport for losers. And once you're in the crosswalk, cars are literally nipping at your heals and cutting between pedestrians. To go where? In Ontario, we used to laugh about speeders with: they're going 150 KPH to Barrie! But this pedestrian bullying is new to here. Why are there no cops ticketing this stuff? or any of our horribly dangerous driver scenarios? Seems Vancouver area police resources are focused on DANGEROUS transit fare evasion.

It feels so unfair in every way.

Around 2 yrs ago I met a woman that I've come to understand is all I've ever wanted, not only that but she is all I'll ever need. It was not a right away realization but started to become more and more clear as we got on. I know now why it was the first time I saw her again we were locked in a strange stare and I never really paid it too much attention until recently. It has been a very difficult ride to say the least. Not long ago I reached out to my ex who was now in a "committed" relationship I needed advice on maybe what to do about this current situation. I had no one else, I'm mostly a keep to myself type, I don't trust too many people. She was not very receptive to helping me at all and was angry that I even asked. This was very unfair I felt seeing that on more than one occasion she had asked me for my advice about her new boyfriend a bit of a controlling asshole I think, but who am I to say. I think now it was a huge mistake,I believe not totally certain but it feels like her in every way. She is doing as much as she can to make sure I never get ahead in this love I found. Too much really relevant information that no one else could know. So now I find myself in love with the one person I feel so empty without and there will be no other her. By this I mean that any other relationship I were to find I would always be missing her, thinking of her and possibly comparing it to her. So I know I can not stop loving her I've tried it doesn't work like that, I feel like now I'm destine to be alone. It's ok though I'd rather have it that way than bring someone on as a bandaid and pretend that they are my everything. That would be unfair considering it's her I feel for me for ever, not them. I just feel so empty and wondering how long this will persist, I think it's coming up 3 months and no where near getting any better. Is there an end insight, I think I know this answer already and it goes a little something like no!


Why does it feel like every confession here is being written by the same person?


Parthenon Greek Market

You were a tall redhead with a septum ring and I was a short girl with a shaved head and a red...

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